Cubot-ALiAS + MacOSX/Linux

ALiAS has released the new puzzle game “Cubot” for Windows,MacOSX & Linux.

Description: At first sight, Cubot is a 3D puzzle-game with a minimalist gameplay, just move color cubes towards tiles of the same color. It’s really ease, but an important point in the gameplay is if you have multiple cubes, they move simultaneously! It will be a torture for your mind to complete all levels.


  • Easy gameplay, one finger is enough to move the cube where you want…that’s it!
  • Simplistic but not repetitive, several concepts are used to diversify puzzles but also to make them more complex. Like color cubes with different capacities or elements (buttons, elevators, color swappers, teleporters…).
  • The game and menus have a clean look to not disturb your concentration. In the same vein, the music is very soothing.
  • There are 80 levels in the game for several hours of playtime to keep you challenged.
  • The challenge increases level by level. but if you are stumped, help is available!

Release Names: Cubot-ALiAS
Size: 18.5 MB, 28.9 MB, 22.5 MB
Links: SteamNFONTiTPB


The Makers Eden Act 1 MacOSX-ACTiVATED + Linux

Group ACTiVATED has released the game “The Makers Eden Act 1″ for MacOSX & Linux platforms. Enjoy!

Description: The Maker’s Eden is a first-person hypertext adventure game presented in the style of a motion comic. You play a character trying to discover what their predefined purpose is, in a science fiction/noir inspired world filled with androids, flying cars and an early 20th century vibe.

The Maker’s Eden is a first-person slideshow style point and click adventure game in a retro-futuristic noir inspired setting, presented in the style of a motion comic. The focus is on story/narrative and you will learn about the world by talking to characters and examining your surroundings.


Your story begins inside a stasis pod, and you have no knowledge of who or what you are. You have been given no memories, so for all it seems, you are nobody… but why are people after you, and why do they want you dead? Can’t give away too much without spoiling, but there’s a deep layer of socio-political commentary surrounding your personal story.

Our challenge here was to present a slideshow style adventure game in a way that does not leave you feeling detached from the environment, so we’re building every hand-painted scene with a sense of depth created by layers and camera movement. Scenes are not static, we’ve added just enough environmental effects and animation to not break the comic-book style presentation.

Publisher: Screwy Lightbulb
Developer: Screwy Lightbulb
Genre: Adventure, Casual

Release Name: The.Makers.Eden.Act.1.MacOSX-ACTiVATED + Linux
Size: 255.95 MB / 257.13 MB
Links: HomepageSteamNFONTiTPB


Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition v2.0.0.85 Retail-CORE + MacOSX + Linux

Group CORE has released the latest version of the game “Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition” for Windows, MacOSX & Linux platforms. Enjoy!

Description: Duke Nukem, the politically incorrect celebrity and ultimate alien ass kicker, defends Earth and its babes from alien invasion. He is a can-do hero who realizes that sometimes innocent people have to die in order to save Earth, so accuracy of gun fire is not a real concern to him. This is the award-winning game that helped define the FPS genre and introduced unparalleled interactivity and a talking main character.
Take the fight to the aliens in Hollywood, Los Angeles, a moon base and alien spacecraft. Defeat the aliens, so Duke can get back to some R&R with a stogie, a warm belly and a bottle of Jack.
Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition is the DRM-Free version of this legendary shooter. It includes the fourth bonus episode, a new weapon, and enemies. On top of that, we give you over a 100 free Duke Nukem 3D ringtones, as an extra bonus!


The most legendary first person perspective shooter featuring Duke Nukem, one of the most iconic characters of all time

Memorable, cheesy, and just plain awesome one-liners

A wide variety of weapons, including the Shrink Ray and Duke’s Mighty Foot

Publisher: Apogee Software
Developer: 3D Realms Entertainment
Genre: FPS, Sci-Fi

Release Name: Duke.Nukem.3D.Atomic.Edition.v2.0.0.85.Retail-CORE + MacOSX + Linux
Size: 33.00 Mb / 21.84 MB / 33.13 MB


Sir You Are Being Hunted v1.3 MERRY XMAS-WaLMaRT + x64/Linux/MacOSX

Group WaLMaRT has released the game “Sir You Are Being Hunted” for Windows (32 & 64 bit), MacOSX & Linux platforms. Enjoy!

Description: Sir, You Are Being Hunted is a procedurally-generated British horror in which tweed-wearing robots hunt you for sport. Roam the landscape, scavenge for food, hide breathlessly in the undergrowth, flee in terror, and even fight back with stolen weapons.

Sir is a stealth and survival game unlike any other.


  • First-person stealth and survival.
  • Procedurally-generated British landscape.
  • Five biomes to explore: castle, industrial, rural, mountainous, and fenland.
  • Infinite replayability in a sandbox world.
  • Powerful, brutal AI that becomes tougher as you play.
  • Tea and biscuits.
  • Foliage-based stealth system.
  • Scavenge to survive.
  • Play as Sir or Madam.
  • Relentless Britishness.

