DvdFab v9.1.9.5-P2P

P2P group has released the newest build of “DvdFab” . It is one of the top DVD copy and backup software applications available on the market.

Description: DVDFab is the most powerful and flexible DVD copying/burning software. You can back up any DVD to DVDR in just a few clicks. DVDFab is brand new, is completely rewritten, is based on more than 8 years of DVD copy software development. DVDFab is simply the easiest way to copy a DVD movie. Just insert the movie and a blank DVD then press Start. Your entire movie – including menus, trailers and special features – is copied to a single DVD with just one click, and everything happens automatically. Backup your entire DVD – including menus, trailers, and special features – onto one or multiple discs


  • 8 DVD to DVD copy mode available: Full Disc, Main Movie, Split, Customize, Customize Split, Clone, Merge and Write Data.
  • Full Disc: All movies, menus and trailers, is copied to a DVD with just one click.
  • Main Movie: Just copy the movie, with specific audio/subpicture.
  • Split: Copy a DVD-9 onto two DVD-5 discs with 100% quality, and preserve original menus on both discs.
  • Ideal for episodic/season DVD movies, TV series, etc.
  • And Many Many More ..

Release Name: DvdFab.v9.1.9.5-P2P
Size: 58.4 MB
Links: HomepageNFONTi

Download: (Single Link)

Bridge to Another World The Others Collectors Edition v1.27.3.2014-TE

TE has released the newest build of hidden object game “Bridge to Another World The Others Collectors Edition” for Windows.

Description: Ever since Jace was attacked by a mysterious being known only as an Other, you’ve devoted your life to protecting him and finding a cure for the mysterious curse the Other placed upon him. After years of fighting Others, you may have finally found the way to the world where they come from. But there may be more than the Others lurking beyond this portal. You may even find the answers to your past. Answers that have long eluded your grasp. Take a leap of faith and explore a new world full of dark magic in this thrilling hidden-object puzzle adventure game!


  • Journey through time in the bonus game!
  • Find hidden raven silhouettes to unlock special bonuses
  • Screensavers, concept art, soundtrack, and wallpapers
  • Includes a comprehensive Strategy Guide

Release Name:
Size: 1.19 GB
Links: HomepageNFONTi

Download: Part1Part2

SyncRO Soft Oxygen XML Editor v16.1.2015012213 x86/x64 Incl KeyMaker and Patch-DVT

DVT has released latest version of “Oxygen XML Editor” for Windows.

Description: Oxygen XML Editor – a cross-platform application for editing XML, running the operating system Windows. With this program, users can extract data from XML files, OpenDocument and other documents, using the mechanism of archiving ZIP data compression (OOXML, ODF, JAR). Has the advanced capabilities to transform the format that allows you to edit documents XSLT and XSL-FO, and save documents in any format (HTML, PS or PDF) at the touch of a button. The software also permits the use of transformations XSLT 1.0, XSLT 2.0 and XQuery files placed inside the ZIP-file and allows users to engage in comparison and fusion of archived files. In addition, the program provides access to a variety of XML and related databases, including MarkLogic, Oracle, Tamino, IBM DB2, eXist.


  • Editing XML Files
  • The visual WYSIWYG editing, based on the W3C CSS style sheets
  • The close integration with the DITA Open Toolkit for generating DITA vyzodnyh data
  • Runs as a stand-alone program with Java Web Start or as an Eclipse plug-in
  • Support for XML, XML Schema, Relax NG, Schematron, DTD, NRL schemas, NVDL schemas, XSLT, XSL: FO, WSDL, XQuery, HTML, CSS
  • Checking the validity of XML Schema schemas, Relax NG schemas, DTDs, Schematron schemas, NRL schemas, NVDL schemas, WSDL, XQuery, HTML and CSS
  • Many built engines for checking the validity, as well as the use of third-party engines
  • Supports the latest versions of DocBook and TEI
  • Ready to use with support for FOP to generate PDF or PS documents
  • Support for editing remote files via FTP, SFTP, HTTP / WebDAV and HTTPS / WebDAV
  • The visual schema editor with full and logical model overview
  • Support for XML catalogs
  • Import data from a database, Excel, HTML or text file
  • Batch verification of the validity of the selected files in the project
  • Support for editing files directly from ZIP archives
  • All the usual editing (cut, paste, copy, search, etc.)
  • Visual editor DITA maps
  • Compare and merge files and directories
  • Syntax highlighting for XML, DTD, Relax NG compact syntax, Java, C ++, C, PHP, Perl, etc.
  • Unicode
  • Support the use of bookmarks
  • Supports Drag-and-Drop
  • Print documents on a printer
  • Multilingual interface (Russian language is not)
  • And many other possibilities

Release Names: SyncRO.Soft.Oxygen.XML.Editor.v16.1.2015012213.x86.Incl.KeyMaker.and.Patch-DVT
Size: 139 MB, 141 MB
Links: HomepageNFONTi

Download x86:
Download x64:

Emsisoft Internet Security/Anti-Malware v9.0.0.5066-P2P

P2P group has released the updated version of “Emsisoft Internet Security and Anti-Malware” for Windows.

