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ReeGed’s Drum & Bass Delirium #5

Well, so much DnB has already appeared in the scene since my last Drum & Bass Delirium post that I need to create a mid-month post. This is great news for all you DnB maniacs. I’m basically just splitting this months releases into two posts. This way you can enjoy the early month releases earlier and you don’t have to download such a big pack at once. 1.6 GB already is a lot. Having made a 3.2 GB pack (or even bigger) at the end of the month would have been too much. Check the release list and enjoy. If you use this and enjoy it, make sure you mention it in the comments, because only a good response will make me and my friend continue our efforts to bring you the latest D&B scene releases. Remember to seed.



Size: 1.66 GB
Download: NewTorrents


Previous D&BD: #1, #2, #3, #4


Feel free to post your ReeGed’s Drum & Bass Delirium #5 torrent, subtitles, samples, free download, quality, NFO, rapidshare, depositfiles, uploaded.net, rapidgator, filefactory, netload, crack, serial, keygen, requirements or whatever-related comments here. Don't be rude (permban), use only English, don't go offtopic and read FAQ before asking a question. Owners of this website aren't responsible for content of comments.
  1. nu_boi
    April 13th, 2008 | 09:35


    nice one! =)

  2. mrGRINCH
    April 13th, 2008 | 09:48

    Looks good. =)

  3. nTs
    April 13th, 2008 | 09:50

    ThX Thx tHx this is huge musical experience for my ears :) every month. Thx :)

  4. Me
    April 13th, 2008 | 09:51

    ReeGed, I love your DNB packs man. keep it coming, I listen to them every day and will continue so. they sound wonderful on my 7.1 surround sound system

  5. capnjngl
    April 13th, 2008 | 09:53

    Thank you thank you thank you keep them coming ReeG always much appreciated.

    Anyone looking forward to the new Pendulum album ‘In Silico’ due out next month? They’re taking the dnb sound and playing it all with a live band and instruments. Would be very cool to see them on this tour.

  6. NOLA
    April 13th, 2008 | 09:56

    ReeGed-You and your friend are doing a great job with these releases. All the DnB fans out there appreciate it! Keep up the posts.

  7. LILG
    April 13th, 2008 | 09:56

    thanx,keep up good work D@B YEAH!!

  8. awre
    April 13th, 2008 | 10:01

    3 or 4 titles are good rest is rather disco :/

  9. Jamis
    April 13th, 2008 | 10:05

    Thank you sooo much for these releases! It’s a huge huge help! I’m not being paid to DJ currently (except for a drink tab). Buying these releases would be impossible for my current income.

    Thanks for helping me get DnB off the ground in my town!

  10. dom111
    April 13th, 2008 | 10:22

    <3 DnB

    Without sounding like I’m complaining, will you ever do more of the electro/trance packs?
    Cos they were at least equally awesome! :)

    Keep up the amazing work, rlslog is the only site i definitely visit every day, (possibly excluding google… heh)

  11. docbot
    April 13th, 2008 | 10:24


  12. Mr.Ceeeeee
    April 13th, 2008 | 10:26

    same there isnt something like this for the metal heads also… but not to fuss, xtrememusic is all i need :D


  13. 9
    April 13th, 2008 | 10:43

    all the dnb fans can also check out deepbassnine.com…it’s hard to get into it but my friend send email to db9invite@gmail.com and got a invite if he give screenshot of a ratio in a differnet tracker

  14. Timon
    April 13th, 2008 | 10:44

    Whoouuuwwwww. Been waiting for that one. Thanx again and again and again for all up and comming versions.
    I LOVE dnb delirium. As always Perfect for deciding what to buy and what not to buy without going into the recordstore.
    i thank you so much again…
    PS: still seeding pak 4 march/feb 08 ;)

  15. mupet0000
    April 13th, 2008 | 10:55

    Looking good, thanks for keeping it going :D

  16. No-Neck
    April 13th, 2008 | 11:09

    LOL! Badman Moriarty. He’s a wanker.

    Anyway, how about an old skool jungle pack? :P

  17. Anon
    April 13th, 2008 | 11:13

    Nice one ReeGeed, I usually only listen to atmospheric and liquid DnB so it’s good to have a resource like this.

  18. Hibs1875
    April 13th, 2008 | 11:22

    Are there any previews of you DnB releases? I’m always willing to check out new music but don’t wanna download a 1.6gb file first ;)

  19. DeadLenin
    April 13th, 2008 | 11:24

    great effort, mate!

    d’n'b has the power to nuke china and other communist regimes!

