Retrobooster v1.1-FAS

FAS & SPLATTER has released the newest build of action, indie game “Retrobooster” for Windows & Linux.

Description: Retrobooster is an exceptionally difficult 2.5D shooter, focused on skill-based flying and enemy blasting. Pilot your nimble thrust ship through bizarre worlds littered with vicious enemies. Each new level takes you farther from home and, ultimately, into the deadliest reaches of the galaxy. Retrobooster also has speed-flying challenges, puzzles, juicy monsters, a warped sense of humor, and a healthy dose of bullet hell action. Survive to the end if you can, and use your new flying skills to replay for high scores.


  • Classic thrust ship controls, plus reverse thrust
  • Detailed physics with plenty of death by crushing
  • 30+ levels (20+ hours of gameplay for most players)
  • Unlocked levels can be replayed any time
  • 10 weapons
  • 4 difficulty levels
  • Customizable controls
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse and keyboard
  • Game controller (Some popular controllers are recognized automatically)
  • Split-screen multiplayer for up to 4 players (no online multiplayer)
  • Cooperative and deathmatch multiplayer modes
  • Electronic soundtrack by Subatomicglue frontman, Kevin Meinert

Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Really Slick
Publisher: Really Slick

Release Names: Retrobooster_v1.1-FAS
Size: 183 MB, 184 MB
Links: HomepageSteamNFONTi


The Detail Episode 1 Where the Dead Lie MacOSX-ACTiVATED + Linux

ACTiVATED has released the Indie game “The Detail Episode 1 Where the Dead Lie” for MacOSX and Linux

Description: The Detail, a crime noir adventure in a modern American city.

We are combining the emotional impact of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead with the themes of a realistic crime drama like HBO’s The Wire, delivered with our own unique visual style inspired heavily by graphic novels. This is city where cases matter, clearance rates matter, and on a good day even justice matters.

Controlling the actions of a bitter veteran detective investigating a brutal gangland murder and a reformed criminal trying to protect his family, the player is forced to make tough choices and deal with the resulting consequences of those moral dilemmas. The gameplay focuses on storytelling through point n’ click gameplay mixed with interactive comics, and is completed by a professional audio track.


  • Multiple branching storylines driven by the player’s choices
  • Interrogate or be interrogated
  • Multiple playable characters
  • Run homicide investigations or run from homicide investigations
  • Balance between politics, justice and the law

Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: Rival Games Ltd
Publisher: Rival Games Ltd

Release Name: The.Detail.Episode.1.Where.the.Dead.Lie.MacOSX-ACTiVATED + Linux
Size: 528MB/529MB
Links: Homepage – Steam – NFO – NTi

Download Linux: UPLOADED.NET

Portal Linux-ACTiVATED

Group ACTiVATED has released Linux version of the game “Portal”. Enjoy!

Description: Portal™ is a new single player game from Valve. Set in the mysterious Aperture Science Laboratories, Portal has been called one of the most innovative new games on the horizon and will offer gamers hours of unique gameplay.

The game is designed to change the way players approach, manipulate, and surmise the possibilities in a given environment; similar to how Half-Life® 2′s Gravity Gun innovated new ways to leverage an object in any given situation.

Players must solve physical puzzles and challenges by opening portals to maneuvering objects, and themselves, through space.


  • Award-winning, innovative gameplay
  • The first first-person puzzle action adventure game
  • Two bonus games introduce new play challenges
  • Support for level editing and mod creation – build your own Portal puzzles
  • Hours of single player gaming

Publisher: Valve
Developer: Valve
Genre: Action

Release Name: Portal.Linux-ACTiVATED
Size: 2.21 GB
Links: HomepageIGNSteamNFONTi


Door Kickers v2.2.0.10 MacOSX Retail-CORE + Linux

Group CORE has released latest version of the game “Door Kickers” for both MacOSX & Linux platforms. Enjoy!

Description: Door Kickers is an innovative realtime strategy game that puts you in charge of a SWAT team and lets you command them during a tactical intervention.

Analyze the situation, plan team routes, choose equipment and breach points and coordinate multiple troopers to reach the hostage room before the bad guys get to press that trigger.

It may sound daunting, and like real world CQB combat, it sure is. But most levels can be completed in minutes and on the fly improvisation works. Achieving the perfect planning, getting the mission done with no false steps, that’s a skill harder to master.


