MediaMonkey Gold v4.1.6.1725 Beta – P2P

Group CORE has released the latest version of the windows application “MediaMonkey Gold”. Enjoy!

Description: MediaMonkey is an easy-to-use organizer for serious music collectors. It catalogs your CDs, MP3, WMA, and OGG audio tracks, and looks up and intelligently tags and renames/reorganizes them. MediaMonkey rips CDs, converts audio file formats, and easily creates mixes. MediaMonkey integrates with Nero for CD Burning, and with Winamp for playback. MediaMonkey even includes a built-in player that supports hundreds of Winamp plug-ins, and automatically adjusts volume levels so that you don’t have continually fiddle with the volume control. MediaMonkey is a software that will play, ripp and organize your music collection.


  • Manage 100,000+ music and video files without bogging down.
  • Record CDs and download music, movies, and podcasts.
  • Automatically lookup and intuitively tag album art, lyrics and other metadata.
  • Manage any audio / video genres: Rock, Classical, Audiobooks, Podcasts, Home movies, tv, etc.
  • Play MP3s and other audio formats, and never again worry about varying volume.
  • Create playlists and let Auto-DJ & Party Mode take care of your party.
  • Sync Android, iPhone, iPod, iPad & others, converting & leveling tracks on-the-fly.
  • Share via DLNA and convert MP3s, M4A, OGG, FLAC, WMA, MP4, AVI, and WMV to support most devices.

Release Name: MediaMonkey Gold v4.1.6.1725 Beta – P2P
Size: 14.72 MB
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BlackMagic Design Davinci Resolve v11.1.3 – P2P

P2P group has released latest version of the application “BlackMagic Design Davinci Resolve”. Enjoy!

Description: DaVinci Resolve 11 combines the world’s most advanced color corrector with professional multi track editing, so now you can edit, color correct, finish and deliver all from one system! Davinci Resolve is completely scalable and resolution independent so it can be used on set, in a small studio or integrated into the largest Hollywood production pipeline! Only DaVinci Resolve features the creative tools, compatibility, speed and legendary image quality you need to manage your entire workflow, which is why it is the number one solution used on Hollywood feature films.


  • The world’s most advanced grading tools.
    DaVinci color correctors have been the standard in post production since 1984. There are thousands of colorists worldwide who understand the performance, quality and workflow of DaVinci. DaVinci Resolve features unlimited grading with the creative tools colorists need and incredible multi GPU real time performance.
  • Collaborate with over 70 new editing features!
    DaVinci Resolve 11 includes over 70 new editing features including an amazing new collaborative workflow that lets multiple people work together on the same timeline at the same time.
  • Scalable power and real time performance.
    DaVinci Resolve is scalable and supports multiple GPUs all working together as found in the new MacPro, as well as the latest Windows and Linux computers.
  • Ensure complex jobsare well organized.
    Saving and managing media is a critical part of every project! DaVinci Resolve’s new clone tool will back up your valuable camera files on location so you can check your footage before striking the set!
  • Finish and deliver tovirtually any format!
    Whether you’re creating a master for TV release, a digital cinema package for theatrical distribution or finishing for delivery over the internet, DaVinci Resolve includes powerful delivery options for versioning,
  • The world’s most compatible post production solution!
    Move projects between your favorite NLE and VFX software! DaVinci Resolve can share sequences and round trip projects with Final Cut Pro X, Media Composer, Adobe® Premiere Pro® CC and more!

Release Name: BlackMagic Design Davinci Resolve v11.1.3 – P2P
Size: 214.32 MB
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Master PDF Editor v2.2.05 – P2P

P2P group has released latest version of the application “Master PDF Editor”. Enjoy!

Description: Our robust and rich set of features includes the full support of PDF and XPS files, import/export PDF pages into JPG, TIFF, PNG, or BMP formats, converting XPS into PDF and vice versa, and 128 bit encryption. You can also add various controls such as buttons, text fields, checkboxes and more, as well as implement event handlers for predefined user actions such as pressing, clicking, hovering, and scrolling. Powerful commenting tools like Sticky Note and Stamp, as well as enhanced editing capabilities packed in the StrikeOut, Underline, and Highlight functions will make your work easier than ever.


