Tropico 5 Linux-ACTiVATED

Linux release of Tropico 5 brought to us by scene group ACTiVATED, enjoy.

Return to the remote island nation of Tropico in the next instalment of the critically acclaimed and hugely popular ‘dictator sim’ series. Expand your Dynasty’s reign from the early colonial period to beyond the 21st Century, facing an all-new set of challenges, including advanced trading mechanics, technology and scientific research, exploration and for the first time in Tropico history – cooperative and competitive MULTIPLAYER for up to 4 players.


  • The Eras – Start your reign during colonial times, survive the World Wars and the Great Depression, be a dictator during the Cold War, and advance your country to modern times and beyond. From the 19th century to the 21st, each era carries its own challenges and opportunities.
  • The Dynasty – Each member of El Presidente’s extended family is present on the island and may be appointed as a ruler, a manager, an ambassador or a general. Invest in the members of your Dynasty to unlock new traits and turn them into your most valuable assets.
  • Research and Renovate – Advance your nation by discovering new buildings, technologies and resources. Renovate your old buildings to more efficient modern buildings.
  • Advanced trade system and trade fleet – Amass a global trade fleet and use your ships to secure trade routes to neighboring islands or world superpowers, both for export and import.
  • Explore your island – Discover what lies beyond the fog of war. Find valuable resource deposits and explore the ruins of ancient civilizations.
  • All new art – All artwork has been re-designed from scratch to provide Tropico 5 with a unique visual identity. Choose from over 100 buildings from each of the individual eras.
  • Cooperative and competitive multiplayer – Up to 4 players can build up their own cities and economies on any given island map. Players can choose to share resources, supplies and population or declare war on each other.

Publisher: Kalypso Media Digital
Developer: Haemimont Games
Genre: RPG, Simulation, Strategy

Release name: Tropico.5.Linux-ACTiVATED
Size: 2.35GB
Links: HomepageSteamNTiTPBNFO


Exosyphen Studios Hacker Evolution v3.12-OUTLAWS + MAC OSX + LiNUX

OUTLAWS with a new build released for Exosyphen Studios Hacker Evolution, there’s no changelog avaialble at this moment :( if you know what’s updated on this version, please post a comment :)

Hacker Evolution is a hacking simulation game, featuring unparalleled graphics and features.

You play the role of a former intelligence agent, specializing in computer security. When a chain of events sets off worldwide, leaving critical service disabled, you assume the role a computer hacker to find out what happened and attempt to stop it.

When a stock market, a central bank, satellite uplink and transoceanic fiber optics links crash, you know this is more then a simple event. Something big is behind all this, and you have to figure out what is it.

You hack into computers, look for exploits and information, steal money to buy hardware upgrades in an attempt to put all the pieces of a big puzzle together.

Set in a virtual operating system environment, the game is packed with all the features required to bring the hacker feeling and experience to every gamer.

The concept behind Hacker Evolution is to create a game that challenges the gamer’s intelligence, attention and focus, creating a captivating mind game. Solve puzzles, examine code and bits of information, to help you achieve your objectives.


  • Modding capability to allow the creation of custom levels
  • The included mod editor, allows you to create new game levels easily
  • Multiple interface skins
  • Complex levels and gameplay to guarantee the best experience
  • Optional freelance jobs to offer more variety
  • Complex command console with over 20 commands and tools

Publisher: exosyphen studios
Developer: exosyphen studios
Genre: Indie

Release name:
Size: 82MB / 76MB / 83MB
Links: HomepageSteamNTiTPBNFO

Download: : WindowsMacOSXLinux  -| : WindowsMacOSXLinux

Mountain v1.2-WaLMaRT + MAC OSX + LiNUX

For fans of the producer David O’Reilly (The External World …), know that it has released its first video game called Mountain, a simulator mountain… Haha :)

~ you are mountain – you are god ~

Ambient procedural mountain game, as seen on The Internet.


  • no controls – automatic save
  • audio on/off switch
  • time moves forward
  • things grow and things die
  • nature expresses itself

Publisher: Double Fine Presents, David OReilly
Developper: David OReilly
Genre: Casual, RPG, Simulation

Release name:
Size: 92MB / 95MB / 96MB
Links: HomepageSteamNTiTPBNFO

Download: : WindowsMacOSXLinux |-| : WindowsMacOSXLinux

Gateways v1.15-FAS + Mac/Linux

FAS & SPLATTER has released the newest build of indie game “Gateways” for Windows/Mac and Linux.

Description: From the creative mind behind The Adventures of Shuggy comes an exciting new retro-styled 2D platformer, a winner of Dream Build Play 2012 and a top 50 game of 2012 according to Game Informer.

