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Black & Decker Working with Drywall: Hanging & Finishing Drywall the Professional Way by Editors of CPi-P2P

Hanging and finishing drywall is quite possibly the one job that do-it-yourselfers dislike the most. It’s messy, it’s tedious and even small imperfections appear glaring when the walls and ceilings are painted. Working with Drywall gives a fresh perspective on this maligned but essential task. It goes beyond the basics of installing drywall to reveal all the secrets any homeowners needs to know to transform “rocking and mudding” from a chore into a true pleasure.

Black & Decker Working with Drywall: Hanging & Finishing Drywall the Professional Way by Editors of CPi-P2P
2009 | pages: 160 | ISBN: 1589234774 | PDF/EPUB | 101.1 MB

Eloquent JavaScript, 3rd Edition by Marijn Haverbeke-P2P

Completely revised and updated, this best-selling introduction to programming in JavaScript focuses on writing real applications.

Eloquent JavaScript dives into the JavaScript language to show programmers how to write elegant, effective JavaScript code. Like any good programming book, Eloquent JavaScript begins with fundamentals–variables, control structures, functions, and data structures–then moves on to complex topics like object-oriented programming and regular expressions. This third edition introduces new features covering the 2017 version of JavaScript, such as class notation, arrow functions, iterators, async functions, template strings, and black scope. Author Marijn Haverbeke keeps the friendly tone and easy-to-follow explanations that made the original a hit, and he adds new exercises for readers to test their skills. Eloquent JavaScript will have readers fluent in the language of the web in no time, eloquently.

Eloquent JavaScript, 3rd Edition by Marijn Haverbeke-P2P
English | PDF/EPUB | 2018 | 447 Pages | ISBN : 1593279507 | 5.8 MB

Beginning C++ Programming-P2P

C++ has come a long way and is now adopted in several contexts. Its key strengths are its software infrastructure and resource-constrained applications, including desktop applications, servers, and performance-critical applications, not to forget its importance in game programming. Despite its strengths in these areas, beginners usually tend to shy away from learning the language because of its steep learning curve.

Beginning C++ Programming-P2P
English | April 24th, 2017 | ISBN: 1787124940 | 706 Pages | PDF true | 4.58 MB

Mastering Modern Linux, 2nd Edition-P2P

Mastering Modern Linux, Second Edition retains much of the good material from the previous edition, with extensive updates and new topics added. The book provides a comprehensive and up-to-date guide to Linux concepts, usage, and programming. The text helps the reader master Linux with a well-selected set of topics, and encourages hands-on practice.

The first part of the textbook covers interactive use of Linux via the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and the Command-Line Interface (CLI), including comprehensive treatment of the Gnome desktop and the Bash Shell. Using different apps, commands and filters, building pipelines, and matching patterns with regular expressions are major focuses.

Next comes Bash scripting, file system structure, organization, and usage. The following chapters present networking, the Internet and the Web, data encryption, basic system admin, as well as Web hosting. The Linux Apache MySQL/MariaDB PHP (LAMP) Web hosting combination is also presented in depth.

In the last part of the book, attention is turned to C-level programming. Topics covered include the

C compiler, preprocessor, debugger, I/O, file manipulation, process control, inter-process communication, and networking.

The book includes many examples and complete programs ready to download and run. A summary and exercises of varying degrees of difficulty can be found at the end of each chapter. A companion website provides appendices, information updates, an example code package, and other resources for instructors, as well as students.

Mastering Modern Linux, 2nd Edition-P2P

English | 2018 | ISBN-10: 0815380984 | 384 pages | PDF | 5 MB

Download: DouploadsNTi

The Book of Meme Law (Audiobook)-P2P

The greatest mystery about all human behavior has now been exposed.

Did you know there are two of you: one the individual (physical soulful self); the other, the social self (meme member). There is rarely a connection between the two.

Question: Ever wonder why:

Holidays and family reunions turn to chaos?

Countries war constantly?

Wealthy powerful executives ruin businesses and never pay the price?

Different races and cultures continually clash?

The religious, who “believe” in love, kill so often?

Cops murder citizens then go free?

Humankind does the same destructive things? Over and over again?

Answer: It’s meme law!

Now for the first time ever, understand how the world really works. You’ll be able to predict the next chapter. The book of meme law exposes:

Every major event in human history is controlled by “unseen” people at the center of the human social meme. They know meme law.
The book of meme law reveals these hidden people and the secret rules they follow. These same rules control your private life from behind a smoke screen often taking our homes and ruining our world!

If you’ve ever experienced your life and the world out of control, understand why, and take control!

Now for the first time ever, the biggest secret in history, “meme law”, is revealed!

The Book of Meme Law (Audiobook)-P2P

ASIN: B07FK5YBL5 | 2018 | MP3@64 kbps | 06:31:00 | 177 MB

Download: DouploadsNTi

Alternative Medicine – Medical School Crash Course [Audiobook]-P2P

AudioLearn’s Medical School Crash Courses presents Alternative Medicine

Written by experts and authorities in the field and professionally narrated for easy listening, this crash course is a valuable tool both during school and when preparing for the USMLE, or if you’re simply interested in the subject of alternative medicine.

The audio is focused and high-yield, covering the most important topics you might expect to learn in a typical medical school alternative medicine course. Included are both capsule and detailed explanations of critical issues and topics you must know to master alternative medicine.

The material is accurate, up to date, and broken down into bite-size sections. There is a Q&A and a key takeaways section following each topic to review questions commonly tested and drive home key points.

In this course, we’ll cover the following topics:

Traditional Chinese Medicine
Herbal Medicine Treatments
Nutritional Supplements
Immune Support Therapy
Acupuncture and Acupressure
Ayurvedic Medicine
Chiropractic Care
Stress Management
Fasting Therapies
Spiritual Healing
Unani Medicine
Massage Therapy

Also included is a comprehensive test containing the top 100 most commonly tested questions in alternative medicine with the correct answers.

AudioLearn’s Medical School Crash Courses support your studies, help with USMLE preparation, and provide a comprehensive audio review of the topic matter for anyone interested in what medical students are taught in a typical medical school alternative medicine course.

Alternative Medicine – Medical School Crash Course [Audiobook]-P2P

ASIN: B07FN6DRJN | 2018 | MP3@64 kbps | ~07:12:00 | 205 MB

Download: DouploadsNTi

Brain Games For Dummies-P2P

300 challenging puzzles to improve problem-solving skills and stimulate the brain
Studies have shown that puzzles like Sudoku, crosswords, cryptograms, and other “mental aerobics” can help reduce memory loss due to normal aging and minimize the risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases. Brain Games For Dummies features 300 fun mental exercises that will keep readers’ neurons firing: 100 crossword puzzles, 75 Sudoku puzzles, 50 word searches, 25 word scrambles, 25 cryptograms, 15 riddles, and 10 logic puzzles, along with complete solutions. Ranked by level of difficulty (easy, tricky, tough, and treacherous), these puzzles are a surefire way to boost mental fitness. The book’s portable trim size makes it perfect for playing on the go or during the commute home.

Brain Games For Dummies-P2P

2008 | ISBN:0470373784 | English | 432 pages | PDF | 22 MB

Download: DouploadsNTi

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