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Spanish Cooking by Gordon Rock-P2P

Spain is a Mediterranean country and like other countries from that region, Spain cuisine is interwoven with tasty and colorful ingredients. Spanish cooking is a cuisine developed under many influences of Rome, Greek, and even Celtic heritage. Besides meat, fish and poultry, Spanish cooking is specific by use of almonds, honey and citrus fruits and these can be found not only in desserts but also in savory meals.
Spanish recipes are not so difficult to prepare and to show you the simplicity we have gathered some of the most famous Spanish recipes.
In this Spanish cookbook, you will find recipes for the most famous Spanish dishes and recipes for those that need to become famous.
Dive in the world of Spanish cooking with these colorful and delicious meals…pair food with quality wine and while the Spanish guitars are coming from the speakers, enjoy in your own Spanish night.
We have prepared 25 recipes in this Spanish cookbook and by downloading this book you will receive:
* Appetizer recipes
* Main course recipes
* Side dish recipes
* Dessert recipes

Spanish Cooking: Tantilizing Spanish Recipes by Gordon Rock-P2P
English | 63 pages | ePUB | 488 KB
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The Duck Recipe Book by Gordon Rock-P2P

We always think that duck is a fat poultry and not very healthy for our body but in reality the duck is particularly low in calories and the major part of the fat is contained in the form of a homogeneous layer between the skin and the flesh. So it is very easy for those concerned about their line, to remove it. However, you will lose some taste as well as nutritional value, because this fat is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids qualified as “good cholesterol.”

Besides this energy intake quite reasonable, duck demonstrates correct rate in vitamins, in particular from the group of vitamin B, and an equivalent amount of proteins has other meats.

However, it is rich in iron, vital for the oxygenation of the body, the duck is more interesting, and superior compared to other poultry. So, if concerned with fat, just remove the skin after cooking. If you think of it, the duck is beneficial for the cardiovascular system and can be cooked without added fat, which makes duck a dietary ally.

To be different, duck meat belongs to the category of red meats and is much healthier than beef. The duck has red flesh, is tender, and extremely flavorful. Remember, to maintain its tenderness the duck must not be overcooked. It is best served when is yet slightly pink to keep its flavor and delicacy.

The Duck Recipe Book – Tender and Flavorful Duck Cookbook: 25 Cooking Duck Delicacy by Gordon Rock-P2P
English | 65 pages | ePUB | 443 KB
Download : Sendit.CloudUploadocean -NTi

Flat Belly Recipes by Gordon Rock-P2P

The bulge around belly is the hardest to lose. It demands intense workouts and a clean eating routine. You may lose fat from all parts of the body except the belly and it makes you feel demotivated. What you are putting in your mouth says a lot about how easy or hard your journey will be towards losing weight. To help you eat clean, this book is designed to help you with recipes to lose belly fat.

This belly fat diet cookbook has 30 recipes that will help you lose fat around your belly quickly without having to give up on your favorite foods. Flat Belly Recipes has delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert recipes that you can enjoy during your weight loss regimen. So promise yourself to remain motivated throughout this journey and enjoy these delicious belly fat diet recipes.

Flat Belly Recipes: 30 Recipes to Shed Belly Fat by Gordon Rock-P2P
English | 78 pages | ePUB | 2.2 MB
Download : Sendit.CloudUploadocean -NTi

Salmon Recipes by Gordon Rock-P2P

If you have been searching for a Salmon cookbook free, then you have stumbled upon the right book! With Salmon Recipes: The Ultimate Guide to Salmon Cooking, you will find all of the tastiest salmon recipes that no other Salmon cookbook free will offer.
With this salmon cookbook free, you will find over 25 tasting salmon recipes, making your venture into the world of salmon cooking worthwhile.

Salmon Recipes: The Ultimate Guide to Salmon Cooking by Gordon Rock-P2P
English | 72 pages | ePUB | 1.8 MB
Download : Sendit.CloudUploadocean -NTi

Curry Bible by Gordon Rock-P2P

This Curry Bible will teach you the 30 most delicious and exotic curry recipes. These recipes are super easy to make. They are strong in flavor and are perfect for those who like their food mild as well as hot. The ingredients used in these recipes are easily available at the store.

This curry cookbook is perfect for both beginner cooks as well as experienced cooks. The method of preparation has been simplified for everyone so that you can enjoy the flavors from around the globe. If you are looking for something different to cook and surprise your family, then this cookbook will definitely provide you with plenty of options.

Curry Bible: The Best Curry Recipes – Flavors of India, Thailand and Indonesia by Gordon Rock-P2P
English | 94 pages | ePUB | 2.2 MB
Download : Sendit.CloudUploadocean -NTi

Cooking with Marijuana by Gordon Rock-P2P

There are so many books that focus on how to grow marijuana but not many actually feature a lot of information about marijuana horticulture or even how to utilize it in meals. The truth is marijuana growing will only be beneficial if you are in the market of selling it unless you learn to utilize it properly. Yes! I said it, and I am not just referring to building a blunt.

What is said about today’s society is that the persons interested in researching on how to grow marijuana are often times not aware of the nutritional and health benefits one can achieve by consuming the product. In this book we will focus not on the traditional marijuana horticulture, instead, we will be diving into delicious meals that can be made with marijuana. These can all be used as healthy home remedies for a variety of sickness including anxiety, depression, cancer and autoimmune deficiencies to name a few.

Best of all these recipes can prepared by just about anyone so you won’t need to become a marijuana growing guru or even study how to grow marijuana. All you can will need are the normal tools from your home kitchen and, of course, a copy of this book.

Cooking with Marijuana: Interesting, Delicious and Easy Recipes you can make with the Magical Herb (Marijuana Cookbook) by Gordon Rock-P2P
English | 51 pages | ePUB | 1.7 MB
Download : Sendit.CloudUploadocean -NTi

Bento Cookbook by Gordon Rock-P2P

This bento cookbook contains 30 recipes to make your lunchtime colorful and full of nutrition. These bento box recipes will help you maintain your daily calorie intake as these recipes are healthy and free from unhealthy fats with each bento recipe containing a balanced amount of carbohydrates and proteins.

These bento recipes are suitable for both kids and adults. There are clear instructions given where you can substitute one ingredient with another or the tools that are required to make a particular recipe and the substitute if you don’t have that tool available.

All in all this cookbook is your complete guide towards portion control.

Bento Cookbook: 30 Bento Box Recipes You Will Love! by Gordon Rock-P2P
English | 58 pages | ePUB | 1.6 MB
Download : Sendit.CloudUploadocean -NTi

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