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Total Ink Magazine – November 2014-P2P

Total Ink Magazines Mission, is to showcase the ART and SKILL within the tattoo industry. Bringing the talent of cover up tattoos, the most detailed tatts, newest tattoo inspired clothing, along with interesting fun facts you may or may not know about the skill behind tattooing. We are looking for fresh new ideas, along with finding the “diamond in the rough” artist each month. We are bringing more information on different styles of tattooing, INK brands, and the best and worse tattoo machines from a tattoo artists point of view.

Release name: Total Ink Magazine – November 2014-P2P
Size: 18MB
Format: PDF
Pages: 92 pages
Link: HomepageNTiTPB


iCreate UK – Issue 140 2015-P2P

iCreate is the creative magazine for those with a passion for all things Apple. Not only does it cover the entire Mac platform including reviews, tutorials and features but also has a dedicated mini-magazine called iPlay, where you can get incredible content covering everything iPad, iPod and iPhone. iCreate is sumptuously designed and it not only keeps you informed of whats going on in the world of Apple, but it is also there to help you get the most out of whichever device you own. Tutorials cover the entire iLife suite and professional applications as well as helping you make the most of your mobile Apple devices too, whether that’s an iPod touch, iPad or iPhone. If Apple made a magazine – it would be iCreate.

Release name: iCreate UK – Issue 140 2015-P2P
Size: 51MB
Format: PDF
Pages: 100 pages
Link: HomepageNTiTPB


Pro Evolution Soccer 2015-RELOADED

IT’S HERE, the brand new PES 2015 is now released by RLD, i got it today on my ps4 and it’s awesome. ENJOY.

PES 2015 elevates on-field realism with the aim of recreating the drama and tension associated with vital matches. PES 2015 marks a concerted return to core PES values of total control, utterly responsive controls and unrestricted gameplay, where the user has complete control over how they play. Evert pass, shot or run is finely balanced to give maximum player satisfaction within PES 2015’s on-field action.


  • Exhilarating Goals a new shooting system allows a variety of unrestricted shooting styles
  • Final Pass passing options available to players when delivering a final pass have been expanded
  • 1 on 1 ability to dribble into space and beat your opponent is now hugely improved
  • Incredible Response Times lightning fast controls for instinctive reactions when the ball is in play
  • Full Pitch AI and the Case for Defense constantly adjusted covering everything that develops on the pitch and users have complete control over when to close down, tackle, or hold up play on defense

Publisher: Konami
Developer: Konami
Genre: Sport

Release name: Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2015-RELOADED
Size: 5.93GB
Links: HomepageiGNGamespotNTiTPBNFO


Retro City Rampage DX RIP-Unleashed

New DX EDITIONof this funny indie game, enjoy.

OPEN-WORLD carjacking goes back to the ’80s in this 8-BIT nostalgic throwback.
Run missions! Outrun the law! Rampage the city with weapons, power-ups and vehicles!

This send-up to ’80s and ’90s video games and pop-culture includes both a full Story Mode of open-world adventure as well as an Arcade Mode for quick pick-up-and-play action. If that’s not enough, it also packs an interactive city full of shops, minigames, customizations, collectibles, special guest stars, and more.



  • Huge Open-World to Explore
  • Over 60 Story Missions
  • Over 40 Arcade Challenges
  • Over 25 Weapons & Power-Ups
  • Over 50 Vehicles to Steal & Equip
  • Over 200 Character Customizations
  • Includes 15 Steam Trading Cards
  • 3+ Hours of Music (13 radio stations)
  • - Critically acclaimed, IGF Nominated soundtrack by virt (Contra 4, Double Dragon: Neon), Freaky DNA (NBA Jam) and Norrin Radd.

Includes Prototype Version, “ROM City Rampage”

  •  100% 8-BIT hardware accurate and could’ve actually been released in ’89!

Includes Special Guest Star Minigames

  • “Virtual Meat Boy”
  • “BIT.TRIP: Retro City”
  • “Epic Meal Time”

Includes Free-Roaming Mode

  • Play as Meat Boy, CommanderVideo, Steve from Minecraft and Mr. Destructoid

Includes Mod Support (PC only)

  • Create & Share Custom Vehicles, Characters, and more!

Includes Steam Leaderboards & Achievements
Supports Keyboards, Mouse, Controllers & Joysticks (including PlayStation®4 and Xbox 360 controllers & others)
Supports Anaglyphic 3D Glasses

  • Select Missions Playable in Retro 3D!