  20. paulo
    April 13th, 2008 | 11:31

    cheers but i got all these already :) im a member on dc++ dnb hub, some good releases been out for a change though

  21. Spike
    April 13th, 2008 | 11:33

    Thanks. Great compilations.

  22. paulo
    April 13th, 2008 | 11:35

    @ 5

    the way you say live instruments i just think its gonna sound like roni size just with a pendulum twist to it.

  23. JoniC
    April 13th, 2008 | 11:41

    NICE!! been waiting:D
    Is there a trance or house pack on its way soon, that would be great??!!


  24. your mom
    April 13th, 2008 | 11:47

    WOW!! More awesomeness!!!
    Cant wait for even MORE!!! =D

  25. dublitze
    April 13th, 2008 | 11:48

    cool – the nr. 4# was awsome – ty!

  26. bernd
    April 13th, 2008 | 11:59

    thanks for this! i love it \o/ keep up the good work

  27. blt
    April 13th, 2008 | 12:07

    Great job, keep ‘m coming!

  28. Ksawery
    April 13th, 2008 | 12:14

    rs or other direct links please! thx in advance!

  29. masterpiece
    April 13th, 2008 | 12:20

    Hum… the usual month packs are about 5 Gb… so 3.2 isn’t so much

  30. chris burke
    April 13th, 2008 | 12:30

    Newsflash for ReeGed : we could not care less about your petty drum & bass collection torrents. Just stop posting them already you mongoloid man

  31. skrew
    April 13th, 2008 | 12:43

    nice one man, keep it up. should put some dubstep in there too

  32. frenzy
    April 13th, 2008 | 12:47

    this is the release i’m always waiting for on rlslog. absolutely wicked! but… don’t these tunes exist in better quality?

    ez f

  33. Mofoo
    April 13th, 2008 | 12:58

    This is SO AMAZING. Thank you so much ReeGed!
    DL’ing dnb singles is fairly difficult for the “average torrent consumer” (hah!) so this is simply perfect

    I download theseas soon as I see them!
    Keep up the great work!!!!

    I’m hooked on the biz markie track from the last pack. wicked tune

  34. mojo
    April 13th, 2008 | 13:09


  35. Dj Rascal
    April 13th, 2008 | 13:09

    Yes yes! Reegeed nice mate been waiting for this. I live in the Canary Islands and there are nooooo record shops !!! By the way whats Chris Burkes problem is it cause Reegeed shags your mom ?

  36. d_YeN
    April 13th, 2008 | 14:33

    Total respect!

    This is one of the best ways to hear dNb

    Ive been d/ling dNb for years from DC++

    This save me sooooooooooo much time

    Thanks guys!

  37. Captain Buggernuts
    April 13th, 2008 | 14:53

    plesae seed for a small while lad’s…

  38. InDaJungle
    April 13th, 2008 | 14:57

    first many thanks for all your efforts to bring us quality!

    could you post also/only best tracks, like a selection of your top 10/15 tracks for dancefloor each month? thanks! a kind of “best of” from previous releases is also warmly welcome :)

  39. djdarkhalf
    April 13th, 2008 | 15:39

    anything but this man i cant take em im a dj and producer..last thing i needed to see really..at the end of the day you cant replace vinyl anyway..breaks my heart this thread maybe people should post there own dnb;)

  40. in
    April 13th, 2008 | 15:41

    Respect man…

    You rule!

    Please continue this great series for ever!
    ReeGed rulez!

  41. Obscurax
    April 13th, 2008 | 16:14

    these are good:

  42. wotsmycode
    April 13th, 2008 | 16:15

    thanks for this!!!

  43. Obscurax
    April 13th, 2008 | 16:15

    minus Nam_Musik-Nicol_and_Majistrate-NAM003-Vinyl-2008-XTC

  44. petsk
    April 13th, 2008 | 17:00

    Very nice indeed! I really appreciate your d&b deliriums!
    keep ‘em coming in the future. cheers!

  45. hawk
    April 13th, 2008 | 17:10

    A NZB would be awesome-ness.

  46. gr
    April 13th, 2008 | 17:11

    I love the DNB releases please make more!

  47. L3O
    April 13th, 2008 | 17:13

    nice one!

    Love dnb and dubstep!!

