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Windows 10 New Update Will Protect Users from Unwanted Apps

Microsoft Windows is one of the dominating operating systems of 2021 (and all-time). It has a market share of 72.98%, which is way above Mac, Linux, or any other PC OS. With time, Microsoft has released thousands of updates to make the OS better, and the most recent update is a bit different from the others.

As per the latest Windows update by Microsoft, the OS will have the ability to block unwanted programs from installing. The programs are known as PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications) or Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs). Such tools have very few benefits, and users might not even know how they ended up on their devices.

Hence, Microsoft added this feature to keep these apps from affecting your computer.

What are these PUAs or PUPs?

PUAs or PUPs are unwanted programs that are not malware. However, they can affect your computer in several other ways, such as:

  • Affect the speed. Most of the PUPs are responsible for decreasing the speed of your PC. How? They keep running in the background and consuming memory, which, in turn, affects the speed of the system overall.

  • Irritating Ads. Among the types of PUAs, some can be full of ads. They may target multiple ads to you, which can affect your browsing experience.

  • A medium for other software. A PUA as it is might not be a risk to your security or privacy. However, it can act as a perfect medium for other software to compromise your security. For example, it can give a route to spyware that may steal all of your passwords and track your daily online activities.

Types of PUPs

PUPs can be classified according to their behavior. One note is that PUPs are not malicious. However, their presence is not wanted, and users typically want to get rid of them.

  • Advertisement software. It is software that displays advertisements or promotions, often in a way so annoying you want to delete the app as soon as possible. It includes software that inserts ads on other websites and interrupts your browsing experience with pop-ups every few seconds.

  • Marketing software. You might not know it, but some apps spy on you. Marketers use this to gain insight into consumer habits and interests for their products to be more effective. These are classified as PUAs or PUPs by Microsoft.

  • Evasion software. It tries to evade security products by being different when they are present, but this trickery only lasts for a short time before detection occurs. The deception of the software is what makes it so dangerous.

  • Bundlers. A certain type of software, known as bundlers, offers to install other software that might not be developed by the same entity or is required for the original program to run properly. Detection and removal of bundlers can protect your system from installing PUA (Potentially Unwanted Applications).

  • Torrenting software. The torrent is a type of software that has revolutionized the way we share files. It enables us to download all sorts of content, including movies and music albums, from websites like BitTorrent or The Pirate Bay. Torrenting software is also classified as PUAs or PUPs.

All of the software mentioned above come under the category of PUAs or PUPs. As they can highly affect the performance of your machine, you need to take necessary security measures to counteract their effect.

Some Brilliant Device Security Tips

Here are some of the best security tips for browsing safely online and keeping PUAs away.

Use an Antivirus

Install an antivirus on your computer and make sure you have the most up-to-date virus definitions. Doing so will allow you to detect and delete any viruses that enter your system. It is also a good preventative step against phishing attacks.

However, antivirus might not always do the right job. You need to pick a tool that will detect PUPs as well. Only then can these persistent tools be deleted for good.

Refuse Software Bundles

Some tools you want to install might offer additional programs. Such suggestions will typically appear during the installation process. However, please refuse software that could arrive alongside the tool you have selected.

Use a VPN

A VPN protects your internet traffic from eavesdroppers and some of the questionable tracking practices. Additionally, tools like Atlas VPN take a step further to defend you. Their features include blocking potentially dangerous websites. In some cases, such sites are responsible for distributing PUPs. Thus, if a VPN blocks your access in time, you will not be tempted to download anything unnecessary.

Read EULA Documents

Read EULA documents before installing a particular tool. If software conditions mention additional programs, find out whether you can opt-out of having them. Additionally, look for other red flags that might discourage you from installing specific software.

Final Thoughts

Windows 10 Operating Systems is the most popular and widely used one. This is the reason Microsoft keeps on bringing something innovative to elevate the customer experience. The recent update rolled out in May brought the feature to block PUAs and PUPs, and many users worldwide are already using it. If you haven’t used it, check it out today!

The Financial Future of Roblox

Roblox has been around for a long time, and it’s clearly not going anywhere. After releasing in 2006, the game grew and grew until 2020. But instead of that trend reversing, as most games over a decade would experience, Roblox absolutely exploded during 2020 adding 50 million monthly active users and 5 million active creators.

Outside of the world of Roblox itself, back in March of 2021 Roblox listed itself on the stock market through a direct listing, trading under the perfectly legible ticker RBLX. This bolstered the company’s value by almost US$20 billion, having them then valued at US$45 billion. Which placed them higher than gaming giants like EA, Ubisoft, Take Two and Square-Enix combined.

