Advance DVDRips of Dexter S02E11-12 hit the P2P scene

A big surprise for me and some of you arrived today when the torrents for these two leaked and advance episodes became available for download. The torrents originated from the popular, private site tracker MovieX. More specifically the original encode came from one of the members of BitMeTV. It is obvious to see by the original uploader’s lack of experience when it comes to scene rules, as the files are incorrectly labelled as DVDR XviD. A DVDR is a different format that is a DVD image that has been tweaked to fit on a single sided DVD-R. Meanwhile adding the XviD portion would cancel out the DVDR as well, adding to the confusion. More specifically this should of been renamed to DVDSCR or PREAIR, due to it being a screener or advance copy rather than the retail DVDRip. Not to mention that the original uploader wasn’t aware that his release had a custom quantization matrix, which according to scene rules is forbidden. I am not sure what the ‘NT’ tag means, so if someone could enlighten us possibly in the comments. Besides the small inconsistencies, each file is 350MB in size. My hunch was correct, a lowly member in the scene uploaded his re-named version stolen from p2p. It’s one thing for p2p groups to re-encode a scene rip but for the high and mighty ‘scene’ to repackage it with its name on it is lower than low. Anyways the releases by WastedBandwidth were nuked for custom quant matrix and interlacing, which is the exact same copy as the p2p release.

In the last episode which aired only two days ago on Sunday, Dexter managed to kidnap Sgt. Doakes and confine him to a cage in a cabin located in the Everglades. The cabin belongs to a deceased drug dealer that Dexter had killed in the previous episodes. Dexter originally decides to kill Doakes, but it would go against his moral code of conduct. So instead, using the deceased drug dealers cell phone lures another dealer into the cabin where he becomes the hitpiece in Dexter’s plan. Dexter managed to frame Doakes as a definite fugitive in the Bay Harbour Butcher case. He has taken Jame’s fingerprints and planted them on his own killing tools. Meanwhile, Dexter finds out the real truth behind his father’s death. After witnessing Dexter’s work first hand, Harry overdosed on his own heart disease medicine, committing suicide. In the last episode Dexter finally realized that ‘he killed his dad’ . This episode is titled Left Turn Ahead. The situation is getting tense and Dexter must decide not only about his own fate but those who he cares about and those who care about him. If Rita and her children find out that Dexter was the real bay harbour butcher they would be crushed and devastated for life.

Dexter.S02E11.DVDR.XviD-NT-MX | Torrent
Left Turn Ahead: As Lundy’s noose starts to tighten, Dexter finds himself dodging bullets both figurative and real. Dexter now must decide about not only his own fate but those of the people he cares most about. Lila attempts to blackmail Dexter into loving her and then makes a startling discovery that changes their relationship forever.


Not much info on the plot outline of this episode as it is two weeks away; but I did find a small recap on .

Dexter.S02E12.DVDR.XviD-NT-MX | Torrent
The British Invasion: The Task force believes the Bay Harbor Butcher case is closed, but Dexter still has some trouble to deal with.


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