IK Multimedia T-RackS Custom Shop 4.9 MacOSX-P2P

P2P has released the updated version of “IK Multimedia T-RackS Custom Shop” for Mac.

Description: Close your eyes and picture a store full of cool processing gear: compressors and limiters are in a rack over here, EQs are over there – tube, solid state, digital – you name it, this store’s got it all. There are reverbs, de-essers, multiband processors, and a shelf full of vintage emulations. In short, a candy store of tone for recording musicians, engineers, and producers.


- shelf full of vintage emulations
- compressors and limiters are in a rack
- tube, solid state

Release Name: IKMultimedia.T-RackS.CustomShop.4.9.MacOSX-P2P
Size: 334 Mb
Links: Homepage – NFO – NTi


MakeMusic Finale 2014.5 WiN MacOSX-R2R

R2R has released the updated version of “MakeMusic Finale” for Win & Mac.

Description: Finale is the world-wide industry standard in music notation software. Anywhere music appears on the printed page, Finale likely created those pages. Finale helps the choir to sing, the band to march, the students to learn, and the orchestra to raise the excitement level in the latest blockbuster movie.


- create, edit, audition, print, and publish the widest variety of musical scores
- complete freedom and flexibility
- ability to create anything on the printed page

Release Name: MakeMusic.Finale.2014.5.WiN.MacOSX-R2R
Size: 1.47 Gb / 1.67 Gb
Links: Homepage – NFO – NTi

Download: Uploaded WIN – PART1 PART2
Download: Uploaded MAC – PART1 PART2

Calibre 2.44.1 Win & Mac + Portable-P2P

P2P guys has released the updated version of “Calibre 2.44.1” for Mac OSX.

Description: Calibre is designed to be an all-in-one open source tool for all of your e-books. It manages your e-book collection for you. It is designed around the concept of the logical book, i.e., a single entry in your library that may correspond to actual e-book files in several formats.


- E-book conversion
- Syncing to e-book reader devices
- Downloading news from the web and converting it into e-book form
- Comprehensive e-book viewer

Release Name: Calibre.2.44.1.Win.Mac.Portable-P2P
Size: 265 Mb
Links: Homepage – NFO – NTi


iFFmpeg v5.8 MacOSX-P2P

P2P guys has released the updated version of “iFFmpeg” For OSX. This app enables you to quickly convert media files to other file formats.

Description: iFFmpeg is a graphical front-end for FFmpeg, a command-line tool used to convert multimedia files between formats. The command line instructions can be very hard to master/understand, so iFFmpeg does all the hard work for you. This allows you to use FFmpeg without detailed command-line knowledge.

What’s New Version 5.8:

  • Improved h265 Main Profile preset
  • Added Hardware Acceleration options ‘Intel QuickSync Video acceleration for video transcoding’ and ‘VideoToolbox’
  • Added general option ‘Disable automatically rotating video based on file metadata’
  • Added support for ProRes, QuickTime RLE and Raw video codecs to Matroska (mkv) container
  • Added .m2p extention for MPEG-PS containers
  • ProRes encoder setting now works as expected
  • Updated to MediaInfo 0.7.79
  • Improved iPad and iPhone presets
  • Metadata ‘Author’ is now added correctly
  • Copy Timestamps is now automatically enabled when needed
  • Improved automatically handling FourCC
  • Rescaling after cropping option now makes sure the resolution has an even value
  • Fixed issue setting the b-frames for h265
  • Fixed issue when exporting to audio only and setting a channel specifier
  • Fixed issue initialising the FPS menu for ProRes
  • Fixed issue resetting options when switching between presets
  • Fixed issue updating the right pane
  • Fixed issue with mapping when using more than one audio stream with external file and the watermark video filter

Release Name: iFFmpeg.v5.8.MacOSX-P2P
Size: 24.3 MB
Links: Homepage – NFO – NTi


WinX DVD Ripper v4.5.9 MacOSX-P2P

P2P guys has released the new version of “WinX DVD Ripper” for Mac. This app can copy copy-protected movies to your hard drive and convert them to any number of popular formats.

Description: WinX DVD Ripper for Mac is an all-in-one Mac DVD ripper program designed to rip DVD or DVD ISO image to all prevailed video formats on Mac, e.g. rip DVD to MP4/H.264, MKV, iTunes, MOV, FLV, MPEG, AVI, etc. With 370+ profiles, it can faultlessly convert all DVDs (incl. latest protected DVDs) to iPhone/6/6 Plus/5S/5C/5, iPad/Air/Mini (New), iPod touch/5, Apple TV, Android, Google New Nexus 7, HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy S5, Surface, Kindle Fire, WP8, PSP, etc.

What’s New in Version 4.5.9:

  • Change log not ready at time of post.

Release Name: WinX.DVD.Ripper.v4.5.9.MacOSX-P2P
Size: 38.02 MB
Links: Homepage – NFO – NTi



P2P guys has released the updated version of “ExpanDrive” For OSX. This app is built especially for web designers and server administrators who have files on a remote system that you wish to edit and modify directly.

Description: ExpanDrive builds cloud storage in every application, acts just like a USB drive plugged into your Mac. With ExpanDrive, you can securely access any remote file server directly from the Finder or even the terminal.

What’s New Version 5.1.5:

  • Fixed issue saving files in MS Office / iWork apps
  • Changed chunk size in S3 / Swift uploading connections

Release Name: ExpanDrive.v5.1.5.MacOSX-P2P
Size: 20 MB
Links: Homepage – NFO – NTi


Cocktail v9.2 MacOSX-P2P

P2P guys has released the updated version of “Cocktail” For OSX. Run it whenever your Mac is behaving strangely (too slow, fonts not working properly, displaying incorrect icons…any odd behavior).

Description: Cocktail is a general purpose utility for OS X that lets you clean, repair and optimize your Mac. It is a powerful digital toolset that helps hundreds of thousands of Mac users around the world get the most out of their computers every day.

The application serves up a perfect mix of maintenance tools and tweaks, all accessible through a clean and easy to use interface. Cocktail’s features are arranged into five categories that helps you manage various aspects of your computer. It also comes with an automatic Pilot-mode that allows you to simply press a button and relax, knowing that Cocktail will take care of the rest.

What’s New in Version 9.2:

  • Added ability to clear CoreDuet database
  • Added ability to view, rotate and delete archived Authorization, CoreDuet, Security and XPC Activity log files.
  • Improvements on the “Clear log files” procedure
  • Added OS X 10.11.2 compatibility
  • Updated Automator actions
  • Minor interface improvements
  • Updated Help files

Release Name: Cocktail.v9.2.MacOSX-P2P
Size: 2.76 MB
Links: Homepage – NFO – NTi


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