Ethical Hacking by Sanjib Sinha-P2P

This book is intended for complete programming beginners or general people who know nothing about any programming language but want to learn ethical hacking. Ethical Hacking, by no means, is associated with any kind of illegal electronic activities. They always stay within laws.
Every step, from installing virtual machine to being anonymous, using VPN, penetration testing, foot-printing with Nmap, SQL injection, signal jamming and denial of service and brute forcing methods for cracking passwords is described with lots of screen-shot images in TWO VOLUMES.

Ethical Hacking: Learn Easy: Learn Ethical Hacking Basic in One Month (Computer Programming For Everybody : Learn Easy Series Book 2) by Sanjib Sinha -P2P
English | 144 pages | ePUB | 1.6 MB
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The Basics of Cyber Safety by John Sammons-P2P

The Basics of Cyber Safety: Computer and Mobile Device Safety Made Easy presents modern tactics on how to secure computer and mobile devices, including what behaviors are safe while surfing, searching, and interacting with others in the virtual world. The book’s author, Professor John Sammons, who teaches information security at Marshall University, introduces readers to the basic concepts of protecting their computer, mobile devices, and data during a time that is described as the most connected in history.

The Basics of Cyber Safety: Computer and Mobile Device Safety Made Easy by John Sammons -P2P
English | 254 pages | ePUB | 3.77 MB
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Salads and Dressings Made Easy by Dale Williams-P2P

With today`s healthy conscious concerns I decided to focus this book on eating healthy. One of the easiest ways to do that is creating salads that are fast and easy and there are no limits in regards to what you can make. At one time a salad was what you received at the beginning of your meal, now it has actually replaced the meal. With this book the combination of salads and dressings are endless. The dressings in this book are all interchangeable, to suit your healthy eating lifestyle. Enjoy. Dale Williams.

Salads and Dressings Made Easy: Over 50 Salads and Dressing Recipes by Dale Williams -P2P
English | 50 pages | ePUB | 700 KB
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DIY Fermentation by Rockridge Press-P2P

Simple DIY Ferments that Prove Homemade is Always Better. Fermentation has given us some of the food world’s most treasured delights, and with DIY Fermentation, making delicious probiotic foods in your own kitchen has never been easier. Accessible overviews of fundamental fermentation techniques and step-by-step recipes provide the basic skills you will turn to again and again as you experiment with nourishing ferments at home.

DIY Fermentation: Over 100 Step-By-Step Home Fermentation Recipes by Rockridge Press -P2P
English | 206 pages | ePUB | 1.8 KB
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Fixing the Food System by Steve Clapp-P2P

America’s broken food system has provoked an outcry from consumer advocates seeking to align food policies with public health objectives. This book examines both sides of the conflict for solutions.
• Traces the development of a national food policy proposed by food movement leaders
• Reveals the true cost of food and its toll on consumers and taxpayers
• Discusses the opposition against a national food policy from the agricultural-industrial complex
• Shows the effects of changing the current food system
• Analyzes efforts to fix the food system and the efforts to oppose them
• Introduces early food advocates who changed the food policy landscape

Fixing the Food System: Changing How We Produce and Consume Food by Steve Clapp -P2P
English | 180 pages | ePUB | 1.2 MB
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Caves of Power by Sergio Magana Ocelocoyotl-P2P

Many people across the world today are looking for their true selves. The ancient Mexicans viewed this true self as the ‘caves’, which referred to our spirit, instincts and subconscious. According to the Mexican tradition, we have seven caves of power, which are equivalent to the chakras, and healing these caves allows us to improve all areas of our lives.
In The Caves of Power, world-renowned Mexican healer Sergio Magaña unveils this almost lost and secret knowledge of the ancient Mexicans. He shares powerful practices for healing, rejuvenation, manifestation and enlightenment, which include: Mexican numerology, astral surgery, dream work, Mexican acupuncture, energy spinning and Mexican Kundalini techniques.

Caves of Power by Sergio Magana Ocelocoyotl -P2P
English | 224 pages | ePUB | 2.7 MB
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Online Privacy & Security by G.L. Francis-P2P

Today’s modern life is totally based on Internet. Now a day’s people cannot imagine life without Internet. Also, OSNs are just a part of modern life. From last few years people share their views, ideas, information with each other using social networking sites. Such communications may involve different types of contents like text, image, audio and video data. But, in today’s OSN, there is a very high chance of posting unwanted content on particular public/private areas, called in general walls. So, to control this type of activity and prevent the unwanted messages which are written on user’s wall we can implement filtering rules (FR) in our system. Also, Black List (BL) will maintain in this system. It can be used to give users the ability to automatically control the messages written on their own walls, by filtering out unwanted messages. The huge and dynamic character of these data creates the premise for the employment of web content mining strategies aimed to automatically discover useful information dormant within the data. What Is Anonymity and Is It Possible to Achieve It on the Internet.

Online Privacy & Security by G.L. Francis  -P2P
English | 106 pages | ePUB | 800 KB
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