Fantasy Mosaics 4 Art of Color v1.0.0.2-ZEKE

Group ZEKE has released small pc game called “Fantasy Mosaics 4 Art of Color”. Enjoy!

Description: Experience a world of multi-color mosaics puzzles in the latest installment of Fantasy Mosaics! This exciting innovation opens up a whole new dimension of fun and challenge. Discover beautiful and vivid images cleverly hidden in the pattern of numbers and colors.

Embrace our latest mosaics challenge and take a journey across the new fantasy landscape to help our penguin find his soul mate.


  • Challenge yourself to multi-color mosaics puzzles
  • Two difficulty game modes
  • 100 custom built colorful puzzles
  • Help the penguin find his soul mate!

Release Name: Fantasy.Mosaics.4.Art.of.Color.v1.0.0.2-ZEKE
Size: 70.05 MB

Download: Uploadable or, Uploaded or, Oboom


Group OUTLAWS has released small pc game called “Chibiwa”. Enjoy!

Description: Get in on the hottest thing this summer as we jump in to a world that has been over run by Orcs. Its a Rough Arcade, Japanese Styled Dungeon Crawler. Get your game face on as one of this years hardest game is about to hit.

An Intense battle ground where enemies don’t know when to stop, teaming up and coming after you making you think twice of how you approach the gang that is on your tail.

With worlds that light up the experience, giving you an incentive to fight for a reason. As there is a lot at stake and lives are in the balance. Experience the Town, the valley and the lost kingdom.

If you stay alive long enough, you will find your skills in battle will increase with a magical flavour, arcane, fire & holy to mention a few spells.
As well as strength & agility to make you a truly unique hero among many.

At times, it will feel like you are having the upper hand. With aid from the town hero’s you’ll make the enemy think twice before attacking again, and yet, turn around and run, since behind the wall was a force too big to handle. Don’t lose control of the amount of enemies that are being transported to the grounds by the necromancers.

Play as Danny, Johnny and Sonny. With each of them with their strength, they will all provide you with an amazing experience as you command them to battle and to glory.

As never before, you will realize the mortality that we so take for granted, as you will see that every life is precious and you will fight and fight again you will to prove that you. You will not accept loss.

Release Name: Chibiwa-OUTLAWS
Size: 159.82 MB
Links: HomepageNFONTiTPB

Download: Uploadable or, Uploaded or, Oboom

Entwined The Perfect Murder v1.0-TE

TE has released the new hidden object game “Entwined: The Perfect Murder” for Windows.

Description: Adam Turner was an unfortunate man who was surrounded by people who could all benefit from his death, but who actually murdered him? Play the detective in this classic whodunit mystery to find out! Interview the suspects including his wife, sister, friend, the housemaid, the paperboy and a shadowy mafia figure. The plot gets thicker and thicker as you find evidences against all suspects. It is up to you to figure out who murdered Adam Turner!


  • A classic whodunit murder mystery
  • Interview suspects and find the killer!
  • Case file stores all evidences you collect
  • A detailed plot that gets thicker as you investigate

Release Name: Entwined.The.Perfect.Murder.v1.0-TE
Size: 377.15 MB
Links: HomepageNFONTiTPB

Download: (Single Links)

Travel Riddles Trip to India v1.0-ZEKE

Group ZEKE has released small pc game “Travel Riddles Trip to India”. Enjoy!

Description: India welcomes you with its riddles, ancient wisdom, exquisite aromas and lost treasures in this match 3 adventure.

Collect more than 70 artifacts on your travels and use incredible power-ups to set the highest score. You will visit Taj Mahal, enjoy the perfect beaches of Goa and explore ancient cities.

Complete challenging puzzles while travelling along the mighty Ganga River and find the forgotten temples of the past in the jungle forests.

As you continue your journey prepare for excitement as each new level brings new challenges!

India welcomes you!


  • Explore beautiful locations
  • Find the 72 hidden artifacts
  • Enjoy the fantastic soundtrack!

Release Name:
Size: 36.15 MB

Download: Uploadable or, Uploaded or, Oboom

Prison Architect Alpha 24c Cracked-3DM

Group 3DM has released the latest version of pc game “Prison Architect Alpha”. Enjoy!

Note: 3DM or other p2p releases are not always perfect or compatible with all systems. So if it doesn’t work, don’t blame their effort & wait for the scene release/s(if there is any).

Description: Build and Manage A Maximum Security Prison.

Prison Architect is the world’s latest Prison Management Sim. Starting with an empty plot of land you must construct a holding cell with basic water and electricity to house your first batch of prisoners, to buy you enough time to create a proper cell block. You’ll need to hire some guards, get some showers built and unless the kitchen is up and running with chefs working away you’re going to end up with a riot on your hands. From there you take your prison in which-ever direction you like. A monsterous super-max or comfortable center for rehabilitation, the choice is up to you.

