SciFiNow Superhero Movie Collection 4th Edition-P2P

From its birth with the pop-art Batman and the golden glow of Superman, to its revolutionary rebirth in the early Noughties with X-Men and Spider-Man, the superhero movie has begun to fulfil the potential that geeks always knew it to possess, growing into a blockbuster behemoth of shared universes and tentpole team-ups. Featuring: The Golden Age – Batman: The Movie, Superman: The Movie, The Toxic Avenger. The Dark Age – Batman Returns, The Crow, The Mask. The Silver Age – Hellboy, Spider-Man, X-Men. The Modern Age – Avengers Assemble, Batman V Superman, Deadpool.

SciFiNow Superhero Movie Collection 4th Edition-P2P
English | 180 pages | PDF | 55MB

WebUser – 4 May 2016-P2P

WebUser is the UK’s favourite internet magazine. On sale every fortnight it keeps you up-to-date with all the latest news, views, best new websites, music, film and games downloads, free software, and all the other developments on the Web. If you use the internet, you’ll love WebUser. Being Britain’s best-selling internet read, WebUser is, quite simply, the only internet magazine you’ll ever need.

WebUser – 4 May 2016-P2P
English | 76 pages | PDF | 16 MB

LEGO Marvels Avengers Update v1.0.0.26715 Inlc DLC-BAT

BAT has released the new update for game “LEGO Marvels Avengers” for Windows . Enjoy

Included DLCs:

  • The Avengers Explorer Character Pack
  • The Avengers Adventurer Character Pack
  • The Thunderbolts Character Pack
  • The Masters of Evil Pack
  • Classic Captain Marvel Pack

New DLCs in this release:

  • Classic Black Panther Pack

Publisher: Warner Bros. Games
Developer: TT Games
Genre: Action

Release name: LEGO.Marvels.Avengers.Update.v1.0.0.26715.Inlc.DLC-BAT
Size : 336MB
Links: IGNSteamNFONTi


A Guide to the New Ruins of Great Britain by Owen Hatherley-P2P

Back in 1997, New Labour came to power amid much talk of regenerating the inner cities left to rot under successive Conservative governments. Over the next decade, British cities became the laboratories of the new enterprise economy: glowing monuments to finance, property speculation, and the service industry-until the crash. In A Guide to the New Ruins of Great Britain, Owen Hatherley sets out to explore the wreckage-the buildings that epitomized an age of greed and aspiration. From Greenwich to Glasgow, Milton Keynes to Manchester, Hatherley maps the derelict Britain of the 2010s: from riverside apartment complexes, art galleries and amorphous interactive centers,A” to shopping malls, call centers and factories turned into expensive lofts. In doing so, he provides a mordant commentary on the urban environment in which we live, work and consume. Scathing, forensic, bleakly humorous, A Guide to the New Ruins of Great Britain is a coruscating autopsy of a get-rich-quick, aspirational politics, a brilliant, architectural ‘state we’re in.’

A Guide to the New Ruins of Great Britain by Owen Hatherley-P2P
English | ePUB | 400 pages | 11,93 MB

Mastering Git by Jakub Narebski-P2P

Git is one of the most popular types of Source Code Management (SCM) and Distributed Version Control System (DVCS). Despite the powerful and versatile nature of the tool enveloping strong support for nonlinear development and the ability to handle large projects efficiently, it is a complex tool and often regarded as “user-unfriendly”. Getting to know the ideas and concepts behind the architecture of Git will help you make full use of its power and understand its behavior. Learning the best practices and recommended workflows should help you to avoid problems and ensure trouble-free development. The book scope is meticulously designed to help you gain deeper insights into Git’s architecture, its underlying concepts, behavior, and best practices. Mastering Git starts with a quick implementation example of using Git for a collaborative development of a sample project to establish the foundation knowledge of Git operational tasks and concepts. Furthermore, as you progress through the book, the tutorials provide detailed descriptions of various areas of usage: from archaeology, through managing your own work, to working with other developers. This book also helps augment your understanding to examine and explore project history, create and manage your contributions, set up repositories and branches for collaboration in centralized and distributed version control, integrate work from other developers, customize and extend Git, and recover from repository errors. By exploring advanced Git practices, you will attain a deeper understanding of Git’s behavior, allowing you to customize and extend existing recipes and write your own.

Mastering Git by Jakub Narebski-P2P
English | ePUB/MOBI | 337 pages | 11,68 MB

Baldurs Gate Siege of Dragonspear Update v2.1-BAT

BAT has released the latest Update of “Baldurs Gate Siege of Dragonspear” for Windows.

Genre: RPG, Strategy
Developer: Beamdog
Publisher: Beamdog

Release Name: Baldurs.Gate.Siege.of.Dragonspear.Update.v2.1-BAT
Size: 38 MB
Links: HomepageSteamNFONTi


Playboy Special Collector’s Edition – Beach Babes – May 2016-P2P

Playboy Special Collectors Editions are a mind blowing peak into the world of Playboy. Travel the globe and get to know the finest girls from Brazil to Russia and travel back in time with every Playmate of The Year. Take a ride with our girls and cars and celebrate the female form in our sizzling “Butt Issue” but issue featuring the most exquisite derrières from around the globe. It’s not a magazine, it’s an adventure.

Release name: Playboy Special Collector’s Edition – Beach Babes – May 2016-P2P
Size: 49.9 MB
Format: PDF
Pages: 100
Link: Homepage | NTi


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