Rivers Of Alice Extended Version-CPY

CPY group has released the Extended Version of the Game: “Rivers Of Alice” , enjoy…

Description: A surreal, point and click adventure game, The Rivers of Alice: Extended Version is a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment where the player will need to help Alice confront the fears of her everyday life like: sloth, envy, and dishonesty that manifest themselves in the form of mysterious characters and puzzles.

A gentle game, The Rivers of Alice: Extended Version will see gamers enjoy experiencing the beautiful watercolor, ink and pencil-drawn images of Ane Pikaza, as well feeling the emotion of the beautiful soundtrack (composed expressly for it by Spanish, indie-rock group, vetusta morla) wash over them.

The graphic adventure includes 10 characters and 20 puzzles on 15 screens, with 11 sound environments and 13 exclusive compositions by vetusta morla. 700 main character animations, 177 conversations and 717 objects and characters in more than 1500 art-filled illustrations bring Alice’s weird and wonderful universe to life.

Game Features :

  • Challenging Puzzles Await – Use your wits and converse with a mysterious cast of characters to find out what lies deep within Alice’s subconscious. Venture on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment as you help Alice confront the fears of her everyday life like sloth, envy, and dishonesty.
  • Vibrant Soundtrack – From the gentle guitar giving way to the opening scene, to the dreamy piano compositions throughout the game, vetusta morla’s 13 exclusive tracks fill every area of the game with intense emotion.
  • Artfully crafted adventure – 700 main character animations, 177 conversations and 717 objects and characters in more than 1500 art-filled illustrations bring Alice’s universe to life in this surreal, point and click adventure game.

Publisher: Merge Games, Tagstar Games, Delirium Studios
Developer: Delirium Studios , pequeño salto mortal
Genre: Adventure, Indie

Release name: Rivers.Of.Alice.Extended.Version-CPY
Size: 562 MB
Links: SteamNTiNFO

Download: Uploaded

Eastside Hockey Manager-SKIDROW

It’s simple, hockey manager from the creator of football mananger :)

Eastside Hockey Manager (EHM) has emerged from Steam’s Early Access programme and is now available for full release.

EHM offers fans the most realistic, in-depth and immersive simulation of hockey management available, giving them the chance to manage either club or country in any of the world’s top hockey-playing nations.

EHM allows you to take full control of your roster – you decide who to sign, who to trade and who to draft. You assemble the perfect coaching team and then, with everything in place, you can choose to either employ a head coach to guide your team from behind the bench, or take control of the coaching duties yourself. Whichever you choose, you can follow the action ‘live’ or watch the game highlights afterwards through the realistic ‘top down’ 2D game engine.

To mark its move from Early Access to full availability, EHM now offers a number of new and updated features, including: a greater number of playable domestic leagues and cup competitions; Steam Workshop integration; additional screen resolutions and a multiplayer option which allows up to 30 players to compete against one another and many more improvements inspired by user feedback.

Publisher: SEGA
Developer: Sports Interactive
Genre: Simulation, Sports

Release name: Eastside.Hockey.Manager-SKIDROW
Size: 230B
Links: HomepageSteamNTiNFO


Superman – Lois & Clark #1-02 [2016]

While we learn what exactly this strange new Superman has been up to during his time on this Earth, Lois is targeted by a deadly organization that calls itself…Intergang! Plus: Jon, the son of Lois and Clark, is starting to wonder about his parents’ true origins.

Superman – Lois & Clark #1-02 [2016]
Publisher: DC Comics | English | CBR | 03 Issues | HD | Ongoing

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Europa Universalis IV The Cossacks-SKIDROW

Another standalone extension for EUROPA UNIVERSALIS 4, it’s COSSACKS time, enjoy.

The Cossacks is the sixth major expansion for Europa Universalis IV and focuses on Hordes and Eastern Europe. This addition allows you to plunder your neighbours as a horde in order to keep your tribes loyal and raze their lands to gain power to advance in technology or reform into a settled nation. The internal politics of nations is brought to life with the Estates, representing powerful interests such as the Magnates of Poland-Lithuania and the eponymous Cossacks of the steppe. More detailed control over the cultures and natives living in your nation and the ability to work more closely with your AI allies and understand their goals will let you bring out your inner Peter the Great.


  • Estates: Adds internal politics in your country, with power groupings such as the Church, Nobility and Bourgeois fighting for control.
  • Diplomatic Feedback: Adds the ability to interact much more deeply with the AI by setting your attitude and telling it what you want out of wars.
  • Tengri: New religion mechanics focusing on Syncretism. Tengri have a secondary religion that they fully tolerate, and can change this secondary religion at will.
  • Horde Unity and Razing: Hordes must attack their neighbors to secure plunder in order to keep the tribes happy, or risk a tribal uprising. Hordes can raze territories they conquer to get monarch points and raise horde unity.
  • Advanced Culture Change: Adds the ability to choose what culture you want to convert a province to from any neighbouring culture, or restore the original culture of the province.
  • Native Policies: Adds the ability to set your policy towards the natives in your colonies, allowing you to focus on trade, assimilation, or subjugation.
  • Improved Espionage: Two new spy actions allowing you to study the technology of more advanced countries and agitate for liberty in your enemies subjects.

Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Developer: Paradox Development Studio
Genre: Simulation, Strategy

Release name: Europa.Universalis.IV.The.Cossacks-SKIDROW
Size: 1.80GB
Links: HomepageSteamNTiNFO


Ultimate Nikon SLR Handbook Volume 4-P2P

The Nikon SLR Handbook is a comprehensive course for learning how to use your Nikon digital camera. Filled with practical advice, it’s the instruction manual that should have come in the box with your Nikon D-SLR! It doesn’t just tell you what the buttons and dials do – it shows you how to use them to get great pictures! As you learn more about photography, you will be tempted to invest in more lenses and other accessories – but make sure you read our fact-packed group tests before making a decision about what to buy.

Ultimate Nikon SLR Handbook Volume 4-P2P
English | PDF | 224 Pages | 60.5MB

Live Magazine – December 2015-P2P

Game of the Year Special Issue. Video games, comics, anime, cosplay and more.

Live Magazine – December 2015-P2P
English | PDF | 190 pages | 92 MB

Open Source For You – December 2015-P2P

Open Source For You is a complete magazine on open source, and is today a big hit with those who love FOSS (Free and Open Source Software). The magazine carries tech articles on Linux and open source for newbies, administrators, developers and fans of open source. Its main objective, however, is to help organisations enhance their return on investment (RoI) by deploying Linux (or open source) solutions.

Open Source For You – December 2015-P2P
English | 100 pages | PDF | 21 MB

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