Lynda – Advanced Color Workflows for Photographers-P2P

P2P group has released the tutorial “Advanced Color Workflows for Photographers” from

Description: In photography, a color-managed workflow makes it easier to obtain consistent-looking color in every phase of the process: when you’re editing photos on screen, printing them on an inkjet printer, or having them printed by a commercial lab.
In this course, Joe Brady builds on his Color Management Fundamentals course, focusing on color-management issues of specific interest to photographers. After a review of digital-color concepts, the course explores creating color profiles for each device in the digital photography workflow, from monitor to printer, to camera. Joe demonstrates the tools and techniques behind color profiling, even covering tablets—ideal for photographers using iPads or Android tablets as wireless remote controls.

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Mastering 3D Printing LiveLessons (Video Training)-P2P

Group P2P has released tutorial “Mastering 3D Printing LiveLessons”. Enjoy!

Mastering 3D Printing LiveLessons teaches the fundamentals of 3D printing, including how to design objects using free, open source 3D modeling software and use a consumer-grade desktop 3D printer to turn a 3D model into a physical object.
In this video training, you learn how to master 3D printing and move from ideas to objects! Dave Seff starts with coverage of how 3D printers work and then shows how to create a 3D model (beginner and advanced lessons), slice (prepare for printing), and then print a 3D model. Seff also covers troubleshooting problems when they arise.

Release Name: Mastering.3D.Printing.LiveLessons.(Video.Training)-P2P
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Download: – – – (Single Links) Adapting a Print Layout for Digital Publishing-QUASAR

Scene group (QUASAR) has released the tutorial “Adapting a Print Layout for Digital Publishing” from

Description: Learn how to convert documents and files originally intended for print into optimized digital formats such as EPUB, interactive PDF, HTML, or a Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) file. In this course, author Mike Rankin shows you how to choose the best format for your project, make any necessary layout or content changes using Adobe InDesign, and ensure your images and other assets are licensed for digital use. Plus, learn best practices for scanning text, photos, and illustrations, and discover how to enrich your digital publications with video. This course provides a step-by-step workflow that will help you stay organized and get the best results from your conversion.

Topics include:

  • Choosing the right format
  • Evaluating assets
  • Making design and editorial decisions
  • Scanning assets
  • Adjusting layouts
  • Adding new media

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Download: Blender UV Mapping-QUASAR

Scene group (QUASAR) has released the tutorial “Blender UV Mapping” from

Description: How can you apply two-dimensional images to your 3D models? With UV mapping! Darrin Lile begins this course by discussing what UV maps are and why they are important for adding textures to your models. Next, he goes over the various tools for projecting and editing UV maps in Blender—an open-source 3D graphics program with a professional-grade toolset. Want to work directly on your textures? Darrin shows how to export your UV maps for further refinement in programs like Photoshop. Finally, Darrin demonstrates how to apply these tools to a series of increasingly complex 3D models: hard-surface objects in an alley scene and the more organic shapes in a character. By the end of this course you should have a firm understanding of the essential concepts, tools, and processes of UV mapping in Blender, so you can begin adding image textures to your own 3D models.

Topics include:

  • What is a UV map?
  • Working with seams and stretching
  • Stitching UVs
  • Exporting a UV map
  • UV mapping a complete scene
  • UV mapping a character

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Download: The Traveling Photographer Dubai-QUASAR

Scene group (QUASAR) has released the tutorial “The Traveling Photographer Dubai” from

Description: Dubai is a photographer’s dream, a glittering city filled with dizzyingly tall buildings, beautiful mosques, and a diverse mix of people and cultures. The city is also home to Gulf Photo Plus, an annual event that attracts some of the world’s top photography educators.

It all adds up to a great reason to visit the United Arab Emirates, and that’s what photographer and Strobist publisher David Hobby does in this installment of his series, The Traveling Photographer. Join David as he photographs Dubai’s places and people, visiting with local photographers and sharing tips for getting around, finding the best photo opportunities, and—at least as important—staying hydrated in this desert city.

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Pluralsight Introduction to VMware vCloud Automation Center vCAC-QUASAR

Group QUASAR has released Lynda’s tutorial “Introduction to VMware vCloud Automation Center vCAC”. Enjoy!

Description: This course covers the basics of vCloud Automation Center, including features and functions, components, use cases, and architecture.

This course is an introduction to VMware’s vCloud Automation Center, which is an automation and self-service platform for enterprise infrastructures. It helps to provide ITaaS, federate workloads, and enable the orchestration of common tasks and delivery items. This course will go through the individual components that make up vCAC and the purposes they serve. It will also look at interactions between the components as well as external integrations for provisioning, resource management, and reporting. Additionally, we will look at how vCAC fits into overall enterprise vSphere deployments and some common use cases. Finally, an architecture and deployment overview will serve as a lead into the upcoming Part 2 of this topic which will be an install/configure course.

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Pluralsight The Essentials of the Windows Runtime-QUASAR

Group QUASAR has released Lynda’s tutorial “Pluralsight The Essentials of the Windows Runtime”. Enjoy!

Description: This course will help you understand the WinRT relationship to COM and how modern C++ is used to implement a class-based component abstraction on top of traditional COM interfaces.

This course gives a practical introduction to the Windows Runtime (WinRT), the foundational technology that underpins the future of the Windows API. You’ll learn what lies beneath the different language projections, how WinRT relates to COM and .NET, and how to implement COM and Windows Runtime classes with modern C++, Windows Runtime strings, and Windows Runtime components developed in Standard C++.

Release Name: Pluralsight.The.Essentials.of.the.Windows.Runtime-QUASAR
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