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The PlayStation Book 2015-P2P

Our brand new digital book celebrates 20 years of Sony’s PlayStation, one of the industry’s most important consoles. We speak to developers about this system and go behind the scenes of the key games and franchises. Featuring: How PlayStation Changed Gaming – Discover how Sony’s first console revolutionised the games industry forever The Making of Final Fantasy VII – We reveal the history behind Square’s most popular RPG Loving Lara Croft – Find out why gaming’s first big female heroine is still a huge deal The history of Resident Evil – Capcom’s developers celebrate one of the PlayStation’s biggest franchises

The PlayStation Book 2015-P2P
English | 180 pages | True PDF | 99.00 MB
Download: UPLOADED.netNTi

Evoland 2 Update v1.0.6972-RELOADED

RELOADED has released the latest update of “Evoland 2” for Windows.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer: Shiro Games
Publisher: Shiro Games

Release Name: Evoland.2.Update.v1.0.6972-RELOADED
Size: 4.55 MB
Links: HomepageSteamNFONTi


How It Works Book of Space Volume 1 Fifth Revised Edition 2015-P2P

Space is the grew big unknown, with billions of lightyears still undiscovered. That doesn’t stop humankind from trying though, as this book documents all the research man has poured into exploring our universe. Discover the wonders in our solar system, the technology being developed for space exploration, the strangest and most incredible celestial bodies in our universe, and the best way to observe it all with a a telescope. Solar System – Journey from the surface of the Sun, past planets, moons, asteroids and more, towards the edge of our Solar System Exploration – Be inspired by over half a century of space exploration, and take a look at the exciting possibilities the future holds Universe – Explore the furthest reaches of our amazing universe, from the secrets of the Big Bang to the mystery of dark matter Astronomy – How do telescopes work? What’s the weather like in space? Discover the answers to these questions and more.

How It Works Book of Space Volume 1 Fifth Revised Edition 2015-P2P
Imagine Publishing Ltd | 2015 | ISBN: 1785461095 | English | 180 pages | True PDF | 47.00 Mb
Download: UPLOADED.netNTi

Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise v10.9.10.0 Beta-P2P

P2P group has released the updated version of “Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise” For Windows. It is designed to help you manage all your remote connections and virtual machines conveniently, from a single place.

Description: Remote Desktop Manager is a small application used to manage all your remote connections and virtual machines. Add, edit, delete, shared, organize and find your remote connection quickly. Compatible with Microsoft Remote Desktop, Terminal Services, VNC, LogMeIn, Team Viewer, Ftp, SSH, Telnet, Dameware, X Window, VMware, Virtual PC, PC Anywhere, Hyper-V, Citrix, Radmin, Microsoft Remote Assistance, Sun Virtual Box and more.


  • Share your remote connection settings inside a company database.
  • Save your credentials and passwords in a database.
  • Monitor user activities with the database logs.
  • Faster and more secure solution.
  • Available in single license, multiple licenses pack, global license or site license.

Release Name: Devolutions.Remote.Desktop.Manager.Enterprise.v10.9.10.0.Beta-P2P
Size: 93 MB
Links: HomepageNFONTi


Bitsum Technologies Process Lasso Pro v8.8.2.0 Multilingual-P2P

P2P group has released the updated version of “Bitsum Technologies Process Lasso Pro” for Windows.

Description: Process Lasso is a unique new technology that will, amongst other things, improve your PC’s responsiveness and stability. Windows, by design, allows programs to monopolize your CPU without restraint — leading to freezes and hangs. Process Lasso’s ProBalance (Process Balance) technology intelligently adjusts the priority of running programs so that badly behaved or overly active processes won’t interfere with your ability to use the computer! Process Lasso also offers an assortment of ways to take full control of how your CPUs are allocated to running programs. You can choose at what priority processes should run, and which CPUs (cores) should be assigned to them. You can also disallow certain programs from running, log all programs run, and so much more (see list below).


  • Prevent processes from monopolozing the CPU(s)
  • ProBalance dynamic priority optimization
  • CPU throttling (new)
  • Save process priorities for future instances
  • Save process CPU affin

Release Name: Bitsum.Technologies.Process.Lasso.Pro.v8.8.2.0.Multilingual-P2P
Size: 10.7 MB
Links: HomepageNTi


TeraByte Unlimited Image For Windows v2.97e Multilingual-P2P

P2P group has released the updated version of “TeraByte Unlimited Image For Windows”. It creates snapshots of the partitions and is able to backup and restore data.

Description: Image for Windows is an affordable and reliable drive image backup and restore solution that provides an easy and convenient way to completely backup all your hard drive’s data, programs and operating systems. Your backups can be saved directly to external USB and FireWire™ drives, to internal or network drives, and even directly to CD, DVD, or BD. The Image for Windows package includes an easy-to-use MakeDisk wizard for creating a recovery boot disk. To restore your data, programs and operating systems back to the way they were when the backup was created, simply boot the recovery disk and restore the partition(s) or drive(s) you need to recover. It’s that easy.


  • Total Reliability – Provides the option to verify each and every byte it backs up.
  • Convenience – Runs directly from Windows and when used with the free PHYLock™ add-on, it can create a true image of the Windows partition itself, without requiring a reboot.
  • Security – Your backups can be secured using simple password protection, or full 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Backup Changed Data – Change only backup option allows you to backup only data that has changed since the last backup was created.
  • Simple, Wizard-Driven interface – Easy to use the first time, and every time.
  • Maximum Compression – By default, compression is applied to the drive images you create.
  • Maximum Speed – If backup speed is paramount, you can bypass compression entirely.
  • Optical Drive Support – You can save directly to a CD, DVD, DVD-DL, BD.
  • Bootable Rescue Discs – Whenever you save directly to a CD, DVD, DVD-DL, BD, it will automatically become a bootable restore disc.
  • Large drive support – GPT compatible supporting drives larger than 2TiB.
  • Restore Individual Files or Folders – Using the free TBIView and TBIMount add-ons, you can view the contents of the drive image files, and optionally restore individual files or folders within them.

Release Names: TeraByte.Unlimited.Image.For.Windows.v2.97e.Multilingual-P2P
Size: 193 MB
Links: HomepageNFONTi

Download: (Single Link)

The Web Design Book Volume 5, 2015-P2P

In this book we aim to take you through a plethora of different ways to make your website cutting edge and brief you on the new standard of javascript. You will find all the tutorial files you need over on FileSilo along with over 10 hours of video tutorials. Design like a pro, Code like an expert – Get insight from the experts on how to improve your outputs HTML & CSS – Power up your CSS preprocessors jQuery & javascript – Learn the new standard of javascript Mobile Apps – Take a step into the mobile revolution

The Web Design Book Volume 5, 2015-P2P
Imagine Publishing Ltd | 2015 | ISBN: 1785461109 | English | 196 pages | True PDF | 46.00 Mb
Download: UPLOADED.netNTi

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