Lynda com Podcasting Business and Law-ELOHiM

ELOHiM has released the new tutorial “Podcasting Business and Law” from Lynda. Enjoy! :)

Description: Podcasting is a great way to express yourself and connect with fans, but problems can arise when you’re discussing provocative people and controversial issues (or using someone else’s copyrighted content). In this course, author Rich Stim covers the legal and business issues associated with podcasting. He covers what you can and can’t use in your podcasts—to stay on the right side of the law. Rich also explains how to avoid disputes over your podcast, and addresses concerns about running a podcast business: generating an income, branching out when you need to hire help, paying taxes, and protecting your content with trademarks and copyrights.

DISCLAIMER: This course is taught by an attorney (or other instructor) and addresses US law concepts that may not apply in all countries. Neither LinkedIn (including nor the instructor represents you and they are not giving legal advice. The information conveyed through this course is akin to a college or law school course; it is not intended to give legal advice, but instead to communicate information to help viewers understand the basics of the topic presented. The views (and legal interpretations) presented in this course do not necessarily represent the views of LinkedIn or

Topics include:

  • Choosing the right name for your podcast
  • Using music and interviews in a podcast
  • Understanding government regulations
  • Responding to complaints
  • Generating podcast income
  • Registering podcast trademarks and copyrights

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Lynda Adobe Mobile Apps For Designers Tutorial-kEISO

kEISO has released the new tutorial “Adobe Mobile Apps For Designers” from Lynda. Enjoy! ;)

Description: Why are designers excited about Adobe mobile apps? Six of the apps (Adobe Draw, Sketch, Fix and Mix, Comp, and Capture CC) cater directly to the graphic arts market. They put both new and familiar tools within easy reach on your iPad or Android tablet, and they’re included with any subscription to Creative Cloud. Find out how these new tools can unlock your creativity—wherever it takes you. In this short course, staff author Justin Seeley shows how to set up and sign in to Adobe’s mobile platform and gives you a tour of each app. Plus, learn how to send your work back to the desktop to finesse it with Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Topics include:

  • Creating custom patterns, color themes, and brushes with Capture CC
  • Vector drawing with Adobe Draw
  • Image editing and compositing with Photoshop Mix
  • Retouching with Photoshop Fix
  • Drawing and painting with Photoshop Sketch
  • Creating layouts with Comp CC
Subject: Design
Software: Adobe Mobile Apps
Author: Justin Seeley

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Lynda Indesign Elements Of A Layout Tutorial-kEISO

kEISO has released the new tutorial “Indesign Elements Of A Layout” from Lynda. Enjoy! :)

Description: Each element of a magazine should support and work in harmony with the other elements. This course deconstructs the elements that make up a typical magazine layout. Looking at examples from newsstand magazines, it examines the purpose of body text, headlines, subheads, captions, straplines, and more, as well as their typical usage. It then shows how such elements can be created in InDesign, with an emphasis on efficient techniques that emphasize flexibility and consistency.

Graphic designer Nigel French shows how to create a magazine layout using a modular approach that improves the ongoing usability of the document template and the appearance of the resulting designs. In this course, Nigel uses a magazine layout to explain the purpose of each layout element and to demonstrate the use of InDesign features. He explores text elements, picture elements, and page elements. He demonstrates how to set up a document and how to format logically with Styles, Layers, and CC Libraries.

Topics include:

  • Setting up a template
  • Using Paragraph Styles, Character Styles, and Object Styles
  • Working with picture treatments
  • Establishing hierarchy
  • Incorporating white space into a layout
  • Using CC Libraries

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Lynda Creating An Html5 Banner Ad With Animate Cc Tutorial-kEISO

kEISO has released the new tutorial “Creating An Html5 Banner Ad With Animate Cc” from Lynda. Enjoy! :D

Description: Designing and producing animated ads that look great and work as expected in modern browsers can be a headache—unless you’re using the new release of Adobe Animate CC. Animate CC allows you to export HTML5 and JavaScript files that are responsive and look great on any platform. This project takes you from a blank HTML Canvas project all the way to a finished banner ad, using Animate CC. Chris Converse shows how to assemble a composition using existing artwork and text, animate the different elements, add web fonts and a call to action, and make the ad clickable and controllable by the user. The course wraps up with a look at the different publishing options available in Animate CC.

Topics include:

  • Creating a new HTML Canvas project
  • Adding artwork, text, and shapes
  • Creating and animating elements, including masks and symbols
  • Using scripts for playback and interactivity
  • Adding web fonts
  • Finalizing the animation
  • Publishing an Animate CC project

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Lynda com DSLR Video Tips Cameras Lenses-ELOHiM

ELOHiM has released the new tutorial “DSLR Video Tips Cameras Lenses” from Lynda. Enjoy :D

Description: DSLR Video Tips covers the most common questions videographers encounter when shooting and editing with DSLR cameras, from choosing a frame size and frame rate to understanding moiré. In this installment, Cameras & Lenses, authors Rich Harrington and Robbie Carman help you understand the different camera and lens options available for digital video. Learn about the difference between cropped (or micro 4/3rds) and full-sized sensors, prime vs. zoom lenses, and shooting with a Canon, Nikon, Blackmagic, iPhone, or GoPro. Rich and Robbie also cover basic camera maintenance, and techniques for capturing slow-motion video, matching shots, and getting great footage of products.

Topics include:

  • Choosing a memory card and batteries
  • How to avoid lens flare
  • Working with a prime or zoom lens
  • Shooting with a Canon, Go Pro, iPhone, Blackmagic, or Nikon camera
  • Identifying why footage is out of focus
  • Cleaning a camera
  • Shooting slow-motion and time-lapse footage
  • Getting smooth tracking shots
  • Recording log footage

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kEISO has released the new tutorial “GETTING STARTED WITH MOTION GRAPHICS” from Lynda.

Description: Learn what it takes to start telling stories and communicating with motion graphics. Rob Garrott, content manager for motion graphics and VFX, helps new mograph artists understand the training they need to get started and how to find it at He explores the software, tools, and techniques you’ll need to start designing in 2D and 3D, and some hands-on projects that will help you understand how the pros create the effects in your favorite movies, TV shows, and commercials. Along the way, Rob points you toward courses to help develop your skills in specific areas.


Topics include:

  • Getting Started in Motion Graphics and VFX
  • What are “motion graphics”?
  • Understanding the tools of motion graphics
  • Exploring common motion graphics tasks
  • Bringing your skills to the next level with mograph projects
  • Making the unbelievable real with VFX
  • Tools, techniques, and projects for VFX
  • Mograph and VFX learning paths on

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Train Simple Photoshop CC Camera Raw-QUASAR

QUASAR group has released a tutorial “Photoshop CC for the Web” from Train Simple.

Description: Adobe Camera Raw is a must-have tool for professional photographers. This powerful plug-in has been frequently updated to support more cameras and include more features and is available as part of Adobe Photoshop CC. In this course, we guide you through the various tools and options available for making professional adjustments to your images.


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