Prison Architect is currently in Alpha which means that the game is playable, but still in development. Not all features are implemented yet and there are many bugs that may affect gameplay. We are currently releasing monthly updated builds which include new features and bug fixes. By buying the alpha you will automatically be gifted a free copy of the full game when it’s finished.

Publisher: Introversion Software
Developer: Introversion Software
Genre: Early Access, Indie, Simulation, Strategy

Release Name: Prison.Architect.Alpha.24c.Cracked-3DM
Size: 112.58 MB
Links: HomepageSteam – NFO – NTiTPB

Download: Uploadable or, Uploaded or, Oboom

Grim Dawn v. Cracked-3DM

3DM group with updated version of the 2014 rpg game “Grim Dawn”

Enter an apocalyptic fantasy world where humanity is on the brink of extinction, iron is valued above gold and trust is hard earned. Grim Dawn is an Action RPG featuring brutal combat, strategic character development, addictive loot collection, choice & consequence.

Crate Entertainment is a small indie studio founded by the lead gameplay designer of Titan Quest. Join the Grim Dawn community and provide feedback on the ongoing development of the game. Be among the first to experience our growing world, new features and make your mark by participating in polls and discussions on our forum.


  • Combine any of five distinct skill classes each with multiple skill trees in which to specialize. Advance your class mastery to unlock over 25 powerful skills and synergistic modifiers per class. Soldier, Demolitionist, Occultist and Nightblade are currently playable with the Arcanist on the way.
  • Fast-paced tactical combat with enemy blood spatters, ragdoll physics and satisfying enemy death effects. Smash in doors and fight house to house, leaving a path of demolished furniture in your wake.
  • Collect hundreds of items in common, magical, rare, epic and legendary classes of loot. Both randomized rare affix items and custom crafted unique items can provide amazing bonuses and special item-granted skills to support numerous different class builds.
  • Dynamic Weather brings the world to life with region-specific climates and a variety of weather effects. A sunny day can cloud over with mild rain showers that builds into a booming thunderstorm. Variable wind gusts blow grass and affect objects like windmills.
  • Gameplay systems designed to expand for 200 levels of character progression, equipment, and enemies to fight makes for ridiculous amounts of replay value.
  • Connect with old friends or make new allies in glorious multiplayer. Multiplayer encounters will put your teamwork to the ultimate challenge. (multiplayer is not yet available but is expected in early 2014)
  • Collect item recipes that allow you to combine salvaged components into unique crafted items and then, later, use those basic crafted items with higher-tiered recipes to complete items of unprecedented badassness. (still in development but almost ready to roll out)
  • Camera rotation enhances the three-dimensionality of the world and gameplay while levels are still designed so that players are not forced to rotate the camera.
  • New quest and conversation system will allow players to interact with NPCs in more interesting ways and choose different paths to complete quests. (Some quests offer choices in Act1 but much more of this is coming in Act2)
  • An NPC faction system lets the player improve their relations with different NPC groups to earn rewards as their favor increases such as merchant discounts, new items, and additional quest lines. However, aiding one faction could turn a rival faction into your enemy. Choose which side you will support!
  • The ability to spend money to reclaim skill points alleviates the fear and frustration of having to make early, uninformed decisions that could permanently nerf a character.

Publisher: Crate Entertainment
Developer: Crate Entertainment
Genre: Early Access, Indie, RPG

Release name: Grim.Dawn.v.
Size: 2.04GB
LinksHomepage – Steam – NFO

DownloadUploadable or, Uploaded

Iron Sea Frontier Defenders v1.0-ZEKE

Group ZEKE has released pc game “Iron Sea Frontier Defenders”. Enjoy!

Description: Man the guns! There’s no time to celebrate, we sank only a small part of the enemy fleet! The battle could begin at any moment, and we’re in need of your steady hand and strategic mind again to deal with the invaders! Defend the fort against the siege – build cannons, use secret weaponry and have faith in victory! Man the guns! There’s no time to celebrate, we sank only a small part of the enemy fleet! The battle could begin at any moment, and we’re in need of your steady hand and strategic mind again to deal with the invaders! Defend the fort against the siege – build cannons, use secret weaponry and have faith in victory! This time you will conquer the expanses of the Western Shore and the secrets of the Lost Lands. Two new worlds, 40 levels and merciless enemies – let the battle begin!


- All the power of artillery in your hands!
- Powerful cannons and merciless enemies!
- A unique setting and secret weaponry
- Build an ideal defense!

Release Name: Iron.Sea.Frontier.Defenders.v1.0-ZEKE
Size: 66.74 MB

Download: Uploadable or, Uploaded or, Oboom

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