The Independent Guide to Ebay 2015-P2P

This guide is designed to take you through the basics of eBay as a buyer or seller and how to be successful in the process. From the tricks to getting the best bargains and ways of maximising the amount of money you make, we have got page after page of expert help and advice. We have also checked out an abundance of downloads, apps and services to help you with your eBaying. Crammed with essential tips, this independent guide will tell you everything you need to know to do your bank balance the world of good!

Release name: The Independent Guide to Ebay 2015-P2P
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History of the World in 1,000 Objects by DK Publishing-P2P

From the watch Napoleon used to synchronize with his generals at Waterloo and Chinese David vases believed to be the oldest example of blue and white porcelain to the US Constitution and the Mayan Dresden codex, the oldest book written in the Americas, History of the World in 1,000 Objects provides a completely fresh perspective on the history of the world. With objects revealing how our ancestors lived, what they believed and valued, and how these items helped shape civilization, History of the World in 1,000 Objects contains a treasure trove of human creativity from earliest cultures to the present day. Objects are grouped chronologically, under key themes, from art to the history of technology, and together help paint a unique picture that provides detailed insight into each culture.

History of the World in 1,000 Objects by DK Publishing
English | 2014 | ISBN: 1465422897 | 480 pages | PDF | 183 MB

The Digital Photography Book, Volume 5 2014-P2P

Scott Kelby, author of the top-selling digital photography book of all time, is back with an entirely new book in his popular series that picks up right where part 4 left off. It’s more of that “Ah ha—so that’s how they do it,” straight-to-the-point, skip-the-technojargon stuff you can really use today that made part 1 so successful.

Here, in part 5, he gives you what you’ve been waiting for: an entire book of nothing but those amazing photo recipes. But, he took it up a big notch by adding a behind-the-scenes photo for every single recipe. Now you can see exactly how it was done, so you can get that exact same look every time.

The Digital Photography Book, Volume 5 2014-P2P
English | ISBN-13: 978-0133856880 | PDF | 250 pages | 19 MB
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Beginning Programming with Python For Dummies 2014-P2P

Python is one of the fastest growing programming languages, and no wonder. It requires three to five times less time than developing in Java, is a great building block for learning both procedural and object-oriented programming concepts, and is an ideal language for data analysis. Beginning Programming with Python For Dummies is the perfect guide to this dynamic and powerful programming language—even if you’ve never coded before! Author John Paul Mueller draws on his vast programming knowledge and experience to guide you step-by-step through the syntax and logic of programming with Python and provides several real-world programming examples to give you hands-on experience trying out what you’ve learned.

Beginning Programming with Python For Dummies 2014-P2P
2014 | English | 408 pages | PDF | 10 MB
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Incredible Vegetables From Self-Watering Containers-P2P

Shiny green cucumbers; firm, juicy tomatoes; baby lettuces handpicked one salad at a time these are the tasty benefits of the backyard vegetable garden. But earth gardens are a lot of work. They require a plot of plantable land and a significant time commitment to sowing, watering, weeding, and tending each plant.

Is there a solution? Self-watering containers allow vegetable gardeners from the casual weekender interested in a tomato plant or two to the very dedicated gardener with limited space to grow richly producing plants in a controlled, low-maintenance environment.
Lifelong gardener Ed Smith became fascinated with the possibilities of self-watering containers and began testing dozens of vegetables in various containers, experimenting with nutrients, soil mixtures, plant varieties, and container positioning. Now Smith is here to tell gardeners that anyone can grow and enjoy wonderful organic vegetables, using pots with continuous- flow watering systems.

Smith shares advice on choosing appropriate containers, how to provide balanced nutrition using his secret soil formula, and what additional tools benefit the container gardener. The reader will also find advice on starting from seed versus buying plants, which vegetables thrive in containers and which might be a bit more challenging, along with space-saving tips on pairing plants in single containers. After the last green tomato has been picked and is ripening on the windowsill, Smith wraps everything up with a chapter on fall clean-up and preparing for next spring. Now there s really no excuse for store-bought tomatoes!

Incredible Vegetables From Self-Watering Containers-P2P
Edward C. Smith | English | 272 pages | ISBN, 1580175562, 978-1580175562 | PDF | 163 MB
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Hacking Electronics: An Illustrated DIY Guide for Makers and Hobbyists-P2P

Who needs an electrical engineering degree? This intuitive guide shows how to wire, disassemble, tweak, and re-purpose everyday devices quickly and easily. Packed with full-color illustrations, photos, and diagrams, Hacking Electronics teaches by doing–each topic features fun, easy-to-follow projects. Discover how to hack sensors, accelerometers, remote controllers, ultrasonic rangefinders, motors, stereo equipment, microphones, and FM transmitters. The final chapter contains useful information on getting the most out of cheap or free bench and software tools.

Hacking Electronics: An Illustrated DIY Guide for Makers and Hobbyists-P2P
English | 2013 | ISBN-10: 0071802363 | 274 pages | PDF | 16 MB
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CorelDRAW X7: The Official Guide 2014-P2P

CorelDRAW X7: The Official Guide shows you how to create photorealistic illustrations, lay out text and graphics, import and edit photos, add special effects to vector art and photos, and transform 2D objects into 3D artwork. You’ll also get expert tips for printing work that matches what you’ve designed on your monitor. Step-by-step tutorials based on downloadable sample files let you learn by doing.

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