  • Edit PDF text, images and pages with full editing features
  • Create new PDF and XPS files or edit existing ones.
  • Add and/or edit bookmarks in PDF files.
  • Encrypt and/or protect PDF files using 128 bit encryption.
  • Convert XPS files into PDF.
  • Add PDF controls (like buttons, checkboxes, lists, etc.) into your PDFs.
  • Import/export PDF pages into commong raphical formats including BMP, JPG, PNG, and TIFF.
  • Split and merge PDF files.
  • Adding a digital signature and Signing PDF Documents
  • Fast and simple PDF forms fill out
  • Changing font attributes (size, family, color etc)

Release Name: Master PDF Editor v2.2.05 – P2P
Size: 15.96 MB
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YoWindow Unlimited Edition v4 Build 22 RC – P2P

P2P group has released latest version of the application “YoWindow Unlimited Edition”. Enjoy!

Description: YoWindow – advanced utility to display the weather forecast, it is unusual and unique program with the help of it you may not be looking at the numbers to determine the weather, because all the weather conditions are displayed on a beautiful image exactly to the location of the sun. All the weather in the picture whether it is real – clouds, rain, snow, fog, grass moves with the wind. Picture living my virtual life and displays the actual data from natural phenomena and the change of day to night.


  • Full control over the weather.
  • Watch the weather forecast was for a time at which you need.
  • The current temperature is near the system clock.
  • Personal support weather

Release Name: YoWindow Unlimited Edition v4 Build 22 RC – P2P
Size: 14.01 MB
Links: HomepageNFONTiTPB


4Videosoft Blu-ray Player v6.1.38 Multilanguage-P2P

P2P group has released the latest version of “4Videosoft Blu-ray Player”.

Description: 4Videosoft Blu-ray Player is the best Blu-ray/video playing software. It can freely play all the Blu-ray movies including the latest Blu-ray discs on PC. This professional Blu-ray Player can not only play the Blu-ray disc, but also can play Blu-ray folder and ISO file with high video/audio quality.



  • Play Blu-ray disc/Blu-ray folder/ISO file on PC
  • Play any popular video files
  • Enjoy the 1080p HD video freely and smoothly

Release Name: 4Videosoft.Blu-ray.Player.v6.1.38.Multilanguage-P2P
Size: 36.1 MB
Links: HomepageNFONTiTPB


Trillian 5 Pro for Windows v5.5.0.19-TE

TE has released the newest build of Trillian 5 Pro For Windows.

Description: Trillian Pro is a very powerful communications tool that includes a huge number of features to enhance your IM experience, creating infinite possibilities during your journey on the Internet. Whether you’re a user tangled by the complexity of using more than one network, a user who is using only one messenger looking for a better experience, or an Internet user looking for an efficient way to stay updated with the world, Trillian Pro is designed for you. Instant messaging is the most convenient means of communications on the internet today, filling an important niche between a phone call and e-mail; it’s fast, and not too intrusive. Users connect to a central server which allows real time message delivery to and from other users. These messages will utilize graphics, text and even streaming video to make the IM experience stronger. However, there are more than four different major messaging media currently in widespread use, which separates everyone and complicates this convenient way of communication. Trillian will “instantly” solve the problem! Trillian Pro is a very powerful communications tool that includes a huge number of features to enhance your IM experience, creating infinite possibilities during your journey on the Internet.


  • Basic Messaging
  • SecureIM
  • Privacy Settings
  • File Transfers
  • Direct Connections
  • Group Conferences
  • Display Pictures
  • Real-time Video Chat
  • Real-time Audio Chat
  • Integrated Web Searching
  • Instant Lookup
  • And much more…

Release Name: Trillian.5.Pro.for.Windows.v5.5.0.19-TE
Size: 16 MB
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Spyrix Personal Monitor v6.5.5 Multilanguage – P2P

P2P group has released latest version of the application “Spyrix Personal Monitor”. Enjoy!

Description: Spyrix Personal Monitor – hidden monitoring of computer and Internet activity of children and staff through a remote web account as a gift from any place and on any device c.

Spyrix Personal Monitor is a powerful multifunctional program for complete and detailed REMOTE MONITORING of user activity. It can monitor keyboard (Keylogger) activity, activity on social networks (Facebook, MySpace etc.), web-surfing, Skype, IM Messengers (ICQ, MSN etc.), running and active applications, printing activity and external storages (USB, CD, DVD, HDD, memory cards). The program allows conducting control remotely no matter where you are located by sending logs to your email, FTP or LAN and viewing logs from your account online. It can not be detected by computer users and antivirus programs. The program is perfect for parental control and controlling employees.

Remote Monitoring of all activities on your PC: keystrokes (keylogger), passwords, screenshots, social networks monitoring including Facebook, MySpace, Google+

Release Name: Spyrix Personal Monitor v6.5.5 Multilanguage – P2P
Size: 18.04 MB
Links: HomepageNFONTiTPB


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