Ginger and Rosa 2012 LiMiTED BRRIP XVID-AC3-PULSAR

P2P group PULSAR released the BRRip of Ginger and Rosa, a drama movie starring Alice Englert, Elle Fanning, Christina Hendricks and directed by Sally Potter.

Plot: London, 1962. Two teenage girls – Ginger and Rosa — are inseparable; they play truant together, discuss religion, politics and hairstyles, and dream of lives bigger than their mothers’ frustrated domesticity. But, as the Cold War meets the sexual revolution, and the threat of nuclear holocaust escalates, the lifelong friendship of the two girls is shattered – by the clash of desire and the determination to survive.

Genre: Drama
IMDB Rating: 5.7/10 from 478 users
Directed by: Sally Potter
Starring: Alice Englert, Elle Fanning, Christina Hendricks

Release Name: Ginger.and.Rosa.2012.LiMiTED.BRRIP.XVID-AC3-PULSAR
Size: 1.84 GiB
Video: XviD, 720×304, 2469 kbps
Audio: English, AC3, 448 kbps
Runtime: 90 min 46 sec

Links: iMDB – Trailer – TinySubsHereGoogle Search


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    No loss to me if the links are gone. I always just came here to see what was out everyday. Anything I saw (Music/720p HD movies) I would then find it on a torrent site. Torrents are just easier.

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    i just take the name of the rip and put it into a torrent search engine or google or yahoo search for a ddl

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    Like the admins – and other users have said – this site is prmarily information. I NEVER used links here…just found the scene release name and found it on a torrent site.

    However, the latest developments don’t bode well for the future of filesharing. Seems they’re gunning for everyone bit by bit.

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    …And lets not forget that, apart from movies, the rest of the site works flawless.


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