Publisher: Big Robot Ltd
Developer: Big Robot Ltd
Genre: Action, Indie

Release Name: Sir.You.Are.Being.Hunted.v1.3.MERRY.XMAS-WaLMaRT + x64/Linux/MacOSX
Size: 203.32 MB / 204.22 MB / 231.67 MB / 235.89 MB
Links: HomepageSteamNFONTiTPB


Fat Chicken-PLAZA + MacOSX + Linux

PLAZA has released the game “Fat Chicken” for Windows . Enjoy
Update : Fat.Chicken.Linux-ACTiVATED : UPLOADED.NET
Fat Chicken is a REVERSE TOWER DEFENSE game where you fatten up farm animals for slaughter by pumping them full of hormones, overfeeding them and basting them with antibiotics to keep them alive so they’re worth more when you turn ‘em into tasty, tasty packaged meat…it’s what’s for dinner!


  • Huge Campaign – Work your way across the U.S. hitting 13 different locations and 26 challenging levels on your quest to climb the ranks and overthrow the Fat Chicken Meat Co.
  • Build your farm and staff up with hired hands to meet your Meat Quotas. Strategic Tower Defense gameplay has never been so “udderly” awesome.
  • Put your R&D department to work – Complete missions to unlock new equipment and tasty upgrades for your farm.
  • Hire farm hands and “heroes” to herd, help and heal your livestock, all in the name of faster production and more meat for the market.
  • Full Music Soundtrack – 17 original tracks from award winning composer Jason Graves, fresh off his success with the latest Tomb Raider reboot and the Dead Space series.

Publisher: Relevant Games
Developer: Mighty Rabbit Studios , Relevant Games
Genre: Action, Indie, Strategy

Release name: Fat.Chicken-PLAZA
Size: 381MB
Links: SteamNFONTi


Dustforce DX-DEFA + MacOSX + Linux

DEFA has released the game “Dustforce DX” for Windows , MacOSX and Linux . Enjoy

Clean up the world with style! As an acrobatic janitor, you are an adept force against dust and disorder. Leap and dash off walls and ceilings, and deftly traverse precarious environments. Cleanse each level swiftly and thoroughly to achieve mastery in this 2D sweep-’em-up platformer.


  • Over 75 levels varying in difficulty from elegant exploration levels to intense challenges for hardcore players.
  • Over 100 community-made levels included in their own area of the game.
  • Compete on the online leaderboard and instantly watch replays of every players’ best attempts.
  • Play against your friends with local multiplayer matches.
  • Roam through a myriad of beautiful environments accompanied by an original soundtrack.
  • Make your own worlds with the level editor, and seamlessly share and play them with the rest of the community.

Publisher: Hitbox Team
Developer: Hitbox Team
Genre: Action, Indie

Release name: Dustforce.DX-DEFA/Dustforce.DX.MACOSX-SMACKs/Dustforce.DX.LINUX-SMACKs
Size: 341MB/291MB/282MB

Download Windows: UPLOADED.NET
Download Linux: UPLOADED.NET

Crowntakers MacOSX-ACTiVATED + Linux

Group ACTiVATED has released MacOSX & Linux version of the game “Crowntakers”. Enjoy!

Description: In an ever-changing world, heroes are the only constants.

Dark times are imminent: the king’s abduction throws a once peaceful land into turmoil. Being the chosen one elected by the king himself through one of your dreams, you embark on an adventurous journey to free him from the hands of the evil duke and go down in history as the kingdom’s greatest hero. But time is of the essence…

Crowntakers combines turn-based strategy with RPG elements and takes you at the behest of the crown into a medieval fantasy world full of challenging encounters and epic adventures. With its randomly generated world, Crowntakers offers a varied gaming experience every time you set out to fight evil. As a hero on a mission, you’ll have to assemble a group of brave mercenaries to take on cruel enemies like barbarians, ferocious animals or deceitful thieves. Embark on challenging quests, gather vital resources and finally banish evil from the world.


  • Roguelike turn-based strategy meets RPG in a beautifully created fantasy world
  • On every game start the world is rebuilt with different environments and encounters; encouraging players to try different strategies
  • More than 4 diverse and procedural environments ranging from mountain passes to shadowy castles
  • Hire 9 individual mercenaries to take on bandits, wildlife and malevolent knights on a hexagonal battlefield. Utilise the unique class skills of the archer, wizard, scout and others
  • Gather resources, level-up your companions, collect mighty equipment and consume helpful potions to survive until your quest is complete
  • Alternative endings: will you save the king before the time runs out?

Publisher: Kasedo Games
Developer: Bulwark Studios
Genre: Indie, RPG, Strategy

Release Name: Crowntakers.MacOSX-ACTiVATED
Size: 229.21 MB
Links: HomepageSteamNFONTiTPB


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