Broken Sword 5 the Serpents Curse Episode 2 Proper-RELOADED

RELOADED released the Proper version of Broken Sword 5 The Serpents Curse Episode 2 for PC.

Description: Paris in the spring. Shots ring out from a gallery. A robbery — a murder — and the beginning of another epic, original Broken Sword adventure! Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse builds on the rich heritage of the classic Broken Sword adventure gaming saga. Intrepid lawyer George Stobbart and sassy journalist Nico Collard are hurled onto the trail of a murderous conspiracy forged in the cauldron of war-torn Europe. A conspiracy whose roots lie in mysteries older than the written word. Armed only with logic, integrity and a wry sense of humor, can George and Nico outwit evil forces both ancient and modern and save mankind from disaster? From a Curse forged by the Devil himself?


  • The latest explosive episode in the iconic Broken Sword series
  • Follow the adventure across Europe and beyond, in classic 2D hand-drawn locations
  • Immerse yourself in the rich storyline and interact with unforgettable characters
  • Experience the very best in adventure gaming: from unique puzzles and deft subterfuge to cipher solving and time-honoured detective work
  • Enjoy the award-winning scripts, and widely praised voice-acting

Developer: Revolution Software Ltd.
Publisher: Revolution Software Ltd.
Genre: Adventure
Release name: Broken.Sword.5.the.Serpents.Curse.Episode.2.Proper-RELOADED
Size: 6.86GB
Links: HomepageNFONTiTPB

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Age of Empires II HD The Forgotten Update v3.4-RELOADED

RELOADED has released the newest Update of “Age of Empires II HD The Forgotten” for PC. You do not need any other updates for this release. Changelog included in the pack, check it for a list of what’s new.

Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Hidden Path Entertainment, Ensemble Studios

Release Name: Age.of.Empires.II.HD.The.Forgotten.Update.v3.4-RELOADED
Size: 225.20 MB
Links: HomepageSteamNFONTiTPB


Sky High Farm v1.0 Cracked-F4CG

F4CG has released the new hidden object game “Sky High Farm” for Windows.

Description: Beautify the rooftops of the city with fertile gardens and sweet-smelling orchards! Create your own farm on the top of a skyscraper where you can plant vegetables, fruits, trees and more. Sow the seeds, water the crops, enrich the soil and reap the harvest! Start your little vegetable garden with three pots of carrots, and grow it into a flourishing business in this thrilling time management game!

Can city life and farm life co-exist with each other? You’re about to find out! It’s time to flex your green thumbs and start planting! Buy gardening units, plant seeds, and grow them into carrots, tomatoes, cabbages, cucumbers and more. Reap the harvest in time to earn a profit! Set up factories and produce your own eco-friendly juices, jams, sugar and other goods! Remember – the clock is ticking: the quicker you think and the more you plant, the more you earn!


  • 60 unique and exciting levels
  • 6 rooftops to plant with veggies and fruits
  • 4 rooftop themes: Mexican, American, Italian, Chinese
  • Numerous plants to cultivate, including vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, trees, and flowers
  • Exciting quests and challenges

Release Name: Sky.High.Farm.v1.0.Cracked-F4CG
Size: 99.98 MB
Links: HomepageNFONTiTPB


Life Goes On-ALiAS

ALiAS has released the new indie game “Life Goes On” for Windows.

Description: Life Goes On is a comically-morbid platformer where you guide heroic knights to their demise and use their dead bodies to solve puzzles. On your quest to find the Cup of Life, you will summon knight after knight to be brutally sacrificed. Impale knights on spikes to create a safe path. Catch a knight on a saw blade (ouch!) to strategically land the body on a button. Freeze your knights into blocks of ice to reach higher ground. As you journey through treacherous and trap-ridden worlds, you’ll show no mercy to solve each challenging puzzle.


  • Over 50 levels that challenge your puzzle-solving skills in morbid, yet fun, ways
  • Puzzles that can only be solved by figuring out how to kill knights
  • Each knight you summon has his or her own unique name
  • Secrets and achievements including Jeff, the fuzzy side-challenge lurking in every level
  • A new, unique name for each knight summoned
  • Three worlds full of spike pits, lava, cannons, ice, and more
  • Speed-run times and death minimums to beat
  • A fresh look at dying in video games


Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie
Developer: Infinite Monkeys Entertainment Ltd.
Publisher: Infinite Monkeys Entertainment Ltd.

