5 Flights Up 2014 LIMITED BDRip x264-DRONES


Plot :
A long-time married couple who’ve spent their lives together in the same New York apartment become overwhelmed by personal and real estate-related issues when they plan to move away.

Genre: Drama
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10 (1,130 votes)
Directed by: Richard Loncraine
Starring: Diane Keaton, Morgan Freeman, Cynthia Nixon

Release Name: 5.Flights.Up.2014.LIMITED.BDRip.x264-DRONES
Size: 495MB
Audio: English – AAC
Video: x264 – 720×302 @ 627kb/s
Runtime: 1 hr. 32 min.

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Forbidden Empire 2014 BRRip XviD AC3-iFT

iFT has released the BRRip of film “Forbidden Empire”.

Plot: Early 18th century. Cartographer Jonathan Green undertakes a scientific voyage from Europe to the East. Having passed through Transylvania and crossed the Carpathian Mountains, he finds himself in a small village lost in impassible woods. Nothing but chance and heavy fog could bring him to this cursed place. People who live here do not resemble any other people which the traveler saw before that. The villagers, having dug a deep moat to fend themselves from the rest of the world, share a naive belief that they could save themselves from evil, failing to understand that evil has made its nest in their souls and is waiting for an opportunity to gush out upon the world.

Genre: Adventure | Fantasy | Mystery | Thriller
IMDB Rating: 5.6/10 from 1,893 users
Directed by: Oleg Stepchenko
Starring: Jason Flemyng, Andrey Smolyakov, Aleksey Chadov

Release Name: Forbidden.Empire.2014.BRRip.XviD.AC3-iFT
Size: 1.40 GB
Video: AVi | 720 x 400 | 1348 Kbps
Audio: English | AC-3 | 448 kbps
Runtime: 111 min

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Inara The Jungle Girl 2012 BDRip x264-STRATOS


Plot :
‘Inara, The Jungle Girl’ launches viewers into the life of Inara a young girl in the military whose world comes crashing down when her father passes away after a failed mission to the island of N’iah. Inara curious of her father’s death learns of a new opportunity to travel to the island and learns that the jungle and the women that inhabit it have more in common with her than she could ever know.

Genre: Adventure
IMDB Rating: 2,8/10 (329 votes)
Directed by: Patrick Desmarattes
Starring: Patrick Desmarattes

Release Name: Inara.The.Jungle.Girl.2012.BDRip.x264-STRATOS
Size: 504MB
Audio: English – AAC
Video: x264 – 720×308
Runtime: 1 hr. 24 min.

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The Longest Ride 2015 BDRip x264-SPARKS

SPARKS has released the BDRip of film “The Longest Ride”.

Plot: After an automobile crash, the lives of a young couple intertwine with a much older man, as he reflects back on a past love.

Genre: Drama | Romance
IMDB Rating: 7.2/10 from 7,570 users Metascore: 33/100
Directed by: George Tillman Jr.
Starring: Scott Eastwood, Britt Robertson, Alan Alda

Release Name: The.Longest.Ride.2015.BDRip.x264-SPARKS
Size: 791 MB
Video: x264 | 720×300
Audio: English | AAC
Runtime: 2h 8mn



Bad Turn Worse 2013 BDRip x264-PFa

PFa has released the BDRip of “Bad Turn Worse”. It also known as We Gotta Get Out of This Place, is a 2013 American neo-noir film directed by brothers Zeke and Simon Hawkins.

Plot: With only a few weeks left until his two best friends leave for college, Billy Joe robs his cotton farmer boss, Giff, in order to pay for one last blow out weekend in Corpus Christi, Texas. Upon returning, the teens are confronted by the unfortunate and brutal consequences of stealing from his boss. Now Billy Joe, Sue and Bobby must embark on a dangerous journey that will test their trust and friendship and take them across the line from carefree adolescence into the harsh reality of adulthood.


Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
iMDB Rating: 5.7/10 from 1,177 users Metascore: 62/100
Director: Simon Hawkins, Zeke Hawkins
Stars: Mackenzie Davis, Logan Huffman, Jeremy Allen White

Release Name: Bad.Turn.Worse.2013.BDRip.x264-PFa
Size: 390 MB
Video: x264, 720×304, 616 Kbps
Audio: English, AAC
Runtime: 1h 28mn

Links: iMDBRTTrailer
Subs: Here
NFO: Here

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Turkey Shoot 2014 BDRip x264-ROVERS

ROVERS has released the BDRip of film “Turkey Shoot”.

Plot: In the wake of a shocking civilian massacre in a foreign war zone, disgraced Navy SEAL Rick Tyler is sentenced to rot in a maximum security military prison until he is offered the opportunity to put his life on the line to win his freedom. A one-man force of nature, Tyler will have to take-on and take-down some of the world’s most ruthless killers in some of the world’s most brutal locations to win the game, obtain his freedom and find out why he was set up. The question is, can he accomplish all of this before Game On is Game Over?

Genre: Action
IMDB Rating: 5.3/10 from 48 users
Directed by: Jon Hewitt
Starring: Dominic Purcell, Viva Bianca, Robert Taylor

Release Name: Turkey.Shoot.2014.BDRip.x264-ROVERS
Size: 730 MB
Video: MKV | 720×406
Audio: English | AAC
Runtime: 90 min

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The Lovers 2015 BDRip x264-ROVERS

ROVERS has released the BDRip of film “The Lovers”.

Plot: Great Barrier Reef, 2020. After a dangerous dive to save his wife Laura trapped while exploring an colonial British merchant ship wreckage, Jay Fennel, a rugged and attractive marine archeologist lies brain dead in a Boston hospital. Fennel’s dream-like coma takes us back in time to Pune, India in 1778. The British East India Company is invading the palaces and a young captain named James Stewart, who bears a striking resemblance to Fennel, is about to embark on a dangerous mission. Along the way he encounters murder, deceit, betrayal and revenge. He falls deeply in love with an Indian She-warrior named Tulaja, an impossible love which he must fight for. Only the power of a ring can transcend time and save a life.

Genre: Action | Adventure | Romance | Sci-Fi
IMDB Rating: 4.6/10 from 770 users Metascore: 19/100
Directed by: Roland Joffé
Starring: Josh Hartnett, Tamsin Egerton, Alice Englert

Release Name: The.Lovers.2015.BDRip.x264-ROVERS
Size: 738 MB
Video: MKV | 720×300
Audio: English | AAC
Runtime: 109 min

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