UPDATE : bad news : MODUKE > NotGTAV-ALiAS >contains.Standpoint. not.NotGTAV_ > ZoNeNET

UPDATE 2 : Here come the repacked release wich contain the good game : NotGTAV.REPACK-ALiAS 159MB ( NFODOWNLOAD )

This game is a parody.

It is definitely, positively and (hopefully) legally, not the game Grand Theft Auto Five.

Sure, it’s called NotGTAV, but those letters stand for Great Traffic Adventure and the V is silent. Like the one in “lawsuit” (which, you’ll notice, is also invisible).

This short tour of the glories of the UK’s M4 corridor is easy to play, hard to master, addictive, very funny, and cheap.

100% of the profits from this game go to young people’s charity Peer Productions. Without Peer Productions the NotGames team would never have met. By buying this game you can help us pay something back.

NotGames: Sticking it to the virtual man since about ten minutes ago.

Publisher: Not Games LLP
Developer: Not Games LLP
Genre: Indie

Release name: NotGTAV-ALiAS
Size: 333MB
Links: HomepageSteamNTiNFO



Kholat Update v1.01-CODEX

First update for this new horror game released by scene group CODEX, changelog is available here ,enjoy.

Developer: IMGN.PRO
Publisher: IMGN.PRO
Genre: Adventure, Indie

Release name: Kholat.Update.v1.01-CODEX
Size: 92B
Links: HomepageSteamNTiNFO


Prison Architect v33 ALPHA Win & Mac & Linux-OUTLAWS

OUTLAWS has released the new version of game “Prison Architect”. Enjoy!

Description: Build and Manage A Maximum Security Prison. Prison Architect is the world’s latest Prison Management Sim. Starting with an empty plot of land you must construct a holding cell with basic water and electricity to house your first batch of prisoners, to buy you enough time to create a proper cell block. You’ll need to hire some guards, get some showers built and unless the kitchen is up and running with chefs working away you’re going to end up with a riot on your hands. From there you take your prison in which-ever direction you like. A monsterous super-max or comfortable center for rehabilitation, the choice is up to you.

Prison Architect is currently in Alpha which means that the game is playable, but still in development. Not all features are implemented yet and there are many bugs that may affect gameplay. We are currently releasing monthly updated builds which include new features and bug fixes. By buying the alpha you will automatically be gifted a free copy of the full game when it’s finished.

Genre: Early Access, Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Publisher: Introversion Software
Developer: Introversion Software

Release Name: Prison.Architect.v33.ALPHA-OUTLAWS
Size: 127 MB; 128 MB; 131 MB


The Masterplan v1.0.1-ALiAS

ALiAS has released the updated version of game “The Masterplan”. Enjoy!

Description: The Masterplan is a tactical squad-based heist game set in 1970s. The 2D top-down view gives you a great overview of what’s happening at any given moment, allowing you to be a real criminal mastermind. Features hand-drawn 2D graphics and fun group control, granting you total control – at least until someone calls the cops and everything goes haywire.
During the game you’ll need to heist your way through 20 unique hand-crafted heists in a persisting career mode, manage your crew from heist to heist by hiring the right goons and by making sure they are properly equipped. A test of a true mastermind will be to execute the plan to perfection, keep the goons alive, and walk away with the maximum loot from each heist.
Depending on your preference, you can hit your targets loud, or in stealth, or a mix of both. Keep the civilians under control, knock them out, or leave no witnesses. It’s all up to you, just make sure you won’t be there when the cops arrive – or be ready for a brutal firefight.


  • Heist your target silently or go guns blazing – your choice (and your consequences)
  • Switch the game into Slow-Motion on demand, to give you time to plan and to give your orders
  • Control civilians and guards at gunpoint with the unique threaten system
  • Employ a variety of weaponry and gear, from pistols and bombs to shotguns and tranquilizer guns
  • Carry and hide bodies to avoid detection
  • Use disguises to infiltrate forbidden areas
  • Disable electrical systems
  • Manage your crew
  • Unlock and rob 20 unique heist locations, each allowing you to choose your own approach and play in a sandbox environment
  • Discover, plan, and execute the greatest heist in the history of mankind!

Genre: Action, Indie, Strategy
Publisher: Shark Punch
Developer: Shark Punch

Release Name: The.Masterplan.v1.0.1-ALiAS
Size: 129,83 MB


Legend of Grimrock 2 v2.2.4-DELiGHT + MAC OSX

Scene group DELiGHT with the latest build available for both Windows & MacOSX of this excellent rpg : LEGEND OF GRIMROCK 2. Changelog is available trough steam, enjoy.

