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Drawing Ideas: A Hand-Drawn Approach for Better Design-P2P

A primer for design professionals across all disciplines that helps them create compelling and original concept designs by hand–as opposed to on the computer–in order to foster collaboration and win clients. In today’s design world, technology for expressing ideas is pervasive; CAD models and renderings created with computer software provide an easy option for creating highly rendered pieces. However, the accessibility of this technology means that fewer designers know how to draw by hand, express their ideas spontaneously, and brainstorm effectively.In a unique board binding that mimics a sketchbook, Drawing Ideas provides a complete foundation in the techniques and methods for effectively communicating to an audience through clear and persuasive drawings.

Drawing Ideas: A Hand-Drawn Approach for Better Design-P2P
English | ISBN: 038534452X | 304 pages | 2013 | EPUB | 188 MB

The Interrogation Rooms of the Korean War by Monica Kim-P2P

A groundbreaking look at how the interrogation rooms of the Korean War set the stage for a new kind of battle—not over land but over human subjects

Traditional histories of the Korean War have long focused on violations of the thirty-eighth parallel, the line drawn by American and Soviet officials in 1945 dividing the Korean peninsula. But The Interrogation Rooms of the Korean War presents an entirely new narrative, shifting the perspective from the boundaries of the battlefield to inside the interrogation room. Upending conventional notions of what we think of as geographies of military conflict, Monica Kim demonstrates how the Korean War evolved from a fight over territory to one over human interiority and the individual human subject, forging the template for the US wars of intervention that would predominate during the latter half of the twentieth century and beyond.

Kim looks at how, during the armistice negotiations, the United States and their allies proposed a new kind of interrogation room: one in which POWs could exercise their “free will” and choose which country they would go to after the ceasefire. The global controversy that erupted exposed how interrogation rooms had become a flashpoint for the struggles between the ambitions of empire and the demands for decolonization, as the aim of interrogation was to produce subjects who attested to a nation’s right to govern. The complex web of interrogators and prisoners—Japanese-American interrogators, Indian military personnel, Korean POWs and interrogators, and American POWs—that Kim uncovers contradicts the simple story in US popular memory of “brainwashing” during the Korean War.

Bringing together a vast range of sources that track two generations of people moving between three continents, The Interrogation Rooms of the Korean War delves into an essential yet overlooked aspect of modern warfare in the twentieth century.

The Interrogation Rooms of the Korean War: The Untold History by Monica Kim-P2P
2019 | ISBN: 0691166226 | English | 452 pages | EPUB | 15 MB

Your Friend Forever, A. Lincoln by Charles Strozier-P2P

On April 15, 1837, a “long, gawky” Abraham Lincoln walked into Joshua Speed’s dry-goods store in Springfield, Illinois, and asked what it would cost to buy the materials for a bed. Speed said $17, which Lincoln didn’t have. He asked for a loan to cover that amount until Christmas. Speed was taken with his visitor, but, as he said later, “I never saw so gloomy and melancholy a face.” Speed suggested Lincoln stay with him in a room over his store for free and share his large double bed. Thus began what would become one of the most important friendships in American history.
Speed was Abraham Lincoln’s closest confidant, offering him invaluable support after the death of his first love, Ann Rutledge, and during his rocky courtship of Mary Todd. Lincoln needed Speed for guidance, support, and empathy. Your Friend Forever, A. Lincoln is a rich analysis of a relationship that was both a model of male friendship and a specific dynamic between two brilliant but fascinatingly flawed men who played off each other’s strengths and weaknesses to launch themselves in love and life. Their friendship resolves important questions about Lincoln’s early years and adds significant psychological depth to our understanding of the making of the sixteenth president.

