Real Warfare 2 Northern Crusades MULTi4-PROPHET

PROPHET has released the MULTi4 ò the game “Real Warfare 2” for PC.

Description: Prussia in the XIII century is the last stand of Paganism in Europe. Wild plains and forests inhabited by wild people. A fearful place…the Teutonic Order Brothers prepare to conquer it by fire and sword.

The project perfectly comprises two types of gameplay and owing to that the objectives of the Komtur are not simply limited to participation in battles. The strategic map involves the gamer into a colorful and integral world and allows them to travel around the map in the real time. The mode features full freedom of movement, dialogues with locals, RPG elements, quest system and much more. However, sooner or later, the players will have no other choice other than engage their faithful warriors into a battle. And this could be a combat with other armies, large-scale sieges of towns and castles, using various special assault weaponry and tools and fight right on top the walls and fortifications.


  • During each phase of the main campaign the player receives quests which they can pursue as they see fit. All campaign battles are logically interrelated. Depending on the outcome of the previous fight, each battle also has an effect on the next.
  • Surviving troops move on to next battles, so it is important to keep them alive. Over the course of time a skillful commander will get accompanied by hardened veterans who went through fire and ice with him.
  • Difficulty of game quests and complexity of battles steadily increases as the story progresses. Episodes of the game take place in different times of year, on different terrain and in different lighting conditions. All this makes each battle truly unique.
  • Over 10,000 soldiers fighting simultaneously at high FPS.
  • A unique combat engine that takes account of up to 80 parameters of each unit, regiment, army, and situational levels. Troops react accordingly to flanking, wounds, physical conditions as well as successes and failures of their comrades-in-arms.
  • A morale simulation system that continuously computes battlefield conditions and adjusts a unit’s behavior accordingly. Adjustable modifiers take into account the troops’ fighting conditions further diversify game tactics.

Publisher: 1C
Developer: Unicorn Games Studio
Developer: EN/IT/ES/RU
Genre: Strategy

Release Name: Real.Warfare.2.Northern.Crusades.MULTi4-PROPHET
Size: 1.28GB
Links: Homepage – Gamespot – IGN – NFO – NTi (Single Link)

Real Warfare 1242 MULTi5-PROPHET

PROPHET has released the MULTi5 version of strategy game “Real Warfare 1242” For Windows. Game is updated to latest version.

About This Game: Russia during the XIII century was a huge state, much larger than any other European country. Split by internal conflicts, and yet standing strong against numerous outer threats, it was attacked by the infamous Mongol Horde. They came suddenly and pierced through the country like a blazing arrow. The native people fought valiantly, led by a fierce warrior and prince, Prince Alexander Nevsky. Real Warfare: 1242, is a realistic real-time strategy game based on authentic historic events. It invites you to experience the glorious times of princes, knights and vast battles.


  • The engine incorporates state-of-the-art technologies used in real-time strategy titles
  • Vivid, lifelike real-time graphics
  • Carefully maintained historic realia
  • Vast territories to conquer and control
  • Significant level of depth and in-game freedom
  • Improved unit animation (with the transition to motion capture)

Genre: Strategy
Developer: Unicorn Games Studio
Publisher: 1C Company
languages: EN/DE/IT/ES/RU

Release Name: Real.Warfare.1242.MULTi5-PROPHET
Size: 1.65 GB
Links: HomepageSteamNFONTi Part1Part2

Last Knight Rogue Rider Edition v1.90-TE

TE has released the new build of indie game “Last Knight Rogue Rider Edition” for PC. It is fast-paced action in a never ending randomly generated Unreal Engine powered fantasy world!

Description: The story mode put it’s player in control of a squire on its way of becoming a knight. But before he can prove himself, events of epic proportions make him the last hope for the kingdom! On his heroic adventure he will have to fight the horned bucket heads and oversized hungry creatures. He will have to get through a wide range of dangerous environments as well as his own Knightmares. But beside the story there is much more. Various game modes let you adventure through always different never ending generated worlds filled with riches and dangers. On your journeys you will also find quests that will take each of the characters on different missions in the hunt for fame and glory as well as gold and chivalry. Gold can be spent on fancy power ups, while chivalry can unlock world bending mutators and different view modes like the intense first person view. Cutting-edge features like a fully dynamic randomized weather system and a collision system that can alter basically everything of the world geometry make this game even more over the top.


  • A full-fledged adventure in the story mode
  • Randomly generated world in the different endless modes
  • Your own adventure in a generated kingdom in the Rogue Rider Adventure mode
  • Wide range of different fantasy environments
  • Quests and rewards system
  • Beautiful graphics archived with the Unreal Engine
  • Unique Power ups and other special unlock-ables
  • Customization with different characters
  • Dynamic weather system
  • Ragdoll physics feedback
  • Impacts alter and deform the world
  • 3rd Person, First Person and Bird’s Eye view modes
  • World Mutators, Body Mutators and randomly generated hats


Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Toco Games
Publisher: Toco Games

Release Name: Last.Knight.Rogue.Rider.Edition.v1.90-TE
Size: 405 MB
Links: HomepageSteamNFONTi



PROPHET has released MULTi2 of the game “BorderZone” . Enjoy

BorderZone is a role-playing action with a complex non-linear storyline in which the player can choose a profession to his liking (mage, thief or soldier), learn the needed skills and spells, create a team of up to 5 dare-devils and leave for a trip full of unexpected discoveries in the world of Terra filled with various

BorderZone is a role-playing action with a complex non-linear storyline in which the player can choose a profession to his liking (mage, thief or soldier), learn the needed skills and spells, create a team of up to 5 dare-devils and leave for a trip full of danger and unexpected discoveries in the world of Terra filled with various creatures.

