Last Dream v1.0.2-TE

TE has released the new build of game “Last Dream” .

Description: An Incredible Storyline Delve into a sprawling storyline spanning nearly one thousand years and experience the world of Terra through over an hour of flashback cutscenes. Uncover the destruction of the once grand Elven culture and the rise of Human civilization. Follow the path of a modest main character and companions on their ascent to glory.

Complex Role Playing Experience a highly non-linear RPG where the decisions you make change the world around you. Will you gather and trade the Ancient Elven Relics for a Dorian ship, or trek through the uncharted depths of the Woods of Despair? By virtue of the choices available in Last Dream, there are over five hundred unique paths in your journey through the mystical land of Terra.

Tremendous Replayability Last Dream allows the freedom to choose any 4 character party you wish from 8 distinctive
character classes. With over 4,000 party variations, you ll never run out of new experiences. In addition to myriad party combinations and various selectable difficulty levels, you can also build each character as you see fit, so the possibilities are nearly endless.

Side Quests Galore Whether you love the rush of gambling at Lucky s Casino, the sensation of adrenaline pumping through your gauntlet-covered veins as you stare down your opponents at Cecil s Arena, or even the feeling of frantically racing your Giant flightless bird to win first place, Last Dream has it all. You ll find much more waiting for you to explore in the world of Terra


  • Choose from 8 specialized character classes to form your 4-person party; each class contains a wide diversity of skills that you can unlock throughout your game, and you can build each character’s attributes as you see fit. The result is a strikingly different experience every time you play Last Dream.
  • The selectable difficulty levels offer first time players an edge or an engaging challenge to the most hardcore gamers. You can also select your desired encounter rate and saving opportunities.
  • Last Dream also offers over an hour of intriguing cutscenes that shed light on the complex history of planet Terra. Alternatively, you are free to decline these cutscenes for a more streamlined experience.
  • Sophisticated puzzles are a fundamental aspect of Last Dream, ranging from very easy to highly challenging.

Publisher: White Giant RPG Studios
Developer: White Giant RPG Studios
Genre: Indie, RPG

Release name: Last.Dream.v1.0.2-TE
Size: 859MB
Links: HomepageSteamNFONTiTPB


Planet Explorers Steam Edition v0.762 Cracked-3DM

3DM with the last build released for this early access game from Steam : Planet Explorers, no changelog available, enjoy.

Note : Like for all ALI213 / 3DM releases, this is a steam-emulated with some strange dll cracked from chinese cracker, that’s mean it doesn’t work on all system (os, spec’, language etc…). That’s a well know problem with ALI/3DM releases, so please don’t cry it’s a fake or wait for the scene release :) Thanks.

In Planet Explorers, it is the year 2287, one of the first colony ships sent out by Earth arrives at the planet Maria, in the Epsilon Indi Star System. During its landing sequence, something appears in front of the massive ship that causes it to lose control and crash into the planet. Some of the colonists survive in lifeboats, but what they find is an unforgiving land filled with creatures ready to outlast the visitors from Earth. Now the survivors must explorer, gather, build, create, fight, and ultimately, build a new home.


  • 20+ hours of storyline
  • 70+ types of enemies
  • 20+ unique mainline NPCs
  • Able to dig
  • Able to build
  • Able to plant farm
  • Able to build colony
  • Able to have followers
  • Creation Editor to create vehicles, weapons, objects, vtols, and more
  • Day/night cycle with realistic moon cycles
  • Weather system
  • 15+ types of mineral types
  • 200+ unique items
  • Resource scanner
  • Realtime AI pathfinding
  • Multiplayer COOP
  • Multiplayer VS
  • Realtime water physics

Publisher: Pathea Games
Developer: Pathea Games
Genre: Action, Adventure, Early Access, Indie, RPG, Simulation

Release name: Planet.Explorers.Steam.Edition.v0.762.Cracked-3DM
Size: 2.74GB
Links: HomepageSteamNFO


What Lies Beneath v1.6.1-FAS

Group FAS has released the latest version of small pc game “What Lies Beneath”. Enjoy!

Description: What Lies Beneath is a short action-RPG in which you’ll explore a dungeon full of traps and monsters (and some silly other things too) in seek of revenge and to fight an evil creature… that kind of stuff… Grab some nice loots and customize your character abilities as you want.


