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Author Archive: Gamer

Kick Diabetes Essentials by Brenda Davis-P2P

Registered dietitian Brenda Davis is an authoritative voice on the effects of a whole-foods, plant-based diet on diabetes prevention and reversal due to her work for over a decade as the lead nutritionist with the Diabetes and Wellness Project in the Marshall Islands. In this definitive guide, she explains the series of metabolic events that lead to diabetes and why this illness is so catastrophic for health. Over the last fifty years, nutrition researchers have built upon each other’s work to prove that a diet based on plant foods could reduce diabetes risk and in many cases reverse diabetes. Kick Diabetes Essentials cites the latest research into why plant foods lead to success, which foods are the most effective, and how to construct a diabetes-busting diet that not only gets results but also is simply delicious. In addition, it combines diet, exercise, rest, and stress management into a powerful prescription for health.

Kick Diabetes Essentials: The Diet and Lifestyle Guide by Brenda Davis-P2P
English |  ePUB  |  285 
pages  | 8  MB
Download: DropGalaxy

Key to Living the Law of Attraction by Jack Canfield-P2P

Long before he was the cocreator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Jack Canfield was a master motivator, teacher, and a self-esteem trainer. In his latest book, Jack Canfield’s Key to Living the Law of Attraction, the man known internationally as America’s Success Coach helps readers apply the principles of the famed Law of Attraction to their lives.
Canfield covers all areas of life – from career and creative pursuits to health, financial prosperity and winning relationships – and guides readers to understand how the Law of Attraction works in their lives through reprogram-minded, interactive prescription.

Jack Canfield’s Key to Living the Law of Attraction: A Simple Guide to Creating the Life of Your Dreams by Jack Canfield-P2P
English | ePUB | 144 
pages  | 10.6  MB
Download: DropGalaxy

5-Ingredient Plant Based Cookbook by Madlyn Wood-P2P

Healthy eating is the focal part of living a healthy life, and you won’t get any healthier than the plant-based diet. The plant-based diet is a wonderful eating style that excludes the use of animal-based products and processed foods. This diet is rich with delicious fruits, vegetables, and grains, and the benefits are immeasurable.
In this book, you can learn how to save time and money, how to shop for this diet effectively, and how to improve the quality of your life. This book also contains several quick, simple recipes for the plant-based diet, with no more than five ingredients.
As a bonus, this book also includes a shopping list as well as a 4-week meal plan to get you started.

5-Ingredient Plant-Based Cookbook: Delicious and quick recipes for those who value their time. A guide to a plant-based diet to improve your health and weight loss by Madlyn Wood-P2P
English |  PDF | 292
pages  |  3.5  MB
Download: DropGalaxy

The Coronavirus by Swapneil Parikh-P2P

On the eve of 31 December 2019, as the world celebrated the start of a new decade, the province of Wuhan alerted the World Health Organization of several ‘flu-like’ cases. Less than a week later, a novel coronavirus, was identified. In February, the disease it caused was named COVID-19. Even now, as the global infection rate crosses 1,00,000 and the death toll surpasses 3000, we are yet to understand the threat posed by this new coronavirus. There is no vaccination to prevent it, and no antiviral to cure the sick. While high numbers are being reported daily, agencies may still be unaware of many cases.
The symptoms of Coronavirus are dangerously similar to that of the common flu: fever, coughing, breathlessness, tiredness, headache and muscle pain. But in India, that has such a high population density, we will have to do more than just stick to Namaste to greet each other. It seems that a crippling pandemic is inevitable. While some of us may find it easier to resign ourselves to fate, what we need most right now is credible and comprehensive information from professionals that can help us understand what the Coronavirus is, and how we can prepare and protect ourselves against it. This is the first book that addresses the history, evolution, facts and myths around the pandemic. The Coronavirus is a timely must-read for everyone keen on understanding its impact and fallout.

The Coronavirus: What you Need to Know about the Global Pandemic by Swapneil Parikh, Maherra Desai, Rajesh Parikh-P2P
English | ePUB | 249
pages  |  396  KB
Download: DropGalaxy

Homemade Sourdough A omplete Beginners Guide by Olivia Miller-P2P

“Happiness is homemade”
A complete step-by-step guide for perfect homemade sourdough
Homemade Sourdough is for anyone who wants to grasp the foundations of sourdough baking. This book helps you get the tricky starter process down fast, so you can have delicious loaves and pizzas that you can share with family and friends.
Thanks to this book you’ll succesfully bake all sorts of creations with the aid of clear instructions, tips and tricks and mouthwatering photographs. With the help of Homemade sourdough you’ll master the art of sourdough baking in no time.

Homemade Sourdough: A omplete Beginners Guide by Olivia Miller-P2P
English | PDF |  78 
pages  | 1.5  MB
Download: DropGalaxy

The New Dukan Diet Cookbook by DR Nicole Ross-P2P

This book contains valuable information and details about the Dukan Diet for newbies who are just starting on the eating habit and beginning to create a suitable menu. People often consider a diet as a phase – something to help you get to your goal weight, but not a lasting lifestyle change. Then, once they’ve lost the weight, they go back to how they were eating before and gain it all back. The Dukan Diet takes this into consideration and plans to help followers of the diet maintain a healthy weight for years to come.
As millions of Dukan Dieters around the world know, delicious food and permanent weight loss can go hand in hand. Now comes the new Dukan Diet Cookbook— the must-have resource for making the Dukan Diet successful and delicious.
Are you looking for a diet that can help increase the metabolism rate of your body? Are you searching for a menu that will normalize and balance your body’s energy consumption and usage? Are you looking for an eating plan that will allow you to enjoy a wide variety of healthy food? If so, this Dukan Diet Cookbook is just the regimen that you are looking for which includes;
*Meal plans and food lists for each phase—including no-cook menus
*new and delicious recipes

THE NEW DUKAN DIET COOKBOOK: Hearty, filling and nutritious diet recipes and meal plans for weight loss and healthy living. by DR. NICOLE ROSSn-P2P
English |  PDF | 61
pages  | 319  KB
Download: DropGalaxy

Just Add a Sauce by Maryna Laas-P2P

Do you want to make regular dishes great, and tasty meals unforgettable? Add a sauce! Do you want to get away from the routine, reveal new tones of taste, and enjoy the praise of guests with a smile? What does it take? Just read this awesome sauce book with recipes – and learn how to serve your dishes under the right sauces! The secrets of the most famous chefs lie not only in the selected ingredients and their combination but also in such a seemingly modest detail as a sauce. It can give the dish a fantastic accent and a picky taste. You learn how easy it is to make sauces by yourself or choosing one from the great variety presented on the market.This sauce cookbook will teach you to choose quality sauces correctly, what are the different types of sauces, and how to store them.

Just Add a Sauce: How to Make Delicious Dishes with Your Favorite Sauces, Recipes and Advices by Maryna Laas-P2P
English | ePUB | 466
pages  | 5  MB
Download: DropGalaxy

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