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5 Best Games For Xpadder Emulation


No matter what some gaming pros might say, PC gaming is by no means less fun than using consoles. Sure, console games have their own unique interface and complexity, but really, PC gaming has its own underrated masterpieces. It’s a great entrance gate because you don’t have to learn the functionality and get used to buttons.

The best part is, you don’t really have to choose between consoles and PC. Xbox and PlayStation games can be imported to the computer without the loss of interface and functionality. You will feel almost as if you are experiencing the original version. Some even like PC versions better – you have to try to find out.

How to emulate the game from consoles to PC?

It’s a straightforward process so we don’t go into the details. All you need is a tool for emulation and functionality mapping. We recommend Xpadder for Windows 10 – a simple and lightweight too for game emulation. Here, you can transfer the functionality from a console button to your keyboard key. Visuals, guidance, and straightforward interface get you through customization in several minutes.

To help you kickstart the emulation experience, we decided to share our list of favorite games for PC emulation. Even though almost any game can be brought to Windows, there are some titles that are more fun to explore than the others. So to make sure that you’ll start with the crème-de-la-crème picks, we made the collection of our favorites.

Top 5 Emulated PC Games

These games cover different genres and were released at a different time. We made such a versatile list on purpose so you can really get multiple emulation tastes. These titles are supported by Xpadder and the majority of alternative tools.

1.Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

As Bizzard introduces new features, players have Easter eggs to explore  – and the community takes the most out of it

Ever since Bizzard announced its digital CCG, we all knew that sophisticated graphics design are to be expected. This team has always surprised us with fresh combinations of unique functionality and aesthetically pleasing solutions, and this game is no exception. The game feels balanced and subtle, and the rich lore and the thought out worldbuilding make this title a perfect introduction to the world of gaming.

No wonder why this game made it to the list of easy-to-emulate games – it’s flexible functionality, and adaptable design seems to be designed for PC. With the innovative free-to-play approach, the game introduced many players to an entirely new genre. The replay value of the title is insane – once you’ve fallen in love with it, you will be hooked for years.

We love the in-depth character building, but what makes the experience incredible is its active community. So, if you thought that card duels were boring, you should try this alchemy-based title. It feels modern, fresh, and even scientific at times.

The last word: it’s a strategic, full of fun, addictive game that is indeed a gem for PC gaming. The functionality is complex but by no means complicated, which makes it perfect for introducing people to gaming. If you were never obsessed with a game before, embrace the opportunity with this one. And the best part is, it’s free.

2. Battlefield 1

Playing this game feels like watching a documentary with the only difference that you can influence the course of events. It’s not just any boring film, but with haunting settings and amazingly written characters. The game is so good that you want to take screenshots of basically every frame that you encounter.  Forget about killing time; here you’ll experience an aesthetical pleasure.

The game depicts haunted, apocalyptic violet skies, ruined buildings, dirty streets, and scary beasts – it’s scary but thrilling at the same time. Like any shooter, this one doesn’t lack some violence and blood, but it’s tuned down to the point of still keeping things beautiful visually.

We’d also love to remark the amazing multiplayer – it’s one of the best ones in shooters. The game is strategic, and a lot of success depends on communication between players. It feels a lot like real life – only if the real life would be as dark and twisted.

It’s one of the best shooters for PC, and it hooks you up when you play it the tenth time just as much as during the first session. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

3. Cuphead

In this game, you explore the different universes in search for new weaponry, superpowers, and dark secrets, all to repay your debts, owed to the devil. It’s a masterpiece of a run and gun genre. You have powerful boss battles combined with a cartoonish-interface.


Watercolor styles, hand drawings, and original jazz soundtracks – all these factors make the game an exhilarating ride

The whimsical style of the game makes it a pleasure to uncover, and it feels a lot like watching a 30s cartoon. We’ve seen a lot of fighting-adventure releases with cute-ish design, but this is one of the best one.

The game was initially released as an Xbox exclusive, but it has also been released on Nintendo Switch. Some users like the original version better while the majority considers the Switch transition to be the most successful one. In our opinion, both are good in their own right, and emulation brings the best aspects out of each of them.

The game has an excellent multiplayer, and it doesn’t betray the complexity of the game plot. It’s not the kind of game where the challenges are based entirely on cooperating with other players. Multiplayer is incorporated in the overall storytelling of the game.

4. Subnautica

This is a survival game where players are tasked with exploring the alien ocean with dangerous creatures, rare quests, treasures, nature wonders – which are, by the way, amazingly drawn – and versatile equipment. Cave systems, reefs, volcanoes – the game opens the entire world of underwater beauty.

The game is heavily based on real-world underwater landscapes – it feels as if you’ve been exploring the actual ocean bottom

Survival is not merely based on collecting resources and making the right decisions at the right time – although this aspect can save your life in the game. It’s not about how many hours you put in. Subnautica offers a rich plot and complex lore, quite uncommon for survival releases.

A lot of users underestimated the game when it first came out, expecting it to be a childish adventure. This, of course, couldn’t have been further from the truth – in reality, you become a part of an intriguing story and get access to bug-free intuitive controls. The game can be replaced an infinite amount of time and is equally fun both in solo mode and multiplayer.

The game is heavily strategy-based – as we said, your decisions define almost everything. The bottom hides a lot of dangers, and you need to be able to predict the right combat strategy. Sometimes, the fight or flight response will kick in – you’ll have to decide how to get out of the dangerous situation.

5. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

Perhaps, the most famous battle royal that crosses time, platforms, and operating systems. The game has been released for Xbox, PC, and as a mobile app. Each of the game’s version became popular in its platform, gathering an enthusiastic player community.


Even if you don’t have fun fighting with other players, the game is still worth giving a try at lest due to its detailed settings

As in any battle royal, your task is simple: collect weapon, protect yourself, and stay alive. After a given amount of time, the safe zone will quicky shrink, forcing users to encounter each other in duels. You can determine the survival strategy yourself, and choose whether to run for your life or take control of the situation and embark on extermination.

A realistic 3D interface and exotic island set quite a scene for survival. The interface looks so great that players can’t help but fish to remain the island longer. You can explore abandoned houses, fortresses, cars, and collect rare weapons.

Although the gameplay is done predominantly in bright colors, the game never really stops giving you the haunting vibed. You are fully immersed in the experience. Even if before you didn’t treat battle royal seriously, this game might change your mind. The challenges will realistic and kick in the fighting instincts. It’s an excellent place for testing your stress responses and practice strategy-making. Most importantly, it’s just pure fun.

The bottom line

You can prefer the original PC games or imported versions from the Xbox instead – but one thing is sure, PC games certainly have a lot to offer. You’ll be able to get the most out of your experience if you don’t limit yourself to one strategy or the other. The best idea is to combine original titles with imported releases, too.

Emulation is a fun experience – what else could similarly broaden your gaming experience? Combining the classic plots of console games with the comfort of PC functionality, you get the ideal mix.


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