Adobe Animate CC 2017 v16.2.0.24 (x64)-P2P

P2P group has released the updated version of “Adobe Animate CC 2017″.

Description: A new age for animation. Any platform. Any device. Any style. Design interactive animations with cutting-edge drawing tools and publish them to multiple platforms — including Flash/Adobe AIR, HTML5 canvas, WebGL, or even custom platforms — and reach viewers on broadcast TV or virtually any desktop or mobile device.


  • Animations that look amazing.
  • Go from blank page to brilliant.
  • All your assets. Always at your fingertips.
  • Adobe Stock built right in.

Release Name: Adobe.Animate.CC.2017.v16.2.0.24.x64-P2P
Size: 1,76 GB
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Download: UPLOADED


Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2017 v17.0.2.9391 (x86/x64)-P2P

P2P group has released the updated version of “Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2017″.

Description: Dreamweaver has been reimagined for web designers who code. It is now more focused, efficient, and faster than ever before – with an all-new code editor, more intuitive user interface with a selectable dark theme, and several enhancements including support for new workflows such as CSS pre-processors.


  • Redesigned Code Editor
  • Code hints
  • Code display enhancements
  • Code formatting
  • Code coloring

Release Name: Adobe.Dreamweaver.CC.2017.v17.0.2.9391.x86.x64-P2P
Size: 2,66 GB
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Download: UPLOADED

Zemana AntiMalware Premium v2.72.2.345 Multilingual-P2P

P2P group has released the newest build of “Zemana AntiMalware” for Windows. It is a reliable malware remover that scans your files in order to find malware infections, then safely and rapidly remove them.

Description: Zemana AntiMalware is a second opinion cloud-based multi-engine malware scanner designed to rescue your computer from malware that have infected your computer despite all the security measures you have taken.

AntiMalware bypasses malware infections to perform a thorough scan, and cleans even the most advanced threats like rootkit and bootkits. AntiMalware uses the Scan Cloud, a highly-optimized cluster of computers running 10 always-up-to-date Antivirus Engines. This gives you the power of multi-scanning without any of the downsides such as drain on system resources and conflicts between programs.


  • Simple one-click rescue for your computer, no matter how badly infected!
  • Removes unwanted apps, annoying toolbars or browser add-ons.
  • Rapidly neutralizes Viruses, Trojans, Rootkits, Worms, Spyware, and Adware!
  • Works with your existing security software without conflict!
  • All done in about 5 minutes! (And if that doesn’t work, our engineers will help you out for free.)

Release Name: Zemana.AntiMalware.Premium.v2.72.2.345.Multilingual-P2P
Size: 5,47 MB
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Zemana AntiLogger v2.72.204.345 Multilingual-P2P

P2P group has released the updated version of “Zemana AntiLogger”.

Description: Zemana AntiLogger is a software solution developed especially to prevent information theft, providing a powerful package of security tools designed to protect users. Although a security app, this is not an antivirus, but it could collaborate with such a software solution to deliver the most advanced defense for one’s computer. It is able to detect keyloggers, screen, webcam and clipboard loggers without slowing down Windows and, more importantly, without affecting the activity of other security tools that might be installed on the system.


  • Anti-SSL Logger Module that provides protection against SSL Logger
  • Anti-WebCam Logger that provides protection against WebCam Logger
  • Anti-Key Logger Module that provides protection against Key Logger
  • Anti-Screen Logger that provides protection against Screen Logger
  • Anti-Clipboard Logger that provides protection against ClipBoard Logger
  • System Defence Module that protects your system

Release Name: Zemana.AntiLogger.v2.72.204.345.Multilingual-P2P
Size: 5,47 MB
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Auto Hide IP v5.6.2.8-P2P

P2P group has released the updated version of “Auto Hide IP”.

Description: Did you know your IP address is exposed every time you visit a website? Your IP address is your online identity and could be used by hackers to break into your computer, steal personal information, or commit other crimes against you. Auto Hide IP allows you to surf anonymously, change your IP address, prevent identity theft, and guard against hacker intrusions, all with the click of a button. Auto Hide IP is privacy-protection software which enables you to conceal your real IP address, surf anonymously, and automatically change your IP address every few minutes.

With it, you can select fake IP from different countries via “Choose IP Country” option and can Check IP directly. Using it, you are able to conceal your identity online by showing them a fake IP, blocking hackers and prying eyes from knowing your true location or identity. You can also choose “Launch on Startup” and then it will run and load a fake IP automatically when you log on to Windows. Besides, you can easily switch between fake IP and real IP by simply clicking a button of Hide IP or Stop Hide.


  • Anonymous Web Surfing
  • Protect Your Identity
  • Choose IP Country
  • Send Anonymous E-mails
  • Un-ban Yourself From Forums and Message Boards

Release Name: Auto.Hide.IP.v5.6.2.8-P2P
Size: 2.4 MB
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Nsasoft Game Product Key Finder v1.2.7.0-P2P + Portable

P2P group has released the updated version of “Nsasoft Game Product Key Finder”. It also include Portable version.

Description: Game Product Key Finder recovers product keys for thousands of popular games installed on your local or remote network computers, including Electronic Arts, PopCap and GameHouse Games and more.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Game Product Key Finder recovers product keys for thousands of popular games, including Electronic Arts, PopCap, GameHouse Games and more.
  • Game Product Key Finder recovers product keys for games installed on your local or remote network computers and allows track the number of games software licenses installed in your network computers.
  • With Game Product Key Finder you can recover lost product keys for all major game software, prevent losing your investment and money!
  • You can save product keys as Tab Delimited Txt File (.txt), Excel Workbook (.xls), CSV Comma Delimited (.csv), Access Database (.mdb), SQLLite3 Database, Web Page (.html) or XML Data (.xml) file, Print or Copy to Clipboard.

Release Name: Nsasoft.Game.Product.Key.Finder.v1.2.7.0-P2P+Portable
Size: 4,64 MB
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Hex Editor Neo Ultimate Edition v6.31.00.5980-P2P + Portable

P2P group has released the updated version of “Hex Editor Neo Ultimate”. It also include Portable edition.

Description: Hex Editor allows you to set colors of almost every editor window’s element. Select an element in a list and then select a color using color picker control. You can also set the color to “automatic”. The sample window layout below immediately reflects changes you make. Pressing Apply button also immediately applies your current coloring scheme to all opened editor windows.

HexEdit can be successfully used for:

  • editing binary files of any size at highest speed
  • searching and replacing your data in a binary file
  • writing your microcode programs
  • researching the functionality of any executable file
  • streamlining your work using Undo/Redo and other features
  • HexEdit can be successfully used by:
  • software developers
  • private users
  • beta-testers
  • university students
  • coders

Release Name: Hex.Editor.Neo.Ultimate.Edition.v6.31.00.5980-P2P+Portable
Size: 50,09 MB
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