Legend of Grimrock 2 is a dungeon crawling role playing game with a modern execution but an oldschool heart. A group of four prisoners have shipwrecked on the secluded Isle of Nex. The island is filled with ancient crumbled ruins, mysterious shrines and a vast underground network of dungeons and mines. If the prisoners wish to make it out alive, they have to overcome the challenges devised by the ominous mastermind of the island.

Powers of perception and logic are more important than sheer force is, since Legend of Grimrock 2 puts a heavy emphasis on exploration, survival and challenging puzzles. Discover powerful ancient artifacts from hidden secret chambers and buried treasures. Arm your champions, cast spells and craft enchanted potions and bombs to aid you in fighting the dreadful monsters in highly tactical real-time combat.

Design, share and play custom scenarios with the included Dungeon Editor! Create your own adventures and fill them with puzzles, traps, or even totally new items, monsters and environments with custom graphics and audio!

Get ready to venture forth and uncover the secrets of Nex!


  • Explore the wilderness and the dungeons of Isle of Nex: walk in ancient forests riddled with mysterious magical statues, fight the denizens of poison fuming swamps, dive in the Forgotten River in search of treasure, uncover secrets hidden deep below…
  • More than 20 hours of pure blooded dungeon crawling gameplay with grid-based movement and thousands of squares filled with hidden switches, pressure plates, secret doors, riddles, deadly traps and more.
  • Cast spells with runes, craft potions and bombs, fight murderous monsters with a large variety of melee-, ranged and thrown weapons, as well as firearms.
  • Create a party of four characters and customize them with 8 character classes, 5 races, and numerous skills and traits. Collect experience to hone their skills and discover improved equipment and magical artefacts.
  • 42 different kind of monsters including 30 new foes unique to Isle of Nex.
  • Play custom adventures created by others or make your own with Dungeon Editor.
  • More depth, variety and open ended exploration than in Legend of Grimrock 1. Enhanced AI, spell casting, puzzle mechanics and skill systems.

Publisher: Almost Human Games
Developer: Almost Human Games
Genre: Adventure, RPG, Indie

Release name:
Size: 737MB / 692MB
Links: HomepageSteamNTiNFO

Download: : WindowsMacOSX

Voyage to Farland v2.3.0.1-OUTLAWS

OUTLAWS has released the updated version of game “Voyage to Farland”. Enjoy!

Description: Voyage to Farland is a tough as nails turn-based graphical dungeon crawler inspired by the cult classic Japanese Mystery Dungeon games. A homeless wanderer enters the forested valley called Iya Gorge – a strange land filled with mystery, danger and frightful creatures possessing fell powers. In search of a lost sister, the wanderer takes on challenges in forests, dungeons, and caverns to defeat an evil witch who has kidnapped the local children.
But completing that quest is just the start, for beyond it lies the more daunting task, embarking on The Path of No Return, a brutal trail through catacombs and treacherous lands to reach the mythical place known to locals simply as “Farland”.
There, a fascinating surprise awaits our undaunted adventurer…
Highlights include procedural generation, emergent puzzles and a unique “kimokawa” (cute but creepy) art style to offer indie fans a game inspired by the hardcore 16-bit golden age of gaming.


  • replayability that will keep you busy for months to come
  • tons of monster types with devious abilities
  • starter dungeon and 4 unlockable themed dungeons
  • 4 NPCs you can recruit to help you fight
  • rescue codes to save and be saved by other players

Fun things you can do in Voyage to Farland:

  • get a pet robot you can level up
  • find the introverted outcast monster and make him your ally
  • go rafting in the Twilight Stream (spoiler alert!)
  • take on the challenge of the Strategy Dungeon
  • build weapon & shield enchantments and store gear in a warehouse

Genre: Adventure, RPG
Publisher: Peculiar Games
Developer: Peculiar Games

Release Name:
Size: 19,59 MB; 18,61 MB


Legends of Eisenwald Update v1.002-CODEX

CODEX has released the update v1.002 for the game “Legends of Eisenwald” for Windows . Enjoy

Soundtrack and artbook should be downloaded to those who got Knight’s Edition. Thank you for your patience and sorry for the delay!


  • Seidlitz name in the Prologue (this time for real!)
  • Bug with the quest of Martin Blaha
  • Potential error with killing a head of Fichtens
  • Olle von Blicksee gets respawned if killed
  • Autocombat crash playing with Mystic
  • Bug with restarting the scenario if there were no battles before
  • Possibly fixed bug with crashing when using any spell – those of you who had it please test and let us know.
  • Fixed personalization.
  • Fixed sounds and possibly crashes in the beginning: those with crashes in the beginning – please test and let us know.

Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG, Strategy, Early Access
Developer: Aterdux Entertainment
Publisher: Aterdux Entertainment

Release Name: Legends.of.Eisenwald.Update.v1.002-CODEX
Size: 23MB
Links: Homepage – Steam – NFO – NTi


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