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The Reef 2 High Tide 2012 3D 720p BluRay x264-VALUE


When bullying shark Troy kidnaps Cordelia, Pi and Junior rally their friends for a daring rescue mission in this spirited sequel featuring the voices of Jamie Kennedy, DOnal Logue, Rob Schneider, and Andy Dick. Pi and Cordelia have just become the proud parents of a fresh-faced fry named Junior when Troy returns to the reed in time for high tide. But just as Pi begins training his friends and neighbors for battle, a newcomer named Ronny shows up claiming that his ideas can save everyone from ending up in Troy’s belly. Little do the frightened inhabitants of the reef realize, however, that Ronnie was sent by Troy to spy on them, and distract them from defending their homes. Later, when Troy seizes the opportunity to kidnap Cordelia, the fish of the reef unite to save her, and defeat the razor-toothed villain once and for all

Genre: Animation | Family | Musical
IMDB Rating: 4,0/10 (348 votes)
Directed by: Mark A.Z. Dippé, Taedong Park
Starring: Drake Bell, Andy Dick, Fran Drescher

Release Name: The.Reef.2.High.Tide.2012.3D.720p.BluRay.x264-VALUE
Size: 2.67GB
Audio: Dutch – DTS @ 1510kbps
Video: x264 – 1280×688 @ 3199kbps
Runtime: 1 hr. 27 min.

Links: HomepageiMDBTrailerRT
Sample: Google search
Subs: Google search
NFO: Here

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7 Days To Die Alpha 7.11 Steam Edition Cracked-3DM

P2P group 3DM with a new build of 7days to die, changelog for this v7.11 build is available here, enjoy.

Note : Like for all ALI213 / 3DM releases, this is a steam-emulated with some strange dll cracked from chinese cracker, that’s mean it doesn’t work on all system (os, spec’, language etc…). That’s a well know problem with ALI/3DM releases, so please don’t cry it’s a fake or wait for the scene release :) Thanks.

Building on survivalist and horror themes, players in 7 Days to Die can scavenge the abandoned cities of the buildable and destructable voxel world for supplies or explore the wilderness to gather raw materials to build their own tools, weapons, traps, fortifications and shelters. In coming updates these features will be expanded upon with even more depth and a wider variety of choices to survive the increasing dangers of the world. Play alone or with friends, run your own server or join others.

7 Days to Die development was launched following a successful Kickstarter campaign in August 2013, demonstrating the initial prototype. Joining us in early access now will help support the cause and ensure continued expansion of the development team, their efforts and the planning and addition of even more features and depth eagerly awaited by fans.

Many of our fans have commented in these early stages that they feel we are building the survival\zombie game they have always wanted. Our goal is to live up to this as much as we can and build a customizable, moddable game that allows users to fine tune their survival and zombie experience to create the experience players and their friends want.


  • Create and Destroy – The world terrain, structures and items can be destroyed or scrapped for resources. Re-purpose collected materials to build custom structures and fortification by hand, placing building pieces into the world in real time.
  • Structural Integrity – Buildings and terrain formations which are too unstable can fall apart if proper supports are not built. Some building materials are stronger than others and pieces which break off and fall can be dangerous or deadly if they fall on you or enemies.
  • Item Crafting & Degradation – With a continually growing list of over 160 recipes, gather resources such as plant fibers, wood and metal to create weapons and tools such as hand made crossbows, knives and hammers. As your tools wear out over time, use your crafting skills to repair them.
  • Plants and Animals – Locate seeds to plant and grow vegetables, and head out into the wilderness to hunt animals once the cabinets in abandoned buildings are already plundered.
  • Horde Mode – For times when you and your friends want a fast paced blend of combat, construction, shorter game play sessions and a chance to practice with weapons, Horde Mode places you in a small map area to defend against nightly attacks while the military support air-drops supplies during the day.
  • Cooperative Mode – Tired of zombie apocalypses that are more about fighting humans than zombies? Team up with your friends to work with other survivors rather than against them, using group efforts to build settlements and safety.