  • 2D, Top Down for optimal tactical analysis
  • Real Time With Free Pause
  • No turns, no hexes, no action points or awkward interfaces
  • Realistic but action packed
  • Non-linear levels, freeform gameplay
  • Mission editor and modability
  • Unlimited gameplay via mission generator and level editor
  • Single Player (but MP might come later)

Publisher: KillHouse Games
Developer: KillHouse Games
Genre: Action, Indie, Simulation, Strategy

Release Name: Door.Kickers.v2.2.0.10.MacOSX.Retail-CORE + Linux
Size: 671.50 MB / 545.56 MB
Links: HomepageSteamNFONTi


The Shopkeeper-ALiAS + MacOSX + Linux

Group ALiAS has released the game “The Shopkeeper” for Windows, MacOSX & Linux platforms. Enjoy!

Description: The Shopkeeper – An Interactive Short

A desperate man needs to find the right antique to impress a rich relative, but his choice will have dreadful consequences. The Shopkeeper is a point-and-click narrative game set in a space between the Twilight Zone, classic Lucasarts adventures, and Antiques Roadshow.


  • Fully voiced (starring Jeff Ricketts (Buffy, Angel, Firefly, ST:Enterprise))
  • Graphic novel style graphics
  • Interactive short co-written by James Wallis (The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen & Once Upon A Time game)

Publisher: Mastertronic
Developer: Verse Publications
Genre: Adventure, Indie

Release Name: The.Shopkeeper-ALiAS + MacOSX + Linux
Size: 56.75 MB / 50.05 MB / 56.3 MB
Links: HomepageSteamNFONTiTPB


Cubot-ALiAS + MacOSX/Linux

ALiAS has released the new puzzle game “Cubot” for Windows,MacOSX & Linux.

Description: At first sight, Cubot is a 3D puzzle-game with a minimalist gameplay, just move color cubes towards tiles of the same color. It’s really ease, but an important point in the gameplay is if you have multiple cubes, they move simultaneously! It will be a torture for your mind to complete all levels.


  • Easy gameplay, one finger is enough to move the cube where you want…that’s it!
  • Simplistic but not repetitive, several concepts are used to diversify puzzles but also to make them more complex. Like color cubes with different capacities or elements (buttons, elevators, color swappers, teleporters…).
  • The game and menus have a clean look to not disturb your concentration. In the same vein, the music is very soothing.
  • There are 80 levels in the game for several hours of playtime to keep you challenged.
  • The challenge increases level by level. but if you are stumped, help is available!

Release Names: Cubot-ALiAS
Size: 18.5 MB, 28.9 MB, 22.5 MB
Links: SteamNFONTiTPB


The Makers Eden Act 1 MacOSX-ACTiVATED + Linux

Group ACTiVATED has released the game “The Makers Eden Act 1″ for MacOSX & Linux platforms. Enjoy!

Description: The Maker’s Eden is a first-person hypertext adventure game presented in the style of a motion comic. You play a character trying to discover what their predefined purpose is, in a science fiction/noir inspired world filled with androids, flying cars and an early 20th century vibe.

The Maker’s Eden is a first-person slideshow style point and click adventure game in a retro-futuristic noir inspired setting, presented in the style of a motion comic. The focus is on story/narrative and you will learn about the world by talking to characters and examining your surroundings.


Your story begins inside a stasis pod, and you have no knowledge of who or what you are. You have been given no memories, so for all it seems, you are nobody… but why are people after you, and why do they want you dead? Can’t give away too much without spoiling, but there’s a deep layer of socio-political commentary surrounding your personal story.

Our challenge here was to present a slideshow style adventure game in a way that does not leave you feeling detached from the environment, so we’re building every hand-painted scene with a sense of depth created by layers and camera movement. Scenes are not static, we’ve added just enough environmental effects and animation to not break the comic-book style presentation.

Publisher: Screwy Lightbulb
Developer: Screwy Lightbulb
Genre: Adventure, Casual

Release Name: The.Makers.Eden.Act.1.MacOSX-ACTiVATED + Linux
Size: 255.95 MB / 257.13 MB
Links: HomepageSteamNFONTiTPB


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