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Author Archive: moneyguzzler

Cooking Light Crave! by The Editors of Cooking Light-P2P

Cooking Light Crave is a 336-page book stuffed with 150 recipes for the classic handheld and indulgent foods you love that you might think are nutritionally off limits: Cheesy pizzas, meaty burgers, and sandwiches piled high. This book will be driven visually by in-your-face food photography, with over 270 images. The four large chapters include Burgers; Pizzas; Sandwiches; and Sweets. A visual, short kitchen gear guide in each chapter shows the essential tools you need. A ‘better building’ section in each chapter shows step-by-step techniques and secrets to making these seriously satisfying eats. Each chapter also gives suggestions and recipes for sauces and condiments, side dishes such as fries, chips, and slaws, and a guide to great breads and cheeses. Pop-culture trivia about these iconic American foods will be peppered throughout the book.

Cooking Light Crave!: Stacked, stuffed, cheesy, crunchy & chocolaty comfort foods by The Editors of Cooking Light-P2P
English |  ePUB reader   |  Food & Cook  | 41 MB
Download :  Uploadocean –   Upload4earn–  NTi

The Wine Dine Dictionary by Victoria Moore-P2P

Want to pick the perfect wine for dinner? Wondering what to eat with a special bottle? Let The Wine Dine Dictionary be your guide. Arranged A-Z by food at one end and A-Z by wine at the other, this unique handbook will help you make more informed, more creative, and more delicious choices about what to eat and drink.
As one of the country’s most popular and influential wine journalists, as well as an expert in the psychology of smell and taste, Victoria Moore doesn’t just explain what goes with what, but why and how the combination works, too. Written with her trademark authority, warmth and wit, this is a book to consult and to savour.

The Wine Dine Dictionary: Good Food and Good Wine: An A-Z of Suggestions for Happy Eating and Drinking by Victoria Moore-P2P
English |  ePUB reader   |  Food & Cook  | 1 MB
Download :  Uploadocean –   Upload4earn–  NTi

Washington, DC Chef’s Table by Beth Kanter-P2P

In Washington, DC, political rivals disagree on just about everything, but there is widespread bi-partisan support for the city’s restaurant scene. The nation’s capital and neighboring suburbs boast premier restaurants and inspired chefs who bring even the most hardened adversaries, to the table. Now, everyone, inside and outside the beltway, can savor a taste of the best Washington has to offer. With tantalizing recipes from more than 50 of the capital’s most celebrated chefs and 100 beautiful full-color photographs, Washington, DC Chef’s Table is a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.

Washington, DC Chef’s Table: Extraordinary Recipes From The Nation’s Capital by Beth Kanter and Emily Pearl Goodstein by Beth Kanter, Emily Pearl Goodstein-P2P
English |  ePUB reader   |  Food & Cook  | 14 MB
Download :  Uploadocean –   Upload4earn–  NTi

CCIE Evolving Technologies V1.1 by Muhammad Afaq Khan-P2P

This guide is for anyone who’s studying for the CCIE written exam and feels that he or she could take some help with regard to Cloud, Network Programmability and IoT related topics. These are areas that most network engineers do not work on in their day to day lives. Each customer will also get complementary access to an Evolving Technologies V1.1 Quiz on CCIEin8Weeks.com. Each exam topic has an “Exam Essentials” and a “Further Reading” section, which you can refer to if you are looking for key exam related takeaways and more in-depth details respectively. “Further Reading” web links are handpicked and contain in-depth information on some of the exam topics and we have done the research for you.

CCIE Evolving Technologies V1.1: CCIE Written Exam Cert Guide Series by Muhammad Afaq Khan-P2P
English | ePUB reader   |   Tech & Devices  | 5 MB
Download :  Uploadocean –   Upload4earn–  NTi

Algorithms Illuminated by Tim Roughgarden-P2P

Algorithms are the heart and soul of computer science. Their applications range from network routing and computational genomics to public-key cryptography and machine learning. Studying algorithms can make you a better programmer, a clearer thinker, and a master of technical interviews. Algorithms Illuminated is an accessible introduction to the subject for anyone with at least a little programming experience. The exposition emphasizes the big picture and conceptual understanding over low-level implementation and mathematical details–-like a transcript of what an expert algorithms tutor would say over a series of one-on-one lessons. The book includes solutions to all quizzes and selected problems, and a series of YouTube videos by the author accompanies the book. Part 2 of this book series covers graph search and its applications, shortest-path algorithms, and the applications and implementation of several data structures: heaps, search trees, hash tables, and bloom filters.

Algorithms Illuminated (Part 2): Graph Algorithms and Data Structures (Volume 2) by Tim Roughgarden-P2P
English |  PDF reader   |   Tech & Devices  | 8 MB
Download :  Uploadocean –   Upload4earn–  NTi

TechSmith Camtasia 2018:The Essentials by Kevin Siegel-P2P

A self-paced, hands-on workbook that teaches the core TechSmith Camtasia 2018 skills!
Using TechSmith Camtasia, you can quickly create software demonstrations, software simulations, and soft skills eLearning.
You can Share your finished project so it can be accessed by learners using desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices. Your content can be hosted on a web server, Learning Management System, YouTube, Vimeo, TechSmith’s Screencast.com, and more. During the step-by-step lessons presented in this book, you will learn how you can include recordings of existing PowerPoint presentations or software demonstrations created directly on your computer using the Camtasia Recorder. You will use the powerful Camtasia Editor to add animations, voiceover audio, graphics, music, annotations, closed captions, and quizzes to a project.

TechSmith Camtasia 2018: The Essentials by Kevin Siegel-P2P
English |  PDF reader   |   Tech & Devices  | 7 MB
Download :  Uploadocean –   Upload4earn–  NTi

Industrial Applications by Kunal Chakraborty-P2P

The book contains various applications of programmable logic controllers and SCADA designing of a plant. Everyone knows, nowadays all human handled plants are being replaced by the automatic control system, thus called Automation. PLCs are accepted worldwide for easier access and better precision. In this book Rockwell PLCs are described and so is the SCADA design, which is also done by the RSView32 software, manufactured by Rockwell. It is one of the biggest names in the PLC software industry, being easy to use, control and modify. Some electrical drives, such as D.C drives and A.C drives, are also described in detail because the control part is done by the PLCs but the main plant is based on these electrical drives.

Industrial Applications of Programmable Logic Controllers and Scada by Kunal Chakraborty, Palash De, Indranil Roy-P2P
English |  PDF reader   |   Tech & Devices  | 4 MB
Download :  Uploadocean –   Upload4earn–  NTi

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