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DIY Protein Bar Cookbook by Gordon Rock-P2P

The synonym for a protein bar is convenience. These colorful and nutritional treats are a brilliant replacement for your protein requirement. You can easily carry them around at work or on any adventurous trip and boost your energy levels from time to time. The existence of protein bars have made life easier for professionals on the run or those striving to lose weight but cannot control their brimming hunger pangs.
This DIY protein bar cookbook is designed to provide you with super easy DIY protein bar recipes that you can store in airtight containers and they will last up to weeks and in a few cases maybe even months. These homemade protein bars are a great way to stay healthy and keep a tight check on your weight, all the while keeping you full.

DIY Protein Bar Cookbook: 30 Exciting Homemade Protein Bars Recipes by Gordon Rock-P2P
English | 63 pages | ePUB | 1.5 MB
Download : Sendit.CloudUploadocean -NTi

Thai Street Food by Gordon Rock-P2P

There is something almost magical in Thai Street Food. It allows you to interact with the environment. You can see how the things as the dishes are whipped up in front of your eyes while you enjoy the amazing aromas surrounding you. What if I told you could achieve some of the most popular street food nostalgia in the comfort of your home? Well now you can!
Speaking about popular street foods, we must place Thai street food at the top of the list. “Why?”, you might be wondering. Well, we will mention only a few reasons why this particular category of Thai Cuisine is so popular:
* It uses simple ingredients with simple preparation methods
* It is fast and simple to prepare, well in most cases
* It is super delicious and vibrant in colors
* It is just amazing and probably the best street food in the world you can find
In this Thai Cookbook, you can find authentic Thai Street Food Recipes that use genuine ingredients and an old-fashioned way of preparation. With this Thai cookbook, you can travel each day to the streets of Bangkok and enjoy in amazing flavors and aromas of delicious Thai Cuisine.

Thai Street Food – Thai Cookbook with a Modern Twist: Simple and Delicious Thai Recipes by Gordon Rock-P2P
English | 63 pages | ePUB | 1.5 MB
Download : Sendit.CloudUploadocean -NTi

SEO For Beginners by Jeremy Clark-P2P

Increase your traffic using SEO and dominate on Google using these secret SEO strategies!
Most of the businesses and companies are looking for the most powerful and cost-effective ways to reach out to many new as well as existing customers. For these businesses, search engine marketing is the most appropriate means to boost their reach and exposure to the targeted market. In this competitive world, SEO is an integrated phenomenon that can be used globally as well as locally in order to grow your business. This is a totally a new concept in the digital marketing field. And, here in this book, you will get a deep understanding of SEO and how it can do wonders to boost your business.

SEO For Beginners: Proven SEO Strategies And Techniques To Dominate In 2016 by Jeremy Clark-P2P
English |56 pages | ePUB | 1 MB
Download : Sendit.CloudUploadocean -NTi

Decoding Bitcoin by Claude Kramer-P2P

Bitcoin is the first successful attempt to a cryptocurrency. Will it surpass the dollar, yen and euro in the near future? It is difficult to foresee it, but perhaps the cryptocurrencies originated from a common agreement, without intervention from banks or states, will constitute the next revolution in the monetary system.

Decoding Bitcoin: All You Need To Know About The New World Currency by Claude Kramer-P2P
English | 30 pages | ePUB | 2.6 MB
Download : Sendit.CloudUploadocean -NTi

The Black Book of Bitcoin by Mark Janniro-P2P

Do you know that if you had invested $1,000 only five years ago in Bitcoin you could have around $4,000,000 today?
Bitcoin is one of the safest, freest and better way to store your money away from banks and governments. Using it as a way to save, invest or trade; you can forget about unscrupulous third parties, charging you anything from unfair commissions or taxes to prohibitive transfer fees.
However to take advantage of the full power and possibilities of Bitcoin, you will need to educate yourself so the details and terminology don’t overwhelm you.

The Black Book of Bitcoin: A Step-by-Step Bitcoin Guide on Everything You Need to Know About this New Currency by Mark Janniro-P2P
English | 82 pages | ePUB | 241 KB
Download : Sendit.CloudUploadocean -NTi

How To Make Money With Bitcoin by Julian Goldie-P2P

Do you want to boost your income, master Bitcoin trading & make money in your sleep?

Here’s the deal:

With this book, you’ll discover everything you need to know about making money with Bitcoin…

…You’ll learn the advantages of Bitcoin trading…You’ll discover how to make money with Bitcoin…And you’ll find out how to make money online – even if you’re completely broke.

Are you ready to get started?

How To Make Money With Bitcoin: Master Bitcoin Trading, Work Anywhere & Quickly Boost Your Income by Julian Goldie-P2P
English | 20 pages | ePUB | 108 KB
Download : Sendit.CloudUploadocean -NTi

Tamale Cookbook by Gordon Rock-P2P

A tamale is a traditional Mesoamerican dish mainly made of masa-harina or corn based flour with different kind of fillings. Tamales actually represent corn dough with meat or veggie filling wrapped into the corn husks. Tamales are always steamed and usually served with Atola or masa drink. In modern cookery a Tamale Maker has been introduced to assist in the Tamale production, and in this Tamale Cookbook it will be no different.

Speaking of tamale recipes most people know only few variations, like the beef, pork or chicken. In this Tamale Cookbook we will show you more than classic beef, pork and chicken recipes: we will show you unusual, outstanding and awesome Tamale Recipes.

Tamale Cookbook – 30 Inovative Tamale Recipes: Savory and Sweet Tamales by Gordon Rock -P2P
English | 71 pages | ePUB | 624 KB
Download : Sendit.CloudUploadocean -NTi

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