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How-To Help

How to view NFO files in Firefox

This procedure is tested and works on all operating systems with Firefox installed. With common sense and knowing how to configure your browsers’ settings you can configureOpera‘s file-types and its fonts to work with NFO files as well. I don’t care if you want it to work in Internet Explorer, as I don’t support that browser and you can go away.


  • For you to understand how to install fonts correctly on your operating system

1) Download the proper NFO viewing font from here, or here . An NFO file is a plain text document that uses extended ascii characters to make the art with, and most fonts do not have these extra settings so they look very wrong. Contrary to what TopTorrents tells you, the font here is NOT the right one to view NFO files with. That font is Lucon1.ttf, it has the extended characters missing and screwed up and it’s wrong in every way. LuconP.ttfworks properly, so use that mmkay? There are some problems, though. Not all servers give the NFO files proper mime-types, and so the NFO file is not named as text/plain and so what you get is an ‘open with’ dialog making it so you have no choice but to not open the file in firefox. This issue is addressed below.

2) Install the LuconP.ttf font into your operating system. It can be a simple as following a font installation wizard or moving the font into the fonts folder. Here are specific Windows instructions: Once you have the luconP.ttf file on your Windows box, open up Control Panel > Fonts, then either do a File > Install New Font, or just drag the new font file into the list of fonts in the Font Control Panel. This will install the font in Windows.

3) Load Firefox, go Tools > Options > Content (or Edit > Preferences > Content – depends on your FF version and OS) . Under ‘Fonts & Colors’ click Advanced… and choose ‘Lucida ConsoleP’ as the Monospace Font. It is important to choose Size: 12 because any lower or higher and there will be small lines in between the line breaks.

4) Test your new monospace font setting with this NFO file, and if you see asciiMooninites, it works!

5) Now we have to fine-tune your NFO viewing experience on firefox. Sometimes, like onVCDquality, you want to see the plain text NFO. For some reason, “View NFO in TEXT mode” is broken and shows the NFO wrong, but when you choose “Save this NFO” a dialog comes up to download the file, when you just want to view it in Firefox. What you will need, is this add-on called Open in browser extension. Once it is installed, and you click to download an NFO file that results in a dialog, choose this:

Now, the NFO file should display correctly in firefox.

6) For an even more bullet-proof method of displaying/viewing NFO files in firefox, install the Force Content-Type add-on. Sometimes web servers have NFO files screwed up so bad, and sometimes this is the only way to view the NFO file in firefox. Once the add-on is installed, right click the yellow lightning icon in the bottom right and choose Options. From the Options window, hit New… and in the URL (*) box put .*nfo$ and in the ‘Old Content-Type (*)’ box select and delete text/html and replace it with .* . In the ‘New Content-Type’ box hit the dropdown menu and choose text/plain. Now hit ‘Save’, after that window will exit. This is what it should look like:

Now hit the Close button on the options, and you’re now ready to enjoy stress-free NFO file viewing from your browser, and finally someone has written a nice guide on how to do it – Mr. X, of course :)

    • Bonus Tip!

Say that you want to paste an NFO file, and you want the characters to show up properly. Use this pastebin service, it works good and shows the extended ascii characters (some pastebin software screws up with the encoding). If you want to show a url with just the NFO displayed, after you have submitted the pasted NFO file hit the ‘Raw Source’ link.

How to decompress 15 MB RAR archives

What you need:

  • WinRAR
  • your brain

1) Install WinRAR (downloadweb).

2) Open WinRAR and locate folder where you are storing downloaded 15 MB archives.


3) Double click on file with extension .rar. If there isn’t file with extension .rar, try one with extension .r01 or .001.

4) Press “Extract To” button or try ALT + E combination on your keyboard.


5) Select location, in which will be all files extracted. You can achieve this by typing location into “Destination Path” or by clicking through your drives. Press OK.


6) Wait until WinRAR finish decompressing. You shouldn’t get any another messages if everything is OK. It’s possible that it will return you some error, for example bad CRC, missing file etc. You must redownload missing or corrupted archives if there are some of these errors.

7) Enjoy your new soft…

How to burn .bin/.cue in Nero

When you downloaded some release, its probably packed in 15 MB rar archives. After succesful unpacking, you should get .bin (big) and .cue (small) files. This is image of the CD/DVD, and now you need to burn it. Dont be worry about the size of BIN, it may be, and often IS bigger than 700 MB. But it will fit on CD good…

Burning the popular .cue/.bin files is a relatively recent feature of Nero but comes in very handy for users of vcdimager derived software. And as usual with such files burning them is not very difficult.

Before doing anything else you have to verify that the path in the CUE-sheet is correct. A CUE-sheet is a plaintext file describing the structure and the location of the BIN-file. You can open up the .CUE -file using, for example, Notepad.

The file should look something like this:


INDEX 01 00:00:00

Start Nero, close Wizard. You don’t have to burn .bin file as normal data.

Select File (Recorder in new versions) – Burn Image.

Choose the Files of Type: dropdown menu and select All Files *.*. Next just locate the .CUE file, select it and click Open. Make sure you select the .CUE -file, not the .BIN -file.
user posted image

Then select your .cue file.

Now select the write speed and press the Write button to start the burning process. Because you are burning file from your HDD, you can select some high speed (40x – 52x), there is no such risk as inb case of burning On the fly.

How to mount image file in Daemon Tools

What you need: Daemon tools [download]

If you have a large enough Hard Drive that you don’t mind keeping the images on then DAEMON Tools is the best thing.
I also reccommend it so you can test out the images before you burn them to a cd with nero if u decide to for that route.
Nero is however not free. You can download nero for a trial period from here. In this tutorial we will be using Nero version 5.

First off lets take care of a common myth. Lots of people believe that a .cue file is required to make an image.
However this is untrue. A .cue file is usually very small as in under a kb in size and it points the program whether
it be Nero or Daemon tools to the image. Lots of times you will be able to obtain a .cue file very easily and I recommend
getting it if you are able to, but it isn’t required.


1. Make sure you have Daemon Tools downloaded and installed.
2. Start Daemon Tools and right click on the taksbar icon for it (its a red lightning bolt at first).
3. Now move your mouse up and hover over “Virtual CD/DVD-ROM” and when the side menu pops out and it looks like this:

If there is only one device listed don’t worry.
4. Now hover go to “device 0″ then “Mount Image.” You will see a pop up that asks you to select the image or .cue file. Find it
and click open. If the image has autorun on it then it will be like as if you just popped a cd into your computer and it will ask you to install or whatever the image is of. If not you can go through My Computer and right click then go down to explore on the device which has the image mounted to it and then click on setup if it is supposed to install something or open a music file if that is what’s on it whatever.


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