The Swapper v1.24 MacOSX Retail-NOY

After the Windows release group NOY has released the MacOX version of the game “The Swapper”. Enjoy!

Description: Holder of numerous awards and accolades, the Swapper is an atmospheric puzzle platformer set in the furthest reaches of space. Players wield an experimental device able to clone the user and swap control between them. Dropped into a character and world as mysterious as the workings of the device itself, The Swapper is a game of exploration of a very personal nature.

All of the art in The Swapper is constructed using clay models and other everyday materials.


  • Challenge: Fiendish puzzles whose solutions are only ever a few steps away
  • Isolation: Classic sci-fi atmosphere
  • Wonder: A world built out of clay
  • Mystery: Narrative design from Tom Jubert, writer behind indie hits Penumbra and FTL

Publisher: Facepalm Games
Developer: Olli Harjola, Otto Hantula, Tom Jubert, Carlo Castellano
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie

Release Name: The.Swapper.v1.24.MacOSX.Retail-NOY
Size: 712.63 MB
Links: HomepageNFONTiTPB

Download: Oboom or, Uploaded

New York Mysteries Secrets of the Mafia Collectors Edition v1.0.0.1-TE

TE has released the new hidden object game “New York Mysteries Secrets of the Mafia Collectors Edition” for Windows.

Description: New York, 1955. It’s become dangerous in the city. The mafia is trying to seize power. But recently, a new force appeared. A far more terrible force. Over the last few days, five mafia bosses have disappeared in mysterious circumstances. A strange liquid and a butterfly were found at the scenes of the disappearances. But this isn’t what scared the citizens… Children started to disappear in the city. All of them drew exactly the same butterflies before they disappeared. This forced detectives and journalists alike to start their investigations.


  • A bonus chapter in the underground city
  • An integrated strategy guide
  • Collections, morphing objects, trophies, and bonus puzzles
  • Wallpapers, concept art, soundtracks and much more

Release Name: New.York.Mysteries.Secrets.of.the.Mafia.Collectors.Edition.v1.0.0.1-TE
Size: 865.17 MB
Links: HomepageNFONTiTPB


Home Sheep Home 2-FASiSO

FASiSO has released the new indie game “Home Sheep Home 2” for Windows.

Description: Join Shaun, Timmy and Shirley as they journey through over 60 levels of underground caverns, negotiate the busy streets of London and teleport through outer space all in search of the green, green grass of home. Use each sheep’s unique abilities to shove, leap, squeeze and swim your way through underground tunnels, abandoned mineshafts – and even evade the guards at Buckingham Palace!


  • WOOLY PUZZLE FUN: Home Sheep Home 2 retains the simple controls and tricky puzzles that made the first game so popular. Control Shaun, Timmy or Shirley and use sheep-teamwork to get to the end of each stage.
  • OVINE OBJECTIVES: Each stage is littered with collectables including smelly socks, cupcakes and even game controllers – but you’ll need to be top of the flock to collect them all! Think outside the box and use the special abilities of each sheep wisely to fully complete each level.
  • BAA BAA BONUS: Think you’ve mastered the game? Test your skills on some fiendishly difficult bonus levels, which provide a new take on some familiar stages! Show the world what you’re made of with leaderboards and achievements.
  • PUN-DEMONIUM: More sheep related puns than you can shake a lamb’s tail at.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie
Developer: Aardman Animations
Publisher: Aardman Animations

Release Name: Home_Sheep_Home_2-FASiSO
Size: 721.47 MB
Links: HomepageSteamNFONTiTPB



FTS has released a new game “Collapse” . Enjoy

In 2013 the Central Europe (Ukraine, Kiev) witnessed a catastrophe. Everybody was mystified by its cause. What happened was beyond peoples comprehension. Somebody called it the collision of worlds or the stratification of two dimensions. The major part of Ukraine turned into the zone of paranormal phenomena. Numbers of people were killed. Those who stayed alive and managed to leave the zone told improbable stories…the zone lived according to its own laws.


  • Fierce battles Fight and defeat incredible bosses using spectacular and effective system of fast-action commands. Finish your enemies with style.
  • Professionally choreographed moves There are various ways to deal with enemies at your disposal: dual-wielding swords, one- and two-handers, cluster weapon and a number of firearms. All moves are based on real-world fighting techniques and were captured using professional talent.
  • Intriguing, immersive story A highly detailed world where every character has his own skeletons to hide and reasons to fight. Experience a number of unexpected plot twists leading to a surprising conclusion.

Publisher: Creoteam
Developer: Buka Entertainment
Genre: Action

Release name: Collapse-FTS
Size: 2.67GB
LinksHomepage – NFOTPB

Download: Oboom( Part1 | Part2 | Part3 )
Download: Uploaded( Part1 | Part2 | Part3 )
Download: Rapidgator( Part1 | Part2 | Part3 )

The Journeyman Project Pegasus Prime Enhanced Anniversary Edition v2.0.0.3-TE

TE has relased the newest build of the game “The Journeyman Project Pegasus Prime Enhanced Anniversary Edition” . Enjoy

Description: Return to the spectacular origin of the acclaimed Journeyman Project series in this specially enhanced anniversary edition. Get primed for time travel as Agent 5, in a desperate mission to stop a mysterious terrorist behind a series of rips in the time-space continuum. Immerse yourself in a series of amazing worlds, encountering fascinating challenges and characters along your way. It s a non-linear race against the clock to stop the deadly temporal distortion waves before you and your world along with it become history!


  • Features all the rich worlds from the original award-winning adventure game, expanded with upgraded graphics and seamlessly integrated with full-motion video.
  • Dozens of puzzles and challenges with adjustable difficulty settings and assistance from online artificial intelligence at your disposal.
  • Incorporates “lost-features” from the unreleased Playstation version.
  • Immersive gameplay, fascinating characters, and a remastered soundtrack provide a dynamic experience.

Release name: The.Journeyman.Project.Pegasus.Prime.Enhanced.Anniversary.Edition.v2.0.0.3-TE
Size: 1.69GB
Links: HomepageNFOTPB

Download: Oboom( Part1 | Part2 )
Download: Uploaded( Part1 | Part2 )
Download: Rapidgator( Part1 | Part2 )

Contagion Update 1-RVTDOX

RVTDOX released the newest Update for Contagion on PC.

Release name: Contagion.Update.1-RVTDOX
Size: 671MB
Links: NFO | NTi | KAT

Download: | UPLOADED

Call of Duty Ghosts SP Update 11 and Crack-3DM

3DM has released the new update for game “Call of Duty Ghosts” . Enjoy


    • Added killstreak point rewards for KC, DOM and Grind game types to promote objective play:
    • KC: Half point rewarded for collecting tags.
    • DOM: Half point rewarded for changing a flag to Neutral, and another half point from neutral to Captured.
    • Grind: Half point rewarded for each tag banked.

Release name: Call.of.Duty.Ghosts.SP.Update.11.and.Crack-3DM
Size: 1GB
Links: NFONTi - TPB

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