Publisher: The Fun Pimps Entertainment LLC
Developper: The Fun Pimps
Genre: Action, Adventure, Early Access, Indie, RPG

Release name: 7.Days.To.Die.Alpha.7.11.Steam.Edition.Cracked-3DM
Size: 580MB
Links: HomepageSteamNFO


SickBrick v1.0 READNFO-FAS + MAC OSX

FAS with a fps released 1year ago on Desura, enjoy…

SickBrick is an action-oriented Sci-Fi FPS with modern graphics and oldschool gameplay inspired by Portal and Serious Sam. Out now for Windows, Linux and Mac! (linux version uses a wine wrapper)

The game consists of 15 levels mixing indoor and outdoor areas. You’re forced to do tests for an unknown robotic mastermind. As you go through the tests, you slowly unravel the story through log files of previous test subjects.

Kill hundreds of robots, use unique weapons, drive a tank!

Publisher: Magrathean Technologies
Developer: MisfitVillage
Genre: FPS

Release name:
Size: 274MB / 206MB
Links: HomepageDesuraNFO

Download: NTiTPB : WindowsMacOSX : WindowsMacOSX

Deadly Rooms v1.0-FAS

SAW in 2D, that’s Deadly Rooms :)

You wake up in a room full of blood and maggots. Trapped inside some sort of mansion you search the rooms to find your exit

Developer: EvilizedProductions
Publisher: EvilizedProductions
Genre: Arcade

Release name: Deadly_Rooms_v1.0-FAS
Size: 62MB
Links: HomepageDesuraNFO


Spectrum v1.2-FAS

FAS with a new build of this plateformer game, no changelog available :(

Spectrum is a side scrolling 2D platformer. An addictive puzzle game that challenges the player to use their mind and patience to progress through the game in a beautiful hand painted art world. The goal of the game is to find out what happened to Tadashi (the character) and explore the world. The main mechanic is manipulating colors to progress in the game. Tadashi can’t attack/kill anything. He can only escape.

Developer: mido.basim
Publisher: mido.basim
Genre: Plateformer

Release name: Spectrum_v1.2-FAS
Size: 104MB
Links: HomepageDesuraNFO


ilamentia v1.1-WaLMaRT

A new strange plateformer game was released by scene grou WaLMaRT, i never hear of this indie game …

Ilamentia is a first-person action puzzler, featuring 72 challenging mind-bender levels.
The goal is simple, activate all souls and make it to the exit, but every room revolves around wildly differing mechanics. You may be tasked with manipulating physical structures, deal with waves of phasms or briskly bound through the aether. The puzzle is to deduce the limits of the room’s mechanics which evolve as you progress. Some rooms focus on brain-melting logic, others rely on sharp reactions, but many more will test the limits of every facet of your cognitive faculties.

Publisher: Caiysware
Developper: Caiysware
Genre: Action, Platformer, Puzzle

Release name: ilamentia.v1.1-WaLMaRT
Size: 39MB
Links: HomepageSteam GreenlightNFO


Tropico 4 Collectors Bundle MULTi6-ADDONiA

Multilanguage edition of the Collectors Bundle of Tropico 4 for PC Windows, all elements of this edition are listed on the Steam webpage, enjoy.

The world is changing and Tropico is moving with the times – geographical powers rise and fall and the world market is dominated by new players with new demands and offers – and you, as El Presidente, face a whole new set of challenges. If you are to triumph over your naysayers you will need to gain as much support from your people as possible. Your decisions will shape the future of your nation, and more importantly, the size of your off-shore bank account.


  • Tropico 4
  • Steam Special Edition Extras
  • Junta Military DLC
  • Plantador DLC
  • Quick-dry Cement DLC
  • Modern Times Addon
  • Pirate Heaven DLC
  • Megalopolis DLC
  • Vigilante DLC

Publisher: Kalypso Media Digital
Developer: Haemimont Games
Genre: Strategy, Simulation

Release name: Tropico.4.Collectors.Bundle.MULTi6-ADDONiA
Size: 5.3GB
Links: HomepageSteam – NFO


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