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Knotted and Beaded Macrame Jewelry: Master the Skills plus 30 Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings & More-P2P

Natural fibers, knots, and beads make beautiful jewelry!

Step-by-step instructions teach you how to make the basic macramé knots and how to add beads. You’ll learn the types of cords and threads available, and how to combine the knots to create unique styles of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and more—30 projects total—each with complete illustrated instructions.

Elegant and pretty, these jewelry pieces can be worn every day. Make bolder statement pieces, or delicate bracelets to stack. Add your own favorite beads or inclusions to personalize for yourself or as gifts. Once you learn the basic macramé techniques, the possibilities are endless!

Knotted and Beaded Macrame Jewelry: Master the Skills plus 30 Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings & More-P2P
English | April 15th, 2021 | ISBN: 081173952X | 128 pages | True EPUB | 143.95 MB

Better Sleep, Better You: Your No-Stress Guide for Getting the Sleep You Need and the Life You Want-P2P

Sleep is the most important part of anyone’s journey to a healthy and happy life, and with this book you can learn how to fix your sleep schedule and recover precious hours of relaxation.

If you’re like most people, odds are you aren’t getting enough sleep. Thanks to shifts in our culture America is in the midst of an epidemic of sleeplessness, and unfortunately, sleep deprivation has bigger consequences than one might think, ranging from irritability, brain fog, and weight gain to serious conditions like hormone dysregulation, heart disease, memory impairment, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.

Better Sleep, Better You: Your No-Stress Guide for Getting the Sleep You Need and the Life You Want-P2P
English | April 13th, 2021 | ISBN: 0316462128, 0008398607 | 256 pages | True EPUB | 6.74 MB

Oishii: The History of Sushi-P2P

Sushi and sashimi are by now a global sensation and have become perhaps the best known of Japanese foods—but they are also the most widely misunderstood. Oishii: The History of Sushi reveals that sushi began as a fermented food with a sour taste, used as a means to preserve fish. This book, the first history of sushi in English, traces sushi’s development from China to Japan and then internationally, and from street food to high-class cuisine. Included are two dozen historical and original recipes that show the diversity of sushi and how to prepare it. Written by an expert on Japanese food history, Oishii is a must read for understanding sushi’s past, its variety and sustainability, and how it became one of the world’s greatest anonymous cuisines.

Oishii: The History of Sushi-P2P
English | May 26th, 2021 | ISBN: 1789143837 | 224 pages | True EPUB | 20.90 MB

Project Communications: A Critical Factor for Project Success (ISSN)-P2P

This book presents a new way to look at communication within projects. It combines real-world examples and practical tips with theory, research, and professional standards you can apply to any size and type of project.

Communication is vital for project success. Experts know it. Industry-wide research verifies it. Yet projects continue to fail because of poor communication. As a result, stakeholders and organizations don’t realize the benefits of their projects and project teams.

Project Communications: A Critical Factor for Project Success (ISSN)-P2P
English | July 24th, 2020 | ISBN: 1951527720 | 210 pages | True EPUB | 3.15 MB

Small Business for Dummies, 6th Edition-P2P

Get inspired to build a profitable business with this essential guide

In the latest edition of this bestselling and authoritative reference, Small Business For Dummies explains how to set your business on the path for success. Using this guide, you’ll discover how to nurture your entrepreneurial spirit, build a winning edge over your competitors, and respond to the increasing challenges of everyday business.

From the basics of setting up a budget to working out your exit plan, this book explains how to grow a profitable business that responds quickly to opportunities. You’ll learn how to identify what’s different about your business, and how you can use this knowledge to build your brand and generate above-average profits.

Small Business for Dummies, 6th Edition-P2P
English | 2021 | ISBN-13: 978-1119417385 | 371 Pages | True EPUB, PDF | 15.62 MB

Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise 2021.1.23.0 Multilingual-P2P

P2P group has released an updated version “Remote Computer Manager” for windows. Enjoy!

Description: Remote Computer Manager is a network utility for remote computer management. The program allow network administrators to centrally manage network PCs and make: remote desktop control, remote shutdown, run (execute) commands, launch applications and processes, Wake-on-LAN over IPv4, Wake on LAN over IPv6, lock workstation, log on, log off, sleep, hibernate, wake up, reboot, power on, power off, lock and unlock input devices, registry merge, file copy, installation of MSI packages, clock (time) synchronization and other remote operations for computers on network (Windows and Linux PCs).

Using Remote Computer Manager you can perform a remote shutdown, power on (turn on), power off (turn off) and restart (reset) the remote computer with Intel AMT (Active Management Technology) and AMD DASH (Desktop and Mobile Architecture for System Hardware). The program can also get the list of remote processes and services, netstat information, screenshot, entries from registry, entries from event log and other details for each PC. Using the application you can make remote operations on one or multiple network computers with one click. Remote operations can be executed automatically according with defined schedule, so you can organize fully automatic computer management for your company. The software supports IPv4 and IPv6 protocol and can be run as a service.

Remote Computer Manager has the following features:
• Remote desktop control.
• Actions with processes (Get list, create and terminate process) on remote computers.
• Operations with services (Get list, install and uninstall, start and stop service) on LAN PC’s.
• View registry of network PC’s.
• Browse event log of network computers.
• Remote command prompt.
• Launch (execute) applications and files on remote PC’s.
• Taking netstat information of remote computers.
• Taking screenshots of network PC’s.
• File operations (send file, get file, copy file, move file, rename file and delete file) on LAN computers.
• Actions with registry (create key, add/edit value) on network PC’s.
• Merge registry files with the registry of network computers.
• Installation of MSI packages on remote PC’s.
• Remote shutdown, reboot, power off with DCOM and WMI for Windows PC’s.
• Remote reboot, shutdown, power off with SSH for Linux PC’s.
• Turn on, shutdown, reboot, turn off network computers with Intel AMT (vPro) and AMD DASH.
• Wake on LAN over IPv4 and IPv6.
• Wake up network computers with magic packet.
• Switching network PC’s into sleep and hibernate state.
• Logon and logoff users on remote computers.
• Lock workstation, lock and unlock input devices on network PC’s.
• Send message to network computers.
• Browse files of LAN computers.
• Time zone and time synchronization on remote PC’s.

Release Name: Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise 2021.1.23.0 Multilingual-P2P
Size: 183 MB
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The Innovation Ultimatum: How six strategic technologies will reshape every business in the 2020s-P2P

Prepares leaders for the 2020s—an accessible guide to the key technologies that will reshape business in the coming decade

Most businesses identify six key digital technologies—artificial intelligence (AI), distributed ledgers and blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous machines, virtual and augmented reality, and 5G communication—as critical to their relevance and growth over the coming ten years. These new disruptive technologies present significant opportunity for businesses in every industry. The first businesses to understand automation and these transformative technologies will be the ones to reap the greatest rewards in the marketplace. The Innovation Ultimatum helps leaders understand the key technologies poised to reshape business in the next decade and prepare their organizations for technology-enabled change.

The Innovation Ultimatum: How six strategic technologies will reshape every business in the 2020s-P2P
English | 2020 | ISBN-13 : 978-1119615422 | 323 Pages | True PDF | 9.09 MB

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