Grab the gateway guns and explore a huge lab filled with mysterious puzzles in this classic platforming adventure. Use gateway technology to leap from one place to another, change size to explore small passages or defeat large enemies, walk on walls and ceilings to reach new areas and even travel in time to work together with past echoes of yourself.

Game Features::

  • Travel across a room instantly using gateways.
  • Change size using the resizing gateway gun.
  • Interact with your past echoes using the time travel gateway gun.
  • Walk on walls and ceilings using the rotation gateway gun.
  • Sprawling open-world design.
  • Use Gateway’s sophisticated help system to discover if you can solve a puzzle and even watch the solution played out in front of you.

Genre: Indie
Developer: Smudged Cat Games Ltd
Publisher: Smudged Cat Games Ltd

Release Names: Gateways_v1.15-FAS
Size: 36 MB, 51 MB, 53 MB
Links: HomepageSteamNFONTiTPB



New card game from peterhrdy, enjoy.

WolfWars is fantasy tactical strategy card game.
It may sound a bit weird, but we took & simplified rules from many other card games and created new concept so anyone on the planet can enjoy it.
It is not TCG/CCG game, but you will be able to build or edit your decks with available cards and heroes.


  • singleplayer (PVE)
  • cross platform multiplayer (2-4players)
  • simultaneous turns
  • realtime turns
  • co-op (1vs2, 1vs3 2vs2) (players vs players & players vs AI-bot)
  • mixed multiplayer with random AI (bot) during gameplay

Publisher: peterhrdy
Developper: peterhrdy
Genre: Action, Strategy, RPG, Massively Multiplayer, Casual

Release name:
Size: 180MB / 181MB
Links: HomepageSteam GreenlightNTiTPBNFO

Download: : WindowsLinux |-| : WindowsLinux

Evil Pumpkin The Lost Halloween-DEFA + MAC OSX + LiNUX

New point&click game for Windows, Osx & Linux, enjoy.

Meet Lemuel Barnabas. He is not a protagonist in our story, but just look at him – he’s scrappy and funny, talks to himself, likes music and long walks behind the bar. In a word – he is quite mad, but as mad as he is, he’s the one you come to for help. Help? What happened? You didn’t hear? Apparently there is this thing called Halloween. I know, I know, it sounds stupid. But there’s candy involved! Now I have your attention. The city of Dern is ostracized from the Halloween community. Everyone around you seem to know something about it, but you’re a boy, nobody is going to tell you. In this step away from the classic HO gaming take things into your own hands and find out whatever happened to Halloween.


  • Adventure and Casual mode, option to choose between point-and-click and hidden-object game
  • 10+ hours of gameplay
  • 6 chapters
  • Double inventory contains 3 types of objects: regular everyday stuff, the interactive objects which can be modified, and the Giztruments, tools that can be upgraded
  • RPG elements
  • Challenging puzzles/mini-games
  • Ludicrous comments
  • Imaginative characters
  • Unlockable achievements
  • Special collectable candies
  • Backyard enhancement project: side-quest, option to use candies and purchase Backyard elements

Publisher: Two Desperados
Developer: Two Desperados
Genre: Adventure, Casual

Release name:
Size: 861MB / 901MB / 887MB
Links: HomepageSteamNTiTPBNFO

Download: : WindowsMacOSXLinux |-| : WindowsMacOSXLinux

Papers Please v1.1.65-WaLMaRT + LiNUX

Scene group WaLMaRT release the last up to date build of this lovely indie game for both Windows & Linux, no changelog available :( Enjoy.

The October labor lottery is complete. Your name was pulled.
For immediate placement, report to the The Ministry of Admission at Grestin Border Checkpoint.
An apartment will be provided for you and your family in East Grestin. Expect a Class-8 dwelling.
Glory to Arstotzka

The communist state of Arstotzka has just ended a 6-year war with neighboring Kolechia and reclaimed its rightful half of the border town, Grestin. Your job as immigration inspector is to control the flow of people entering the Arstotzkan side of Grestin from Kolechia. Among the throngs of immigrants and visitors looking for work are hidden smugglers, spies, and terrorists. Using only the documents provided by travelers and the Ministry of Admission’s primitive inspect, search, and fingerprint systems you must decide who can enter Arstotzka and who will be turned away or arrested.

Publisher: 3909
Developer: 3909
Genre: Adventure, Indie

Release name:
Size: 30MB / 30MB
Links: HomepageSteamNTiTPBNFO

Download: : WindowsLinux | – | : WindowsLinux

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