Thus, no matter how we look at it, it’s clear that Roblox is far from going anywhere. But therein lies the question, where is it going? Let’s take a look at the

Roblox Up to Now

Roblox is a complex game. It is a game where millions of people great their own games, share them, and play them online with others. Not only that, but Roblox has a whole economy built around its virtual currency, Roblox Robux.

While the game is incredibly popular with children, it has also become a hotspot for game-savvy investors since the game’s listing on the stock exchange (RBLX) earlier this year.

Since its listing, RBLX saw a few months of stagnation before jumping around 40% to its all-time high of US$103.87 in early June. Since then, it has been cooling off just below that mark.

Share Price Predictions

The question on the lips of those interested in RBLX, as with any traders, is whether they should cash in on the shares? While we cannot offer any financial advice here, we can reiterate predictions made by others for your research.

Over at TipRanks, their analysis places RBLX as a “strong buy”, with average price targets being 6.96% above the current price in early July.

CNN Business also lists a general uptrend in the median price listings, although of a lower number of 4.5%.

Of course, the decision for investing in stocks is a personal decision which should not be taken lightly. Moreover, it’s important to do research beyond price predictions.

That is why it’s valuable to look at the future of Roblox, to see whether they are going to continue to evolve as a business, keeping current customers while also attracting new ones.

Future Developments of Roblox

Founder and CEO of Roblox, David Baszucki, has said that “some people refer to what we’re building as the Metaverse”. Judging by the boom in the company’s valuation after listing RBLX on the stock exchange, it’s clear that he’s not the only one who believes in the future of the company.

While their ambition to build a multiverse may seem akin to what many big tech companies are striving for these days, it’s worth noting that Baszucki and partner Erik Cassel launched the game with the same vision way back in 2006.

Today, there are over 20 million playable experiences in the Roblox metaverse, showing that their vision is slowly but surely becoming a reality.

But beyond the gameplay itself, Roblox has secured much of its identity from its avatar system. As you pass between these 20 million experiences, you remain as one coherent avatar, encouraging you to make that avatar truly your own. This led to the huge fashion systems and economy which exist within the game.

Many of these items can be purchased with Robux, the game’s virtual currency, which pumps a hefty amount of real-world fiat into the developers pockets. But beyond profit for the developers, Roblox has also seen officially licenced versions of real-world brands appear within its space, including items from Gucci, Nike and the NFL. During the recent Gucci Garden event a virtual bag even sold for approximately $4110. All of this leads to Matthew Ball, an investor and writer, believes to be the “most robust and multi-faceted economy” in gaming.

But the future of Roblox is far from just a dress-up contest.

The metaverse of Roblox has also been moulding with the times to incorporate real-world events. Interactive sponsored events have supported the releases of Ready Player One, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker. Moreover, popstar Lil Nas X held a virtual gig in Roblox garnering nearly 37 million visits.

All of these examples, and more, Baszucki’s idea that Roblox is becoming a true metaverse, interlocking elements of game and reality to a point where players can no longer separate the two.

But Baszucki has ambitions to take this far further stating that “while shared experiences in the Metaverse today are about doing fun things together, in the future they will be about literally anything people can do together in real life: learn together, play together, or work together.”

All of this and more suggests that Roblox has great potential from growth. And while Roblox retains over 43 million daily active users, peaking at a whopping 202 million monthly users in August 2006, it’s clear that it has the capacity to continue pushing into a new metaverse.

That said, to analyse the Roblox ecosystem in isolation would be missing a large portion of the debate. Other “metaverses” from Fortnite to Rec Room to Facebook’s yet to be released Horizon certainly do exist and have a very real potential to eclipse Roblox which still aims its appeal strongly towards a younger audience.

In sum, it’s clear that Roblox has big plans for the future. It is unclear whether that future will be incorporating new brands, striking new real-world collaborations or building a more comprehensive metaverse where people learn, play and work—or none of these things. However, as the company has stood the test of time it is fair to say by the time Roblox is two decades old it may be an absolute beast.


How to make money with sports betting?

This time we will talk about how to make money with online sports betting. If this is your first time betting, the following tips and tactics will help you create your system to increase your chances of winning bets on live casinos.

How do sports betting work?

Each bookmaker grants a quota, or odds, to all possible outcomes in their bets, so that bettors can know the exact amount they will win if they get their prediction right.

The more likely a result is to occur, the less profit it will provide to the gambler who hits the mark. On the other hand, the less likely a result is, the greater your profit will be if you bet in its favor and get it right.

However, the odds vary before each event according to the preferences and behaviors of the bettors, so you must constantly monitor to choose the odds that best suit you.

