The Eye of Spirit: Integral Vision by Ken Wilber -P2P

In this groundbreaking book, Ken Wilber uses his widely acknowledged “spectrum of consciousness” model to completely rewrite our approach to such important fields as psychology, spirituality, anthropology, cultural studies, art and literary theory, ecology, feminism, and planetary transformation. What would each of those fields look like if we wholeheartedly accepted the existence of not just body and mind but also soul and spirit?
In a stunning display of integrative embrace, Wilber weaves these various fragments together into a coherent and compelling vision for the modern and postmodern world.

The Eye of Spirit: An Integral Vision for a World Gone Slightly Mad by Ken Wilber-P2P
English | 456  pages | ePUB | 1  MB
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From Bacteria to Bach and Back by Daniel C. Dennett-P2P

One of America’s foremost philosophers offers a major new account of the origins of the conscious mind.
How did we come to have minds?
For centuries, this question has intrigued psychologists, physicists, poets, and philosophers, who have wondered how the human mind developed its unrivaled ability to create, imagine, and explain. Disciples of Darwin have long aspired to explain how consciousness, language, and culture could have appeared through natural selection, blazing promising trails that tend, however, to end in confusion and controversy. Even though our understanding of the inner workings of proteins, neurons, and DNA is deeper than ever before, the matter of how our minds came to be has largely remained a mystery.

From Bacteria to Bach and Back: The Evolution of Minds by Daniel C. Dennett-P2P
English | 496  pages | ePUB | 7.9  MB
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Websters Easy Learning Writing by Collins-P2P

Collins Webster’s Easy Learning Writing is an accessible guide to successful writing in the English language With clear, concise explanations of everything from the basics of sentence and paragraph structure, to writing resumes, letters and essays, this book is an indispensable guide for the language learner. Collins Webster’s Easy Learning Writing is the helpful guide to good written style. Covering areas such as sentence structure, punctuation and page layout, the English learner will truly appreciate the clear advice provided in this book. Each point is described in a user-friendly format that combines explanations with examples from modern English.

Collins Webster’s Easy Learning Writing by Collins -P2P
English | 320  pages | ePUB | 2.3  MB
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Effective Business Rajesh Nadipalli-P2P

A practical hands-on guide to improving your business with the power of BI and Quicksight
Immerse yourself with an end-to-end journey for effective analytics using QuickSight and related services
Packed with real-world examples with Solution Architectures needed for a cloud-powered Business Intelligence service

Effective Business Intelligence with QuickSight by Rajesh Nadipalli-P2P
English | 262  pages | ePUB | 11  MB
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Practical Google Jonathan Weber-P2P

Maybe you’re starting from scratch with a brand new Web site and wondering, “What’s the best way to go about implementing Google Analytics?” Even more likely, you’re scratching your head over someone else’s aging and completely undocumented implementation and wondering what it’s actually doing—and not doing. You need to turn things around.
The instructions for Google Analytics seem easy enough—just copy and paste this little snippet of code, right? But as Practical Google Analytics for Developers shows, using stale code won’t give you what you’re really after: who is visiting your site, what they want, and what their behavior reveals. After all, the more you know about your particular users, the better you can serve their needs and turn them into buyers.
Written by data evangelist and Google Analytics expert Jonathan Weber, this book offers foundational knowledge, a collection of practical recipes, well-tested best practices, and troubleshooting tips to get your implementation in tip-top condition.

Practical Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager for Developers by Jonathan Weber-P2P
English | 296  pages | ePUB | 5.1 MB
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Jesus and the Last Supper by Brant Pitre-P2P

Who did Jesus of Nazareth claim to be? What was his relationship to early Judaism? When and how did he expect the kingdom to come? What were his intentions? Though these key questions have been addressed in studies of the historical Jesus, Brant Pitre argues that they cannot be fully answered apart from a careful historical analysis of the Last Supper accounts. Yet these accounts, both by the Gospel writers and by Paul, are widely neglected by contemporary Jesus research.
In this book Pitre fills a notable gap in historical Jesus research as he offers a rigorous, up-to-date study of the historical Jesus and the Last Supper. Situating the Last Supper in the triple contexts of ancient Judaism, the life of Jesus, and early Christianity, Pitre brings to light crucial insights into major issues driving the quest for Jesus. His Jesus and the Last Supper is sure to ignite scholarly discussion and debate.

Jesus and the Last Supper by Brant Pitre -P2P
English | 604  pages | ePUB | 1.5  MB
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Healthy Is the New Skinny by Katie H. Willcox-P2P

We live in a world where beauty is everything. Society tells us that if we just looked a certain way, if we had the right products, if we were skinny enough, then we would be enough—we would have value. Society is wrong, but it took Katie H. Willcox years to understand this:

“Over the course of my 30 short years, I have both worked as a professional model and been the exact opposite of our culture’s beauty ideal. I have struggled with my weight and felt like I didn’t and never would fit in. Then I had a powerful realization: my misery and self-loathing didn’t change with my weight or how ‘pretty’ society thought I was, so my looks weren’t the source of happiness and worth that I had believed them to be. But then, what was? And how had I come to invest so much of myself in beliefs that were so untrue?”

Healthy Is the New Skinny: Your Guide to Self-Love in a “Picture Perfect” World by Katie H. Willcox -P2P
English | 312  pages | ePUB | 1.7  MB
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