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Microsoft officially launched Zune

The press release from Microsoft officially announced that their “iPod killer” portable media player the Zune is now in stores. The $249.99 device’s big main feature is its wireless capability to transfer songs and video to other Zune devices. Microsoft intends to update the current Zune through software updates, including adding support for Windows Vista and support for podcasts. In other news, CNet News made a financial analyst expressing doubt’s on the Zune’s success chances. IDC analyst Susan Kevorkian said Microsoft has created a nice-looking music player, but the first effort doesn’t take full advantage of the device’s built-in wireless connection or its large color screen. “In the first generation, Zune is all dressed up with no place to go,” Kevorkian said. Among the key missing ingredients, she said, are the ability to buy songs on the go and to buy videos at all.

A little about the future of this player is already known: Bloomberg.com is reporting that Steve Ballmer has confirmed video sharing on the Zune and eventually a built-in phone. The video function would probably be used to transfer content created by Zune customers, Ballmer said in an interview today from Redmond, Washington. He declined to comment on when Microsoft, the world’s largest software maker, would add video sharing or announce a phone model. Do people in MS really think they can kill Apple’s iPod?


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  1. Mr. X
    November 15th, 2006 | 05:28

    informative article, thankyou.

  2. maik
    November 15th, 2006 | 07:50

    no mp3 players for me, but a friend of mine has a ipod and it looks great!

  3. Zac
    November 15th, 2006 | 08:02

    Yea thanks, very informative if you are looking for info on reporters who report about the Zune.

    Also, you should only report on an item that you at least have some knowlege about, Susan Kevorkian, you dumb bitch. The project manager has been saying for at least 8 months, publicly, that the Zune will not support wireless syncing as it will be another thing for iPod fans to say is more complicated. AND Jesus, it’s like everyone has been in a whole the past year. This is supposed to be the interconnector between the 360 and Vista. If you have a 360 you’d know microsoft is not only made big deals with television stations and music but will even sell content on the damn xbox starting nov 22nd.
    They plan to lock you in at so many levels that it wont be in the same market at all as the iPod. Not to mention most PC users are diehard Apple fans, and according to receint surveys, neither are Apples.
    With this I will leave you with the $15/month subscription service that seems to get little or not attention…
    WTF, no compitition.
    I have been using the URGE store since WMP (Windows Media Player) Beta 1. I can’t believe iTunes is still in service. And ever comment and strict opinion will most likely have to be eaten later.
    No one relizes that MS is way different than they were 2 years ago. Not to mention the huge software change that is coming our way (Vista & Office 2k7).
    I have been testing these products all the way and they are going to change the game up a little bit. So now, when I hear some review nut talk shit it just seems retarded. For one… it is the same price, two, it has more features. You can’t even bring in music into the picture because it has subscription service. God forbid we rate it as a MP3 player and not another Microsoft product.
    And a phone…. god damnit people.
    Who are you going to trust, a company that leads sales with a small portable device or a multibillion dollar monopoly that crushes OS sales and not counting the Office bliss, is neck and neck with linux and unix based servers in the business world. Who is Apple? It is that company that Microsoft helped keep alive so they didn’t have to pay all those trust suits.

  4. revreeko
    November 15th, 2006 | 08:38

    “So now, when I hear some review nut talk shit it just seems retarded.”

    oh, the irony.

    will agree tho that it will be hard to judge MS products on their individual merits after the next year. too bad it costs a fortune to drink their koolaide all the way.

  5. sodaboy
    November 15th, 2006 | 09:57

    talk about irony revreeko? look at bitch ass mac and their overpriced products! i don’t understand how that ipod shit could have taken the world over when there are literally hundreds of good generic mp3 players out there – music on the go – ability to buy on the go??? wtf. man download a freaking album, copy the mp3s on your player and you’ve got music.

    How hard is that??? But no… god forbid someone sees you with some generic korean player – fuck mac and their monopoly on the teen pop culture. good on microsoft for trying to take a slice of the pie – i personally think they’ll fail – why? because no zitty little teen is going to take the leap of faith and try the zune at the fear of being rejected from their shitty little ipod circle of trust – my god i hate this shit.

    and i hate microsoft for trying to copy firefox and doing an utterly crap job of it – they literally pushed me to switch to ff – well done! and all they’ll do with the zune is make more people switch to the shitty ipod because of all the hype.

  6. Fish(E.R.)
    November 15th, 2006 | 10:13

    i personally don’t use MP3 player no more. I got like 1GB memory in my phone, so thats quite enough for the music. If I want something new, then I just upload new album (without buying songs on the go – who the fuck buys songs?). And i don’t need no fucking iPod bull crap. My mate got iPod and before u actually upload music to the player u need to change format of the songs, which I guess takes a while if u upload shitloads. Fuck that. I wouldn’t swap my phone for another phone and iPod – even though they’d worth more.

  7. Zac
    November 15th, 2006 | 14:37

    Microsoft is targeting their own Xbox 360 junkies as well as the not so apparent older crew. I’m in an IT department of a larger government entity in Florida and one boss 35ish and another coworker 31 had preordered their Zunes months ago.

    I can see where you would say they copied firebox but the truth is I’ve been using tabbed browsing in their development products for almost, if not longer, 10 years now. Visual Studio has had integrated tabs w/ web browsing enabled for a long time. This is one thing Microsoft now is admitadly guilty of; creating a technology or practice and then not making it available with everything. Just like their local live mapping service, which was available years before Google yet they didn’t push it. They have been in the top w/o compitition forever now they finally are stepping up. This is evident if you are in any of the development beta programs. They actually listen to what their consumers want now.
    It will take some time to break their past mold of doing what they want but that is where Vista and Office are going to come in to help display that.
    And yea, who buys music is very true. But I tell you that the moment subscription was available on the WMP’s URGE store I started at least kind of paying. Now I cant imagine going back to per song BS.
    Until today I’ve just used my PPC6700 with a 2gb flash card in the urge store. Mini SD is not the quickest, but if it were and I had a larger storage I prob would stick with my phone. Oh and my iPod, just sits and collects dust along with the iShitful. No I never even used either other than the iShitful for the gym for maybe a week but iTunes is such a slow pain in the ass (especially 7, what the fuck did they do?).

  8. sodaboy
    November 15th, 2006 | 17:42


    hear you concerning microsoft and tabbed browsing – but to general users (like myself) and not advanced users – such harsh switch in interface is a slap in the face. even though they are not copying ff, to a noob it seems like they are – and thats enough to take away an even bigger chunk of the market.

    furthermore – whereas i preferred the ie interface (not into tabbed browsing), ff now seems far more intuitive – AND WHATS UP WITH THE POSITION FOR THE REFRESH KEY??? that was the final nail…

  9. Zac
    November 16th, 2006 | 00:47

    you’ll get used to refresh. and you can turn the tabs off. I hated position at first now i don’t remember where it was.

  10. Vitrioluz
    November 16th, 2006 | 08:44

    Only be a matter of time before 98% of the earth have to activate their toaster’s and buy a new one after they toasted too many sandwiches according to MS. ?. and oh the toaster only recognizes DRM protected bread, so copying the recipe for bread and baking your own isn’t even an option. ^^

  11. revreeko
    November 17th, 2006 | 05:04

    people wonder why apple has mind share? watch the last 30 seconds of this review on CNN. and this is with the reviewer doing his damnedest to stay neutral.