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 A PSP version of Cars 2: The Video Game has been released by BAHAMUT.A very colorful and varied racer that’s a lot of fun to play with.

Cars 2: The Video Game, inspired by the upcoming DisneyPixar animated film allows players to jump into the Cars 2 universe. Players will get to control some of their favorite Cars personalities in exotic locations around the globe. Continuing the storyline from the upcoming film, players can choose to play as Mater, Lightning McQueen, and some brand new characters. Players will train their characters to be world-class spies in the international training center: CHROME (Command Headquarters for Recon Operations and Motorized Espionage). They’ll take on dangerous missions, compete to become the fastest racecar in the world, or use their spy skills in exciting, action-packed combat racing and battle arenas.

Players can race against friends and family in either single or multiplayer modes with up to four players to unlock challenging new tracks, characters, events, and thrilling spy missions. The DS version will also include exclusive global locations not seen in the film.

Publisher: SCEA
Developer: Disney Interactive Studios
Genre: Driving
Region: USA
Release name: Cars.2.USA.PSP-BAHAMUT
Size: 698.47 MB
Language: ENG
Links: HomepageAmazonGamespotiGNNFONTi
Download: RAPiDGATOR (Single Link)


Scene groups PLAYASiA & BAHAMUT Released FIFA 12 on PlayStation Portable.

Description: FIFA Soccer 12 brings to the pitch the game-changing new Player Impact Engine, a physics engine built to deliver real-world physicality in every interaction on the pitch. Revolutionary gameplay innovations inspired by the real-world of soccer make FIFA Soccer 12 deeper and more engaging. All-new Precision Dribbling delivers a higher fidelity of touch on the ball for attacking players, while Tactical Defending fundamentally changes the approach to defending by placing equal importance on positioning, intercepting passes and tackling. Plus, CPU players have been infused with Pro Player Intelligence, the next generation of player intelligence and performance. Stay tuned for more features to be announced in the coming months.


  • Tactical Defending – Fundamental changes to the approach of defending places equal importance on positioning, intercepting passes and tackling at the right moment. Tactics and timing are crucial.
  • Precision Dribbling – Enjoy new ways to take on opponents, more time on the ball, and complete control of the pace of the game. Utilize close dribble touches in tight spaces, on the wings, and to fend off opponents.
  • Online Friendlies – Play your friends in 10 game seasons and prove who is the best. Earn the most points each season to hoist the trophy, and then start all over again the next season to try to defend your title.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team – Now available for the first time at launch and on disc! Build your Ultimate Team from the best football stars in the massive FIFA Ultimate Team online community.
  • Complete Authenticity – Over 500 officially licensed clubs and more than 15,000 players.
  • All-New Career Mode – Now driven by the same drama, storylines and emotion as the real world game, users will face more decisions and factors than ever before. Evaluation logic has been improved to reflect a player?s true value, and the excitement of Transfer Deadline day has been expanded.

Genre: Sports
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: EA Canada

Release Name:
Size: 600 MB in 34 files / 941 MB in 50 files
Links: iGNGamespotNFONTi




Angry Birds finally available for the PSP (not the PSN version, this is the retail disc). Kudos goes to group ABSTRAKT for this one. Be sure to read nfo before try anything. Enjoy.

The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the green pigs who stole the Birds’ eggs. Use the unique destructive powers of the Angry Birds to lay waste to the pigs’ fortifications. Angry Birds features hours and hours of challenging physics-based demolition gameplay, with lots of replay value. Each level requires a mixture of logic, skill, and brute force to crush the enemy. Features 195 levels and lots and lots of Angry Birds! Protect wildlife and save Angry Birds!

Release name: Angry_Birds_EUR_READNFO_PSN_PSP-ABSTRAKT
Size: 13MB in 1F
Links: HomepageNFO

Download : FiLESONiC


ABSTRAKT released EUR version of Toy Story 3 on PlayStation Portable.

Release Description:
Toy Story 3 the game is one of a rare breed. Rather than sticking as close as possible to the film storyline and scenery, as most film-based games do, it takes a new path as well which has been carefully crafted to suit the free-roam gameplay while staying true to the film.Play as Buzz, Woody and Jessie through the single player story mode which follows the direction of the film or try out the very impressive Toy Box mode which allows you to roam free within the world of Toy Story, as well as giving you the ability to alter things with “Magic Goo,” from the size of the characters to to the size of the buildings.


