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Windows Vista – Voice Recognition

Just a quick note in between, this is not a release! I just found the correct drivers for my soundcard and I’ve set-up voice recognition. Oh My God! This has got to be the best thing since…(Was going to say sliced bread but that’s too clique nowadays) I guess since Windows. First we were all using keyboards, the came the mouse, and now the mouse is rendered useless. Of course you still need the mouse for applications that are not adjusted to Vista yet, not to mention games! For instance I am typing this… No cancel that, I am talking to the computer right now and the computer is inserting everything I am saying. How cool is that?? I do have to use notepad because it doesn’t support Firefox, at least not entirely I can browse of little but I can’t use tabbed browsing which is a major loss but I’m sure Microsoft as well as Mozilla are going to fix this soon. And also, I have to learn how to articulate better because sometimes it screws words up. Luckily it’s so incredibly easy to correct stuff that it hardly bothers me.

You can also just use voice recognition to work with Windows and other applications. Unreal 3 Engine also makes use of this advanced voice recognition system, UT2007 will heavily use it! Before you all flame the **** out of me: This is NOT the same voice recognition system used in Windows XP! It’s a lot more advanced!

If you have tried, or are currently using the new and improved voice recognition to move your way around Vista and Office 2007 leave your opinions in the comments! Who said Vista didn’t have any major improvements over XP? I can literally hold a snack in one hand and a can of soda in the other and still do my homework on my PC!

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UPDATE: I totally forgot! Vista also supports multiple clocks (not the gadget). The RLSLOG time is GMT +1 so if we have a contest or something you can add a GMT +1 clock if you’re from a different time zone. Just hold your cursor over the time in the taskbar and you’ll see the date and your current time as well as the current time on the timezone you’ve set for the second clock (and the third clock if you added a third clock). Features like these are not even on the feature list of Vista, yet they’re incredibly useful! There really are too many to sum up and fully explain here.

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