Video Filters

  • EGA/CGA/NES/SMS/C64/Apple II simulation

Playable in 5 Languages

  • English, Francais, Italiano, Deutsch, Espanol

Publisher: Vblank
Developer: Vblank Entertainment, Inc.
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Racing

Release name: Retro.City.Rampage.DX.RIP-Unleashed
Size: 18MB
Links: HomepageSteamNTiTPBNFO

Download: UPLOADED

Elliot Quest RIP-Unleashed

A good platformer game released by scene group Unleashed, enjoy.

Elliot can’t die—but he’s still running out of time. In Elliot Quest, the victim of a rare curse must find a cure before he’s transformed into a demon.

After Elliot’s wife disappears, he falls sick and attempts to take his own life–only to discovers that he can’t die. Plagued by nightmares and growing weaker by the day, Elliot seeks out a local Sage, who tells him that he’s the victim of a rare curse. A demon called a Satar is slowly consuming Elliot’s vitality.

If Elliot can’t find a cure to the curse before it’s too late, he will become a Satar. His only hope is to ask for the help of one of the island’s Guardians, who have kept the Satar from taking over Urele. Elliot can’t die—but he’s still running out of time.

Elliot Quest is an adventure/RPG where players explore the mysterious Urele island in search of an ancient demon. With 5 dungeons to conquer, 16 bosses to defeat, and countless treasures to discover and hidden areas. Well-balanced gameplay easy to pick up but challenging to master.


  • An expansive island to explore with over 16 unique bosses
  • Customize your character with an engaging Level Up System
  • Chain attacks to make enemies drop more items
  • Experiment with different magic attacks to defeat Elliot’s enemies
  • Solve puzzles to find hidden crystals and access secret areas
  • Hunt powerful monsters to find powerful weapons
  • 3 unique endings based on your decisions
  • Well-balanced gameplay that’s easy to pick up but challenging to master

Publisher: Ansimuz Games
Developer: Ansimuz Games
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG

Release name: Elliot.Quest.RIP-Unleashed
Size: 33MB
Links: HomepageSteamNTiTPBNFO


IZotope RX4 Advanced v4.0.1 AU VST RTAS AAX MAC OSX Intel-P2P

Brand new build of this well know and popular audio restoration software : IZOTOPE RX4, there’s no changelog available :(

The next generation of an industry standard

iZotope’s Emmy Award-winning RX software is the most robust and best-sounding audio repair toolkit on the market. Musicians, audio engineers, and post production professionals all use RX to transform noisy, distorted, or flawed audio into pristine material.

Launching this September, the new RX 4 is the ultimate companion to your DAW or NLE. Speed up your workflow with intelligent new modules, time-saving new features, and deeper levels of integration with your host.


  • Clip Gain: Easily adjust and balance the volume of vocals and instruments with this new non-destructive editing feature.
  • Dialogue Denoiser: Reduce distracting background noise from dialogue and vocals in real time (now a standard feature with both RX 4 and RX 4 Advanced).
  • RX Connect: Streamline your process with a round-trip workflow compatible with Pro Tools, Logic, and other popular hosts.
  • For audio professionals in post production, music production, and mastering, the Advanced version of RX 4 boasts additional time-saving features. Reliably deliver great-sounding results with new tools like:
  • Leveler: Automatically balance the volume of your mix, freeing more time for creative mix decisions.
  • EQ Match: Ensure a consistent-sounding mix by seamlessly matching multiple recordings with varying sonic profiles.
  • Many more valuable features—stay tuned to!

Release name: IZotope.RX4.Advanced.v4.0.1.AU.VST.RTAS.AAX.MAC.OSX.Intel-P2P
Size: 172MB
Links: HomepageNTiTPBNFO



Again, HI2U is very hot these’s days, another indie game released, enjoy.

Amphora is a peculiar puzzle game that mix story elements and physics. Amphora presents you with an unfamiliar world with a striking visual style inspired by all the shadow theatre traditions and colors of the world.

Each scene will show you something new and always try to challenge your understanding of what is going on. Manipulate objects and build structures to create solutions to unconventional problems.

Uncover the story of a girl in a world of intertwining tales. Tales that blend together, creating a curious narrative. Discover on your own terms, as Amphora communicates its concepts non-verbally. Enjoy!


  • Mysterious story puzzles with physics.
  • Mechanics that invites creativity.
  • Striking and colorful art style inspired by shadow theatres.
  • Storytelling through use of gameplay and visual cues.
  • A curious and unique gameplay experience.

Publisher: Moondrop
Developer: Moondrop
Genre: Adventure, Indie

Release name: Amphora-HI2U
Size: 313MB
Links: HomepageSteamNTiTPBNFO


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