Your Friend Forever, A. Lincoln: The Enduring Friendship of Abraham Lincoln and Joshua Speed by Charles Strozier-P2P
English |  History  |  PDF reader  | 10  MB

Download :  – Upload4earnNTi

The Real Lives of Roman Britain by Guy de la Bédoyère-P2P

An innovative, informative, and entertaining history of Roman Britain told through the lives of individuals in all walks of life
The Britain of the Roman Occupation is, in a way, an age that is dark to us. While the main events from 55 BC to AD 410 are little disputed, and the archaeological remains of villas, forts, walls, and cities explain a great deal, we lack a clear sense of individual lives. This book is the first to infuse the story of Britannia with a beating heart, the first to describe in detail who its inhabitants were and their place in our history.
A lifelong specialist in Romano-British history, Guy de la Bédoyère is the first to recover the period exclusively as a human experience. He focuses not on military campaigns and imperial politics but on individual, personal stories. Roman Britain is revealed as a place where the ambitious scramble for power and prestige, the devout seek solace and security through religion, men and women eke out existences in a provincial frontier land. De la Bédoyère introduces Fortunata the slave girl, Emeritus the frustrated centurion, the grieving father Quintus Corellius Fortis, and the brilliant metal worker Boduogenus, among numerous others. Through a wide array of records and artifacts, the author introduces the colorful cast of immigrants who arrived during the Roman era while offering an unusual glimpse of indigenous Britons, until now nearly invisible in histories of Roman Britain.

The Real Lives of Roman Britain by Guy de la Bédoyère(Bedoyere)-P2P
English |  History  |  PDF reader  | 9 MB

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Bergepanzerwagen by Thomas L. Jentz-P2P

Presented for the first time in any publication is the fascinating history of the Bergepanzerwagen based solely on original documents. These fully tracked armored recovery vehicles were developed as the German Panzers became heavier and harder to recover. Includes rare photos and accurate 1:35 scale multiview drawings illustrate two versions of the Bergepanzer 38, the Bergepanzer III, the Bergepanzer IV, the Berge-Panzer VI, and two versions of the Bergepanther (Ausf.D and Ausf.G)

Bergepanzerwagen: Bergepanzer 38 to Bergepanther (Panzer Tracts No.16) by Thomas L. Jentz-P2P
English |  History  |  PDF reader  | 17  MB

Download :  – Upload4earnNTi

Documents of the Christian Church by Chris Maunder-P2P

This selection of writings from the most important moments in the history of Christianity has become established as a classic reference work, providing insights into 2000 years of Christian theological and political debate.
While retaining the original material selected by Henry Bettenson, Chris Maunder has added a substantial section of more recent writings. These illustrate the Second Vatican Council; the theologies of liberation; Church and State from ‘Thatcher’s Britain’ to Communist Eastern Europe; Black, feminist, and ecological theology; ecumenism; and inter-faith dialogue. The emphasis on moral debate in the contemporary churches is reflected in selections discussing questions about homosexuality, divorce, AIDS, and in-vitro fertilization, amongst other issues.

Documents of the Christian Church by Chris Maunder-P2P
English |  History  |  PDF reader  | 960 KB

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The Free Society in Crisis by David Selbourne-P2P

Critiquing assumptions on both the left and the right, noted historian of ideas and political theorist David Selbourne stresses the importance of shared community and civic duty.
How stable are free societies today? This book argues that they are under threat from “market free-choice” and “moral free-choice,” two sides of the same coin that between them, the author warns, threaten to tear civil society apart. Market free-choice is the prevailing economic ideology that gives free reign to market forces, even when they ride roughshod over communities and whole nations. Moral free-choice, the other side of the coin, is the notion of individual rights without any sense of civic responsibility. The result of such ultra-individualism in economic and moral practice is the malaise we find ourselves in today: a lost sense of place, community, and belonging, as well as dismissiveness and unawareness of the lessons of the past.

The Free Society in Crisis: A History of Our Times by David Selbourne-P2P
English |  History  |  ePUB reader  | 1  MB

Download :  – Upload4earnNTi

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