The Forest Public Alpha v0.11c Cracked-3DM

Group 3DM has released the latest alpha version of pc game “The Forest”. Enjoy!

Note: 3DM or other p2p releases are not always perfect or compatible with all systems. So if it doesn’t work, don’t blame their effort & wait for the scene release/s(if there is any).

Description: As the lone survivor of a passenger jet crash, you find yourself in a mysterious forest battling to stay alive against a society of cannibalistic mutants.

Build, explore, survive in this terrifying first person survival horror simulator.

Enter a living, breathing world, where every tree and plant can be chopped down. Below ground explore a vast network of caves and underground lakes.


  • Chop down trees to build a camp, or start a fire to keep warm. Scavenge food to keep yourself from starving.
  • Build a small shelter or a large ocean side fortress. Lay traps and defences to keep a safe perimeter.
  • Explore and build during the day. Defend your base at night. Craft weapons and tools. Bunker down during the evening or bring the fight directly to the enemy.
  • Defend yourself against a clan of genetic mutant enemies that have beliefs, families, morals and that appear almost human.
  • Use stealth to evade enemies, or engage them directly with crude weapons built from sticks and stones.

Publisher: Endnight Games Ltd
Developer: Endnight Games Ltd
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Simulation, Early Access

Release Name: The.Forest.Public.Alpha.v0.11c.Cracked-3DM
Size: 584.99 MB
Links: HomepageSteamNFONTiTPB


Elven Legend v1.0-ZEKE

Group ZEKE has released the pc game “Elven Legend. Enjoy!

Description: An evil witch attacked the Elven Kingdom and captured the royal family! Only the young princess Aerin was spared – and now she needs your help to free her parents and save the kingdom. Travel into the dark lands of the north and restore the damage the evil witch has done. Will you be the one to save the Elven Kingdom?

Explore the Elven Kingdom, meet magical creatures and dangerous beasts, and help the young princess Aerin defeat the evil witch!


  • Mix of the best time-management and strategy gameplays + use of the variable items
  • Spectacular fantasy atmosphere
  • Repair buildings, restore trees, use unique units to perform unique tasks
  • Interesting inhabitants living in 5 unique locations from forests to snowy lands to mountains
  • Intense, but fun, gameplay

Release Name: Elven.Legend.v1.0-ZEKE
Size: 187.97 MB


About Love Hate and the other ones-BACKLASH

Group BACKLASH has released pc game “About Love Hate and the other ones”. Enjoy!

Description: About Love, Hate and the other ones is a puzzle game, in which you influence your surroundings by the force of Hate and the power of Love.

They shouldnʻt have pushed the button! Life on the hill was just perfect for Love and Hate before that shiny red device appeared. Suddenly, they are trapped in a dark and spooky cave, far away from home.

Now it is up to you to control the opposing forces of Love and Hate. They will soon meet a lot of Other Ones, wondering how they might react when Loved, or when Hated. Find a way through caves and ice, castles and factories, all by the might of your puzzling! If you ever return to that hill, life will be sweet again…

Publisher: Black Pants Studio
Developer: Black Pants Studio
Genre: Casual, Indie

Release Name: About_Love_Hate_and_the_other_ones-BACKLASH
Size: 109.49 MB
Links: HomepageSteamNFONTiTPB


Shadowrun Dragonfall Directors Cut UPDATE 2.07-CPY

CPY has released the latest update of “Shadowrun Dragonfall Directors Cut” for PC. Check the changlogs here

Developer: Harebrained Schemes
Publisher: Harebrained Holdings
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG, Strategy

Release Name: Shadowrun.Dragonfall.Directors.Cut.Update.v2.07-CPY
Size: 852MB
Links: Homepage – Steam – NFO – NTi


Men of War Assault Squad 2 Update v3.040.0-CODEX

CODEX has released the update v3.040.0 for the game “Men of War Assault Squad 2″ . enjoy

Publisher: 1C Company
Developer: Digitalmindsoft
Genre: Action, Simulation, Strategy

Release name: Men.of.War.Assault.Squad.2.Update.v3.040.0-CODEX
Size: 188MB
LinksHomepage – Steam – NTi – NFO


Elegy for a Dead World-POSTMORTEM

POSTMORTEM has released the game “Elegy for a Dead World” for Windows . Enjoy

Explore dead civilizations, write about what you find, and share your stories with the universe: a game about writing fiction.


- In Elegy, you’ll travel to three worlds and write stories about their long-dead societies. You’ll lose yourself in settings inspired by the works of poets Keats, Byron, and Shelley, and use the game’s system of writing prompts to help create your own masterpieces.
- Explore 27 different writing challenges, through which you create narratives about the worlds you visit, from multiple perspectives. In one challenge, you play an archaeologist, uncovering clues and writing about a city’s final days; in another, you’re a thief, composing a song about searching the wreckage for valuables; and in another, you’re a bard penning a lament in rhyming couplets.

Publisher: Dejobaan Games, LLC
Developer: Dejobaan Games, LLC , Popcannibal
Genre: Adventure, Indie

Release name: Elegy.for.a.Dead.World-POSTMORTEM/Elegy.for.a.Dead.World.RIP-Unleashed
Size: 381MB/112MB
Links: SteamNFONTi

Download Elegy.for.a.Dead.World.RIP-Unleashed: UPLOADED.NET

Lords of the Black Sun Update v1.03-CODEX

CODEX has released the new update of “Lords of the Black Sun” for PC.

Genre: Indie, Strategy
Developer: Arkavi Studios
Publisher: Iceberg Interactive

Release Name: Lords.of.the.Black.Sun.Update.v1.03-CODEX
Size: 3 MB
Links: Homepage – Steam – NFO – NTi


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