Description: Emsisoft Anti-Malware 9 is an Anti-Virus, Anti-Trojan, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Worm and Anti-Dialer all in one. Contains the awarded dual-scanner to scan and clean infected computers as well as a background guard which blocks new infections signature and behavior based. Includes surf protection, auto-updates, HiJackFree and Commandline Scanner. Emsisoft Internet Security Pack is a premium security package which represents the perfect alternative to classic Internet Security Suites. Antivirus, Anti-Malware and Firewall – all in one, but each included product is world class in its category.
The main reason for this is the eternal cat and mouse game played for decades between Malware programmers and the security industry. Normal security software is limited by the fact that it can only recognize Malware for which the manufacturer has already created a signature – assuming that the manufacture even has a copy of the Malware available for analysis.


Emsisoft Anti-Malware:

  • Comprehensive protection from Viruses, Spyware and other Malware.
  • Two combined ultra-fast scanners for cleaning
  • Live behavior analysis of all active programs – against new dangers
  • Surf protection which blocks access to known fraud and malware websites

Emsisoft Online Armor Firewall:

  • Firewall to block unknown and suspect data transfers
  • Program guard – allows only known good programs
  • Anti-Keylogger – detects hidden logging of your keyboard input
  • Banking mode for secure online banking

Release Name: Emsisoft.Internet.Security/Anti-Malware.v9.0.0.5066-P2P
Size: 162.7 MB , 162.7 MB
Links: HomepageNFONTi

Internet Security:

jetAudio Music Player Plus v5.3.0 Patched Android-P2P

P2P group has released the updated version of “jetAudio Music Player Plus” for Android. It comes with 32 equalizer presets that will provide a wide array of listening experience.

Description: jetAudio Plus is a mp3 music player with 10/20 bands graphic equalizer and various sound effects.

jetAudio for Windows is the highest rated and most downloaded media player on CNET.COM and now you can listen to same high-quality sound on your Android phone using jetAudio.

It plays almost any type of digital music files you have (.wav, .mp3, .ogg, .flac, .m4a, .mpc, .tta, .wv, .ape, .mod, .spx, .wma* and more) and, it provides a very high quality sound with various effects and enhancements such as Wide, Reverb, X-Bass.


  • 20-bands graphic equalizer
  • Tag Editor (MP3, FLAC, OGG, M4A)
  • Display lyrics in tag (Unsynchronized lyrics)
  • 2 lock screens
  • 14 app widgets : 4×1 (#2), 4×2 (#3), 4×3 (#3), 4×4 (#3), 3×3, 2×2, 2×3
  • Pitch shifter
  • Precise playback speed control (50% ~ 200%)
  • Light Gray/White theme for browser (Plus only)
  • Grid mode for Artist/Song/Folder/Genre browser
  • Adjust FF/REW interval
  • Expanded notification bar (for JB)
  • MIDI playback (using jetAudio WaveTable MIDI synthesizer engine)

Release Name: jetAudio.Music.Player.Plus.v5.3.0.Patched.Android-P2P
Size: 17.2 MB
Links: Google PlayNFONTi

Download: (Single Link)

Computer Power User – April 2015-P2P

Computer Power User is a monthly print publication aimed at people who breathe, eat, and sleep technology. The kind of person who gets his kicks upgrading graphics cards and smashing benchmarks. The type of person who reinstalls Windows at 2 a.m. because his system keeps crashing while he’s encoding video.

Computer Power User – April 2015-P2P
English | 88 pages | True PDF | 23 MB
Download: UPLOADED.netNTi

AVG Internet Security 2015 Build 5863 (x86/x64) Multilingual-P2P

P2P group has released the latest build of known antivirus “AVG Internet Security 2015” for Windows.

Description: AVG Internet Security 2015 – the latest version of an integrated antivirus AVG 2015, available for download and testing. addition to further improve the security features and performance solutions, also added a new feature that allows you to securely and permanently delete files from your hard disk. The functionality available in the context menu of supported file formats and folders.

Advantages of products AVG Internet Security 2014:

  • File server protection
  • Protection of workstations (laptops, personal computers)
  • Anti-Spam workstations (laptops, personal computers)
  • Protect your mail server
  • The necessary level of protection
  • Our specialists are always looking for new challenges, so we can quickly develop new ways of protection.
  • AVG products protect more than 80 million PC users around the world.
  • Easy to use security
  • AVG products are easy to download, install and use, have minimal impact on system performance.
  • Technology, the award-winning.
  • AVG security system certified by all major independent certification companies, such as the ICSA, Virus Bulletin, Checkmark (Lab West Coast Labs).

Release Name: AVG.Internet.Security.2015.Build.5863.(x86/x64).Multilingual-P2P
Size: 168 MB, 183 MB
Links: HomepageNFONTi

Download x86: (Single Links)
Download x64: (Single Links)

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