  • Customize your character as you please, it’s not class-based, so you can play the way you want (I love fireball throwing knights, I don’t know why^^)
  • A fun and original universe with silly characters to speak to
  • Part of a serie (Song of the Myrne) but you don’t need to have played the other games to understand what’s going on
  • A complete crafting system: create potions, armors, etc… mine some ores, pick up some shrooms,…
  • Challenge your friends in the local multiplayer mode. It’s split-screen on the same PC like in the good old days and I try to make some original game modes like a football match.
  • Even if the game is finished, I’m still working on it and add features to it

Release Name: What_Lies_Beneath_v1.6.1-FAS
Size: 80.57 MB
Links: HomepageNFONTiTPB

Download: Oboom or, Uploaded

CAFE 0 The Drowned Mermaid v1.2 READNFO-FAS + MAC OSX

Cafe 0: The Drowned Mermaid is best left for hardcore fans of interactive novels, that’s all.

A supernatural mystery visual novel about a girl’s spirit with no recollection of her past who find herself inside Cafe 0, a mysterious Café in the middle of nowhere. Served with only a glass of water by the peculiar waiter, Sui—soon she realized that she is about to relive the last seven days before her death.Surrounding her are Ami, a girl who claimed to be her best friend, Tooru, a boy who is rumored to be her previous boyfriend, and Shou, the school’s doctor—what are their connection to her past and how are they related to her death?Will she be in peace with her past, or will she haunt the living? It is all up to you to decide.


  • 6 Endings (1 Bad Ending)
  • 3 Types of main character depending on your selection, complete with different costumes.
  • 2 Character Paths and 1 True Path.
  • 2-3 Hours Play Time.
  • 21 CGs (Including Variations).
  • 1 Secret Bonus when you cleared all routes.

Publisher: roseVeRte
Developer: roseVeRte
Genre: Visual Novel

Release name:
Size: 84MB / 88MB
Links: HomepageDesuraNFO

Download: NTiTPB : WindowsMacOSX : WindowsMacOSX

Pilota v1.0-FAS

This indie game look funny :) Thanks FAS.

Pilota is a casual top-down flying game with an anaglyph 3D mode.


  • Explore a large 2D pixelart world, or put on your red-cyan glasses, activate 3D mode with one click and watch your aircraft climb and pop out from the screen.
  • The game has a realistic flight model: you have to take off and land, plus you need to monitor your speed, altitude and fuel as these parameters change during manoeuvres.
  • You can try out 40 vehicles and do missions just like in real life: dust crop fields, extinguish wildfires, carry passengers, win air races and many more!
  • A story unfolds as you buy new planes and unlock missions, but you can always pause your progress and fly for fun.

Publisher: zsoltbartok
Developer: zsoltbartok
Genre: Arcade

Release name: Pilota_v1.0-FAS
Size: 28MB
Links: HomepageDesuraNFO


Ultimate Rock Crawler v1.0-FAS + MAC OSX

Another mind blowing indie game released by scene group FAS …

Do you ever dream of being able to drive a car off-road, extremely, driving over huge rocks or obstacles?

Ultimate Rock Crawler lets you become an instant Off Road Rock Crawling Champion.

Rock crawling is an extreme form of off road driving using modified vehicles to overcome obstacles. Drivers drive four-wheel-drive vehicles over very harsh terrain. Driving locations include boulders, mountain foothills, rock piles, mountain trails.
Rock crawling is about slow-speed, careful and precise driving, through large gear reductions in the vehicles drive train. Rock crawlers often drive up, down and across obstacles that would appear impassable.

Just like in real life this game lets you choose different routes that are of varying difficulty, Red or Yellow Routes. The faster you complete the route you choose the better, and uniquely the lower score is the best score. It will take much skill and practice, careful use of steering and accelerator to complete courses to achieve a best score in this open world off road game.

Features such as in car cameras, different body designs, 4 wheel steering, realistic physics and graphics, unique and challenging locations sets this game apart, in fact there is no other game like it. Designed to be as playable as possible, with simple controls, you will be coming back again and again to get a better score than your last. It is most definitely addictive.

Publisher: khos85
Developer: khos85
Genre: Simulation

Release name:
Size: 41MB / 46MB
Links: HomepageSteam GreenlightDesuraNFO

Download: NTiTPB : WindowsMacOSX : WindowsMacOSX

Robo Pal v2.0-FAS

New puzzle game released by scene group FAS, enjoy.

Robo Pal is a Windows Single Player Standalone Sci-fi Puzzle Game. In the game, you control the robot Pal.

The objective of the game is to solve the puzzle in each of the room!
Once you solve all the puzzles of the room, you move onto the next room! Pretty neat and easy to understand! In-game Sounds mostly play an important role in the game! So, don’t forget to keep them up!

Publisher: FrosTech Inc
Developer: FrosTech Inc
Genre: Puzzle

Release name: Robo_Pal_v2.0-FAS
Size: 16MB
Links: HomepageDesuraNFO


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