Some tips on how to make money with sports betting

Before you start with your first bets, follow these tips to greatly increase the odds of winning and making money with your sports bets.

The low odds are not synonymous with a safe bet

When starting in the world of betting, many of us make the mistake of thinking that all bets with low odds are safe bets, but this is an illusion because there is a probability of losing.

Placing bets based solely on odds can cause you to lose large sums of money on a bad outcome.

Taking a bet for granted can lead you to act incautious and relaxed, so you would not pay much attention to other essential factors for a correct prediction.

Sports betting arbitration

Regularly, the odds for an event are similar between the different bookmakers, but sometimes you may find significant differences that allow you to place safe bets.

For example, let’s say that at bookmaker X, they have a odds of 2.0 for a Real Madrid win, while at bookmaker Y, they have a odds of 2.5 for a loss or draw.

Then, we must bet as follows:

In house X, we bet 100 $ for a possible profit of 200 $.

In house Y, we bet 80 $ to obtain a profit of 201.6 $.

In this way, no matter what the result is, we will always make a profit.

Choose a market to specialize in

While diversifying your bets can help minimize the risk of losing your entire budget (known as bankroll), specializing in a single market or sport will help you more in the long run.

And the fact is that there are so many factors that influence a match that only those bettors with years of experience will recognize an opportunity that indicates the decision with the most probability of winning.

In addition, with the amount of information available today, it is elementary to specialize in the market that most attracts your attention or offers the most benefits.

Don’t trust everything the tipsters say

If you decide to rely on the predictions of a betting professional, known as a tipster, then keep in mind that no one can guarantee the results of their predictions.

Instead of blindly trusting what others are saying, watch how a tipster analyzes the matches, realize why they decide to opt for one bet and not another and learn as much as you can from them to place bets for yourself later.

By the way, not all tipsters are trustworthy. Before following one, take time to get to know the professional well, his hit rate, the markets he specializes in, his background, and more details about his reputation as a gambler.

Don’t act on impulse

Analyzing and investigating are fundamental parts for your bets to be successful. Never gamble impulsively, as you risk losing your money impurely.

As an additional recommendation, never play immediately after a losing streak or when you are emotionally unstable or under the influence of any substance such as drugs or alcohol.

Be careful of live betting

These types of bets are a trap for most new bettors, as betting in the heat of the game can cause you to take action on impulse.

It isn’t easy to win a live bet, so it is not the best option to make money with your sports bets

s. Although, of course, if you are looking for a fun time, then live betting is the best, especially with a beer and good friends.

Take advantage of cross bets

In cross bets, you can place bets with the odds you decide since you compete against other bettors within the bookmaker. Of course, as long as they agree to bet with the odds you propose.

Winning money in this type of bet is more accessible, but in the same way, you will need to carry out the corresponding analysis for each bet, as always, to increase your chances of hitting it.

A little glossary

Finally, here is a small glossary with essential terms in the world of gambling:

Bankroll. It refers to the money that you have deposited into your account at a bookmaker and that you have available to place bets.

Parlay. Type of bet in which you can combine bets from different sporting events. The good thing about Parlay is that the odds are multiplied in case of winning. The downside is that you will lose all your money just by making a mistake in a selection.

Draw no action. You play for a favorite team in these bets, but the bet money will be returned to you by bookmakers if the match ends in a draw.

Underdog. Refers to the team with the slightest chance of winning.


Now you know the basics of how to make money with sports betting. Remember that an essential step in being a professional gambler is research and practice. Try and build your betting system until you find the one that works best for you.

Essential Security Tips for iPhone Users

Apple products are always greatly anticipated, and the world cannot wait to see their new models. Even the pandemic couldn’t dampen the mood of gadget enthusiasts as there was immense excitement after the launch of the latest iOS and iPhone. A new operating system is all about sophisticated features, the latest apps, gizmos, and more.

However, new features and enhancements also imply that you would have to learn about the updated settings. Here’s a list of essential security tips to help you experience the new features of your iPhone without worrying about data security and password usage.

Recommendations for Enhancing Security

Use USB Restricted Mode

Go to settings and navigate to theTouch ID & Passcode option and insert your passcode. Now, scroll down to check whether the option “USB Accessories are not permitted on the lock screen” is off or not. However, if you’re using iPhone X, you have to check the Face ID settings. This feature prevents USB accessories from making any type of connection with your iPhone. This feature prevents “juice jacking,” often used to steal data or install malware on your phone.