  48. Buback
    April 13th, 2008 | 17:39

    great stuff guys :D thx u keeping me in touch with dnb scene. Because ireland sucks with dnb :( … so pls seeeeed someone :D and ill be seeding until next pack :D

  49. dog
    April 13th, 2008 | 17:59

    Thanks ReeGed, love these DnB packs. Keep em comming!!!

  50. stijn
    April 13th, 2008 | 18:05

    good post

    id be willing to upload this to usenet if i ever dl it. 1.66gb is too much for me to torrent.

  51. Sebovich
    April 13th, 2008 | 19:16

    Thank you, just recently discovered the magic that is Drum n Bass and these collections are like crack to me now! :D

  52. pauly00
    April 13th, 2008 | 19:24

    thank you geezer for another post dont stop doing what your doing your efforts are so appreciated nicely done from a happy d n b hed

  53. hmmmm
    April 13th, 2008 | 19:41

    Everytime i seem to come to these DnB posts there is always 100% no seeders so i gave up. however lets see if things have changed today :)

  54. el-loco
    April 13th, 2008 | 19:46

    I have this in my bt client for 2 hours now and no byte downloaded yet. wtf????

  55. ricardo
    April 13th, 2008 | 20:10


    me too, there isn’t a single seeder online!! WTF!?

  56. Jamis
    April 13th, 2008 | 20:15

    I’ve got 50 peers listed but no seeds. Could we get some help?

  57. prosp3ct
    April 13th, 2008 | 20:44

    related to drum n bass, theres a dnb remix of T-pain’s “Buy you a drink”. anyone have any info on this track?

  58. Rohit
    April 13th, 2008 | 21:00

    @ 5, Hell yeah, Pendulum is God. Love the track Tarantula.

  59. Rohit
    April 13th, 2008 | 21:04

    I got an idea, how about a separate release with just the original tracks for all of us who have bandwidth caps and just don’t want to dl 1.66gb.
    Is that possible ReeGed?

  60. OK
    April 13th, 2008 | 21:13

    Never stop reeged, there’s always gonna be a dnb fan out there! i can tell you that its the best release of the month!!

  61. afr1ka
    April 13th, 2008 | 21:44

    thanks. will seed

  62. sh|n|gam|
    April 13th, 2008 | 23:12

    Thanks for this one! This’ll be great in Audiosurf!

  63. d1g1tal_0verd0se
    April 13th, 2008 | 23:15

    wassup ReeGed

    thanks heaps for posting these D&B Deliriums!
    its very much appreciated

    keep em coming, dunno bout yo guys but i cant wait for Dom & Roland’s new album


    peace :)

  64. PIČKINdim
    April 13th, 2008 | 23:16

    bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum ******THANKS FOR THIS *********

  65. calibre
    April 13th, 2008 | 23:26

    nice nice nice. coming home findin’ this, simply great

  66. Unknown
    April 14th, 2008 | 00:03

    You should add some “DJ Starscream” next time.

  67. Ozpa
    April 14th, 2008 | 01:01

    I don’t know why, but the #4 torrent release doesn’t work for me. 0/0 peers all the time. 1,2,3,5 are ok though.

  68. inspectah
    April 14th, 2008 | 02:32

    OH yeah!!! New Pendulum Single in there… going to see them live in Melbourne, Australia on wednesday night… keep these D&B packs coming they are full of d&b goodness evertyime!!! free education…

  69. Buback
    April 14th, 2008 | 03:24

    i’ve same problem, i tryed 3 different bt managers and still nothing :( …. pls help. I never had that problem before :(
    Thx a mill 4 help

  70. OktopuS
    April 14th, 2008 | 03:54

    this pack looks incredible, but i can’t get it DL, mad peers are connected though, can someone help

  71. bulleh
    April 14th, 2008 | 06:55

    Cheers for the post. Got an awesome download speed of 1.2mb/s,
    Long Live DnB

  72. w00t
    April 14th, 2008 | 08:46

    @13 w00t

    thanks for the deepbassnine invite! i didn’t even supply a screenshot and they have like 10,000 dnb releases :O

  73. t0c
    April 14th, 2008 | 10:54

    no seeders? ; (

  74. ricardo
    April 14th, 2008 | 14:57

    seriously, why are there no seeders? I’ve had this torrent open for a day now and still nothing!