Terra was born at the moment when the old Earth passed away. Due to a global nuclear catastrophe many regions of the planet became unsuitable for living
and most of the population was atomized. A new world was created – a world where magic and technology adjoin and people are not the only intelligent race at all. After several millenniums the inhabitants of Terra are facing a new threat. Gods come down from heavens and start spreading death and destruction on the planet. You are to enter a violent struggle and you are the one on whom depends the fate of humanity.

Publisher: 1C Company
Developer: Saturn-plus , Orion
Genre: Action, RPG
Genre: EN/RU

Release name:BorderZone.MULTi2-PROPHET
Size: 1.6GB
Links: SteamNFONTi

Download: Uploaded ( Part1 | Part2 )

Thunderscape v2.0.0.3-DELiGHT

DELiGHT has released the game “Thunderscape” for Windows . Enjoy

All is not well in the world of Aden. The Darkfall stains the land with its hellspawn, the mindless horrors only known as nocturnals. Warriors tested by combat and steel ride across battered lands to battle these vile hordes Sneaky rogues and ruthless inquisitors seek out traitors in corrupted cities and towns. Powerful mechamages wield deadly contraptions of steam welded with magic. All of this will be for naught unless a true hero rises and leads the way out of the encroaching darkness!
Thunderscape is a first-person dungeon-crawling RPG filled to the brim with only the most prestigious turn-based combat and real-time exploration. Create and customize a party of six adventurers with 8 races and 11 character classes to choose from. Challenge your intellect and skill as you avoid deadly traps and solve mind-bending puzzles. Thunderscape is a precious jewel in the Strategic Simulations crown and it is our pleasure to bring it to you once more. Will you fight to save the magical and wondrous world of Aden from the Darkfall?


  • A classic 90s-era dungeon-crawling role-playing game flavored with a distinctly steampunk feel.
  • Control a party of up to six heroes of various races and skills.
  • Enjoy raucous combat during turn-based battles, as well as brain-bending puzzles.

Release name: Thunderscape.v2.0.0.3-DELiGHT
Links: HomepageNFONTi


Star Wars Rebellion v2.0.0.4-DELiGHT

DELiGHT has released the newest build of “Star Wars Rebellion” for Windows.

Description: t is a time of great upheaval. The first Death Star has been destroyed, marking a major victory for the Rebellion. But the Empire remains strong. As commander, you must choose to take control of either the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire. Your goal: complete domination of the galaxy.

Take the galaxy by force. Take the galaxy through diplomacy. Take the galaxy via covert operations. Earn the loyalty (or resentment) of up to 200 worlds. Star Wars™ Rebellion gives you a myraid of means to implement strategy and tactics on a grand scale and in a real-time environment. With control of the entire Star Wars galaxy as the prize, will the Force™ be with you? Discover for yourself.


  • Strategy Gaming on an Epic Scale – Take control of either the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire as you vie for the support of up to 200 worlds. The real-time environment will test your strategic mettle at every turn.
  • Comprehensive Resource Management – Strategic portion lets you manage manufacturing, resources, fleet deployment and mission assignments.
  • Innovative 3D Battle Simulation – Take complete command of fleets in dramatic battle sequences – almost a separate game in itself.

Release Name: Star.Wars.Rebellion.v2.0.0.4-DELiGHT
Size: 447 MB


Crouching Pony Hidden Dragon-PROPHET

A new release from PROPHET . Enjoy
Update : Crouching.Pony.Hidden.Dragon.RIP-ALiAS : NFOUPLOADED.NET

Crouching Pony Hidden Dragon (CPHD) is a brand-new Action/RPG game developed for SNK’s Neo Geo console which came out in 1990. It might look like a straight-forward arcade game, but under the surface is a persistent world with a rich and varied set of rules.


Senseï is the undisputed chieftain. His followers are well versed in every extortion, infiltration and martial art. Pony and Biki are his best students, his pride and joy. The duo knows the secret chakra technique like the back of their hand (or hoof in Pony’s case). Together they rule the city and its surroundings. Although everyone respects and fears them they are hunted by law enforcement agencies.

They are Ninjas.

Crouching Pony Hidden Dragon (CPHD) is a brand-new Action/RPG game developed for SNK’s Neo Geo console which came out in 1990.

It might look like a straight-forward arcade game, but under the surface is a persistent world with a rich and varied set of rules. In CPHD “Run’N Gun” mechanics from the likes Shock Troopers or Ninja commando are combined with playful “RPG” ones from games like Zelda or Secret of Mana.

You’ll need to explore every level to find the resources necessary for your progress: coins, health bonuses, resurrection potions, special Ninja techniques, etc. Treasure chests are hidden everywhere. You’ll have to find them to afford equipment upgrades from the ninja shops. In addition Pony and Biki gain experience points by defeating enemies, becoming more powerful over time. Be careful though: you’ll have to use your resources wisely. Health is limited so if you don’t equip yourself at the armory you’re in for a hard time. Money is limited too however: you’ll need to choose these investments carefully!

Make new friends: a local multiplayer co-op mode lets a second player drop in at any time. It’s even more fun, even more frantic and even more strategic!

Lose old friends: there are the same numbers of resources no matter how many players there are; will you share or will you hog everything?

Have a good adventure!

Publisher: Neko Entertainment
Developer: Le Cortex
Genre: Action, Indie, RPG

Release name: Crouching.Pony.Hidden.Dragon-PROPHET
Size: 200MB
Links: SteamNFONTi


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