Turn on the automatic updates

Now, this is something that every security expert would always insist on. Auto iOS updates add new features and take care of software vulnerabilities, weaknesses, or security holes in the operating system.Hackers often exploit these vulnerabilities to infect your iPhone with malware or install unauthorized apps. To turn on the automatic updates, you must go to settings and enable the automatic updates under the General tab.

Enable the Find my iPhone Feature

Apple has an in-built tracking program that uses GPS to locate the iPhone if stolen or lost.To access this feature, you will have to use your Apple ID and password. Turning off these features isn’t possible without the ID and password.

To enable this feature, go to the Settings options and move to the iCloud options under Username. Find My iPhone and enable the Find My iPhone option after being prompted to provide your Apple ID.

Control your lock screen

The lock screen of the iPhone has widgets that facilitate quick access to certain features like wallet, Wi-Fi, camera, etc. Even though these options don’t give complete access to a user’s phone, someone can steal personal information using this feature.

Modifying the lock screen is easier as all you need to do is navigate the Settings and move to the Control Centre and get rid of the apps you don’t want to show on the lock screen.

Install a VPN

Well, a VPN for iPhones establishes an encrypted route between your device and the internet. Thus, it’s considered to be the safest way to browse the internet as you can stay anonymous, and no one can track your online actions. Even if you’re using public Wi-Fi, you won’t have to worry about data security as the VPN encrypts web traffic, preventing snoopers from reading it. VPNs can offer some of the most advanced security features and even block access to malicious domains.

Check privacy settings at regular intervals

Audit the apps on your iPhone at regular intervals to weed out the ones that you seldom use. You don’t want apps residing on your phone for months without any activity – it’s a waste of resources. Some unused apps can pose a security threat to your iPhone, drain the battery, and slow down the phone. Privacy policies of apps often change, which might lead to issues in the future, so go through the updated privacy policy.

Enable Two Factor Authentication

The majority of the apps, especially the banking and finance-related apps, offer the two-factor authentication feature.It would help if you took advantage of this feature to make it difficult for unauthorized individuals to access your profile or account.

iPhone users need to be extra careful as they seem to be less likely to take utmost care of their cybersecurity. Apple products, including iOS and macOS, are vulnerable to attacks, and you need to keep this in mind. Sophisticated hacking attempts can break into any device if the users don’t take the necessary measures to secure them and personal data stored.

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How the wearable tech is giving us more opportunity to game

It may be easy to think that the relationship between gaming and technology is something of a new phenomenon: after all, the technological advances of recent years have been nothing short of miraculous. So, it may be somewhat surprising to know that the link between gambling and the use of technology goes back as far as the 1970s.

Long before the days when online casinos were ever even dreamt of, the world of bricks and mortar saw people going to extraordinary lengths to increase their odds of a win. Through the use of technology, J. Doyne Farmer’s wins were so outstanding that he was banned from casinos across America. In the 1990s, Gonzalo Garcia-Pelgo tapped into tech to see him regularly winning big.

Although the link between gaming and tech dates back far longer than many may have realised, it is the development of wearable tech that has become something of a game-changer.

A new casino experience

Since online casinos first hit the scene, the changes have been constant: as technology evolves, providers seek to give the best casino experience. This has seen them adapt to provide truly outstanding mobile experiences to users. “Mobile phones aren’t wearable tech”, I hear you cry, and you would be right. However, the developments that allowed online casinos to bring their offerings to mobile phones also meant that when the time came, they could also bring them to our smartwatches: a casino right there on our wrists was once something that seemed straight out of a sci-fi movie.

While having access to a casino on a smartwatch makes gaming truly accessible, it perhaps isn’t for everyone: a smaller screen size may impact the all-round experience. If that is something that may relate to you, you’ll be pleased to know that wearable tech doesn’t end there.

The fully immersive casino experience

Imagine playing your favourite slots or a hand of poker or blackjack, but you don’t feel tied to a screen. Imagine that, in the comfort of your own home, you can feel like you are actually there in the casino: you can walk around, you can take a drink at the bar, and then take your place at the table. This is was virtual reality (VR) brings to the world of gaming.

A VR headset means that an online casino experience no longer leaves you feeling detached from your favourite casino. It is now possible to feel as if you are actually there and able to ‘meet’ other players and even socialise between games. As an emerging niche, you may not be able to find the VR experience at every online casino, but the number of places where you can is growing all of the time.

Tech has brought accessibility and realism

Wearable tech has meant that we are no longer tied to a set location to enjoy our favourite game: whatever your game is, you have the freedom to play it when and where you choose to.

With the life-like experience that wearables bring to the table, there is the opportunity to play in an environment that feels just like a physical casino. The opportunity to game without the need to settle for a second-rate experience shows just how far technology has come, and we can only dream of what the future may hold.

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