Release Name: Life.Goes.On-ALiAS
Size: 175.70 MB
Links: HomepageSteamNFONTiTPB


Agarest Generations of War Zero-RELOADED

RELOADED has released the new RPG game “Agarest Generations of War Zero” for PC. It is a tactical role-playing game developed by Compile Heart and Red Entertainment.

Description: Following hot on the heels of the number 1 top selling epic SRPG “Agarest: Generations Of War”, Ghostlight are proud to announce its prequel “Agarest: Generations Of War ZERO” bringing an enticing blend of in-depth strategy and epic multi-generational storytelling to Steam!

…From the void, the gods of darkness and light created Agarest, a most perfect and divine world. As the generations passed, paradise sadly fell to the ravages of time. War darkened the skies and Agarest soon became a torturous hell as the gods divided and immense armies clashed, desecrating the once beautiful land…


  • The Prequel to the RPG That Brought You Five Generations of Stories: The pivotal installment of the multi-generational tale tells the story of what happened in the age before Record of Agarest War, detailing the rise of some to glory, and the fall of others, into darkness.
  • Experience “Living Portraits”: The beautiful, static character portraits from Record of Agarest War are now animated to resemble living and breathing characters. Players will now see Sieghart display emotions of surprise, despair, and joy, among others.
  • The Return of the Unique Soul-Breeding System: Once again, the choice of bride at the end of the first generation further determines the skill sets and weapon of the offspring.
  • The Addition of the New Card Skill System: Players now have morecontrol over the battle style of the main character, as well as his skills, by way of a card system. By picking the appropriate cards, Sieghart can be customized to reflect the type of fighter one wishes to play.

Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Ghostlight
Developer: Idea Factory

Release Name: Agarest.Generations.of.War.Zero-RELOADED
Size: 4.99 GB
Links: HomepageSteamIGNNFONTiTPB


Wargame Red Dragon-CODEX

CODEX has released the new strategy game “Wargame: Red Dragon” for PC. It is an real-time tactics video game developed by Eugen Systems and published by Focus Home Interactive.

Description: The Wargame series returns to duty, larger, richer and more spectacular than ever before. In Wargame Red Dragon, you are engaged in a large-scale conflict where Western forces clash against the Communist bloc.

1991: the two blocs confront each other in a new theater of war, Asia, joined by various other countries: Japan, China, North Korea, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

You command the military resources of all 17 nations involved, assembling your fighting force from a phenomenal selection of 1,450 units that have been meticulously reproduced from their source! Command tanks, planes, helicopters, new warships and amphibious units in intense battles of unequaled tactical depth. Master the relief of varied, ultra realistic battlefields, dominate the new maritime areas and rewrite history in a conflict that has been directed and designed in stunning detail by development studio Eugen Systems.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Processor: AMD/INTEL DUAL-CORE 2.5 GHZ
  • Memory: 2048 MB RAM

Genre: Strategy
Developer: Eugen Systems
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

Release Name: Wargame.Red.Dragon-CODEX
Size: 11.97 GB
Links: Homepage – SteamNFONTiTPB


Off the Record The Italian Affair Collectors Edition v1 0-TE

TE has released the new hidden object game “Off the Record The Italian Affair Collectors Edition” for Windows.

Description: Enjoy a new episode in the Off the Record series! Are you willing to ditch your vacation plans to track down the most famous thief in Venice? He’s a slippery suspect who has outwitted the best police minds in Italy. You’ll soon discover that he won’t be easy to find even with your crack detective skills – because they don’t call him ‘The Fox’ for nothing…


  • Watch the behind the scenes video
  • Collect morphing animals and letters throughout the game
  • Earn special Achievements
  • Get soundtracks, wallpapers, screensavers, and concept art
  • Try the available Strategy Guide

Release Name: Off.the.Record.The.Italian.Affair.Collectors.Edition.v1 0-TE
Size: 1.29 GB
Links: HomepageNFONTiTPB Part1Part2 Part1Part2

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