  • Play through the film – all your favourite characters and all the events you remember from the movie.
  • Get creative in Toy Story 3’s sandbox mode known as the Toy Box in which you can alter sizes of characters, objects and buildings with “Magic Goo” or take part in a multitude of activities from racing to ghost catching.
  • Masses of unlockable content such as Buzz’s ray gun.
  • Cooperative mode lets you play along side friends and family.

Release name: Toy_Story_3_EUR_PSN_PSP-ABSTRAKT
: 107.4 MB in 8 files
Region: EUR
Disney Interactive Studios
Disney Interactive Studios
Genre: Action
Eng, Spa
Links: IGNGamespot
Torrents Search: NTi | TPB

Download: FiLESONiCWuploadFiLESERVE


BAHAMUT released USA version of Patapon 3, exclusively on PlayStation Portable.

Patapon 3 is a Music-Rythym game with light strategy and RPG elements for PlayStation Portable (PSP) that challenges players in the role of the godhead of the rhythmic oriented Patapons to save the tribe from an all-new scourge that has been unleashed upon them. The third release in the PSP exclusive Patapon franchise, Patapon 3 features a deeper campaign mode than earlier releases, as well as eight-player support via a local ad-hoc wireless connection as well as over the Internet. In addition, players can expect co-op quest and capture the flag modes, improved character customization and select text chat functionality.

  • The Biggest Rythmic based War Experience on the PSP
  • Customization
  • Multiplayer
  • Chat Functionality
  • Level Up
  • More Ways to Play

Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: Pyramid (JP) Sony Computer Entertainment
ESRB: For Everyone, Comic Mischief, Mild Cartoon Violence

Release Name: Patapon_3_USA_PSP-BAHAMUT
Size: 530.25MB

The Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky USA PSP-BAHAMUT

BAHAMUT released The Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky . Enjoy :D

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky bills itself as the biggest adventure to ever appear on a handheld. The main storyline alone clocks in at over 50 hours, and this is only the first installment of a planned trilogy! In the kingdom of Liberl, the independent order of the Bracers keeps the peace and maintains order. Join two aspiring Bracers, Estelle and Joshua, on a ten-year quest to join the guild. As they travel the land, they uncover a dark plot to ignite a war within the country’s peaceful borders. Use a well-thought-out, turn-based battle system that eliminates random battles by making every enemy visible on the map.


  • Attack: uses equipped weapon to deal damage to the enemy. Different weapons have different ranges and areas of effect.
  • Craft: these are the character’s individual special skills which developed from each of their unique equipped weapons. They are unique to each character and require CP to use. However they are instantaneous and take place immediately.
  • Combat terminates when all enemies are destroyed and having your whole party wiped out will normally result in gameover, with a few exceptions in events

PublisherXseed Games
Developer: Falcom
Genre: Role-Playing

Release name: The.Legend.of.Heroes.Trails.in.the.Sky.USA.PSP-BAHAMUT
Size: 838 MB
Links: HomepageNFO
Download: Torrent SearchFiLESONiCFiLESERVE

The 3rd Birthday PSP-VENOM

VENOM released The 3rd Birthday for PSP . Enjoy !

Take control of Aya Brea, the indomitable heroine from the PARASITE EVE® series, in a visually stunning third-person shooter RPG. As the world rests on the brink of destruction by a horrific enemy known as “the Twisted,” Aya remains the only candidate able to change the events of the past and save humanity from extinction. Hideous creatures descend on Manhattan. Ground reports from the squad tasked with containing the pandemonium refer to these life forms as the Twisted. An investigatory team known as the CTI is formed within the year.The Overdive system emerges as a means of opposition, but only one viable candidate exists — Aya Brea. A gift as she awakens from a lost past on this, the occasion of her third birth.

Features :

  • Immersive third-person shooter with RPG elements: Take control of Aya in real-time, over-the-shoulder combat, and fight back the Twisted with an arsenal of upgradable weaponry. Make use of Aya’s unique genetic makeup by customizing her with skills and abilities
  • Strategic combat with the Overdive system: Outnumbered and alone, Aya must rely on the Overdive system to tip the balance in her favor. Instantly take over the body – and equipment – of any friendly combatant on the field, and dive into the Twisted to destroy them from the inside
  • Rich and suspenseful story: Manhattan is under siege by the grotesque and horrifying Twisted, and humanity is powerless to stop them.
  • Immersive, high-resolution visuals: Experience Aya’s terror through the most stunning CGI cutscenes and cinematic events ever seen on the PlayStation®Portable

Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: HexaDrive
Genre: Adventure / Action 

Release name: The_3rd_Birthday_PSP-VENOM
Size: 1.21GB
Links: iGNNFO
Download: Torrent SearchFiLESONiC

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