  75. wiiii
    April 14th, 2008 | 15:07


    seems fine for me
    get a decent torrent program and you won’t have any problems getting this

    http://www.utorrent.com for example

  76. wh
    April 14th, 2008 | 16:55


    once again – if you like it, buy it and show some love & support ;)

  77. DrD00M
    April 14th, 2008 | 17:05

    Cheers guys – your stuff is the only thing that keeps me going through my night shifts!!! Long may you continue.. :)

  78. Jamis
    April 14th, 2008 | 18:34

    What clients are working with this torrent? Azureus doesn’t pick up any seeds…

  79. zero
    April 14th, 2008 | 22:39

    w00t. ty ty.

  80. zero
    April 15th, 2008 | 01:07

    gah no seeds!!!

  81. zero
    April 15th, 2008 | 05:00

    grrr. no seeds, tried azureus, utorrent, and deluge…..

  82. dawnraid
    April 15th, 2008 | 09:57

    Ok Reegeed Please add Shapeshifter to this list they are so incredibly good, listen to the track electric dream.

  83. desgaizu
    April 15th, 2008 | 10:45

    thanks love these packs x

  84. SeeNLiNx
    April 15th, 2008 | 15:33

    Hey guys, there’s no point trying different programs if the main
    tracker itself (PirateBay) reports no seeders…short of divine
    intervention or someone with a complete share gets online, we all
    outta luck…
    Nice post though cheers mate!

  85. dublitze
    April 15th, 2008 | 19:18

    I dont know why i dont get anything – have it on for 2-3 days now – 0 mb download
    but i see 34 unfinished downloaders…

    can anyboy post the tracker (or one i dont use maybe) plz
    (wanna hear new DB)
    ty all

  86. zero
    April 15th, 2008 | 21:06
  87. dublitze
    April 15th, 2008 | 21:41

    ty you zero!
    but same one i have already – ill try a relaunch

  88. Largo
    April 16th, 2008 | 03:57

    Quoting #65 “Thanks for this one! This’ll be great in Audiosurf!”

    Have to agree with that, and it makes AWESOME ambient background music while doing just about anything, ReeGed respect to you for continuing your DnB packs :)

  89. zero
    April 16th, 2008 | 06:44

    tpb stats have got to be wrong. can someone please seed this?! please?!

  90. cpt
    April 16th, 2008 | 09:08


  91. Hydrax
    April 18th, 2008 | 10:33

    Thanks for this posting, been desperatly needing some new music for audiosurf for a while :P

  92. Jamis
    April 19th, 2008 | 19:10

    Argh! I still cant get any seeds on this! What’s going on???

  93. zen21
    April 20th, 2008 | 08:22

    Have been downloading for almost a week now… -_-
    Maybe the orginal seeder could seed it for 1h ? I’m stuck at 92,7 (currently the highest of all) so.. it wont take long for me to complete the download… -_0

  94. Pol
    April 22nd, 2008 | 21:24

    Thanks a lot dude-your tracks got me back into d&b after years of absence!
    Noisia and phace blew my mind with Cannonball!

  95. Jim
    April 22nd, 2008 | 22:19

    These DnB releases are awesome!!!

  96. Kodeen
    April 22nd, 2008 | 23:54

    I cant find seeds:( I really want these!!!

  97. bane
    April 26th, 2008 | 20:59

    still no seeds, cant get this on azereus, WEEKS after its release!!!!!!!!!!

  98. bane
    April 26th, 2008 | 21:01

    anyone got the rapidshare links for these tunes yet

  99. Me
    May 1st, 2008 | 22:42

    yay nearly 100 people @ 0.0% :D

  100. Me
    May 2nd, 2008 | 04:10

    oops sorry forgot imageshack doesn’t like us using pics on this website

  101. Me
    May 2nd, 2008 | 04:14

    hmm, no traffic for anybody lol


  102. zero
    May 2nd, 2008 | 12:47

    im seeding this to non uT users now.

  103. Jamis
    May 2nd, 2008 | 16:00

    Was this torrent created using uT? Is there anyway someone could recreate it? There has got to be something wrong with it…

  104. zero
    May 2nd, 2008 | 18:23

    just be patient. i have a slow upload but im seeding.

  105. Jamis
    May 4th, 2008 | 19:37

    I finally got this pack! Thank you!

  106. tomasz s
    June 25th, 2008 | 14:02
  107. bad man moriarty
    October 28th, 2008 | 17:35

    why did neo neck call me a wanker? a little unfair mate, besides surely this is too do with music not what you think of me, have you even met me?

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